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June 2019

Jun, 2019

Person Name Ward/OfficeTitleWard Office PhoneFaxE-mailWebsiteWard Office AddressCityStateZipPhone 2Address 2City 2State 2Zip 2
Austin, Carrie M. 34Member(773) 928-6961(773) 928-8562 507 West 111th Street ChicagoIL60628(312)744-6820 / 6829121 North LaSalle Street, Room 200ChicagoIL60602
Brookins, Jr., Howard 21Chairman(773) 881-9300(773) 881-2152 9011 South Ashland Avenue, Unit B ChicagoIL60620(312) 744-4810 / 4811121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
Burke, Edward M. 14Member(773) 471-1414(773) 471-1648 2650 West 51st Street ChicagoIL60632(312) 744-3380 / 3381121 North LaSalle Street, Room 302ChicagoIL60602
Curtis, Derrick G. 18Member(773) 284-5057(773) 284-5956   8359 South Pulaski RoadChicagoIL60652(312) 744-6856121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
Harris, Michelle A. 08Member(773) 874-3300(773) 224-2425 8539 South Cottage Grove Avenue ChicagoIL60619(312) 744-3075 / 6825121 Noth LaSalle Street, Room 200 ChicagoIL60602
King, Sophia D. 04Member(773) 536-8103773-536-7296 435 East 35th Street, 1st FloorChicagoIL60616312-744-2690121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
Moore, David H. 17Member(773) 783-3672 1344 West 79th StreetChicagoIL60620(312) 744-3435121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos 35Member(773) 887-3772(773) 887-5739 2842 North Milwaukee AvenueChicagoIL60618(312) 744-6835121 North LaSalle Street, Room 200ChicagoIL60602
Reboyras, Ariel 30Member(773) 794-3095(773) 794-8576 3559 North Milwaukee Avenue ChicagoIL60641(312) 744-3304 / 3305 121 North LaSalle Street, Room 200ChicagoIL60602
Rodriguez, Michael D. 22Vice Chair            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Scott, Jr. Michael 24Member(773) 533-2400 1158 South Keeler StreetChicagoIL60624312-744-6839 / 6849121 North LaSalle Street, Suite 200ChicagoIL60602
Sigcho-Lopez, Byron 25Member            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Taylor, Jeanette B. 20Member            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Thompson, Patrick D. 11Member(773) 254-6677 3659 South Halsted StreetChicagoIL60609(312) 744-6663121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
Vasquez, Jr., Andres 40Member            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Waguespack, Scott 32Member(773) 248-1330(773) 248-1360 2657 North Clybourn Avenue ChicagoIL60614(312) 744-6567 / 6574121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
The Committee on Transportation and Public Way shall have jurisdiction over all matters relating to the Chicago Transit Authority, the subways and the furnishing of public transportation within the City by any and all means of conveyance. The Committee shall have jurisdiction over all orders, ordinances and resolutions affecting street naming and layout, the City map, privileges in public ways, special assessments and matters generally affecting the Bureau of Maps and Plats other agencies dealing with street and alley patterns and elevations, and the Board of Local Improvements.