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December 2023

Dec, 2023

The Committee on Housing and Real Estate shall have jurisdiction over all housing, redevelopment and neighborhood conservation matters and programs (except Zoning and the Building Codes), City planning activities (except land use planning), development and conservation, matters generally affecting the Chicago Plan Commission (except land use planning), and the City's housing agencies. It shall also have jurisdiction over all acquisitions and dispositions of interest in real estate by the City, its agencies and departments. The Committee's jurisdiction includes all other acquisitions or dispositions of interest in real estate which the City Council is required to approve under state or federal law. The Committee shall have jurisdiction over all leases of real estate, or of space within buildings to which the City or any of its agencies, departments or offices, is a party. The Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards shall have jurisdiction over all zoning matters and the operation of the Zoning Board of Appeals and the office of the Zoning Administrator; land use policy generally and land use recommendations of the Chicago Plan Commission and the Department of Housing and Planning and Development; building code ordinances and matters generally affecting the Department of Buildings; and designation, maintenance and preservation of historical and architectural landmarks. The Committee shall work in cooperation with those public and private organizations similarly engaged in matters affecting landmarks.