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Jun, 2019

Person Name Ward/OfficeTitleWard Office PhoneFaxE-mailWebsiteWard Office AddressCityStateZipPhone 2Address 2City 2State 2Zip 2
Cappleman, James 46Vice Chair(773) 878-4646(773) 878-4920 4544 North Broadway AvenueChicagoIL60640 (312) 744-6831 / 5694121 North LaSalle Street, Room 200ChicagoIL60602
Cardona, Jr., Felix 31Member            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Coleman, Stephanie D. 16Member(773) 306-1981      5411 South Ashland AvenueChicagoIL60609 121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Hadden, Maria E. 49Member            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Harris, Michelle A. 08Member(773) 874-3300(773) 224-2425 8539 South Cottage Grove Avenue ChicagoIL60619(312) 744-3075 / 6825121 Noth LaSalle Street, Room 200 ChicagoIL60602
Martin, Matthew J. 47Member            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
O'Shea, Matthew J. 19Member(773) 238-8766(773) 672-5133 10400 South Western AvenueChicagoIL60643(312) 744-3072 / 5682 121 North LaSalle Street, Room 200ChicagoIL60602
Osterman, Harry 48Member(773) 784-5277(773) 784-6630 5533 North Broadway AvenueChicagoIL60640(312) 744-6834 / 6860121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos 35Member(773) 887-3772(773) 887-5739 2842 North Milwaukee AvenueChicagoIL60618(312) 744-6835121 North LaSalle Street, Room 200ChicagoIL60602
Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana 33Member            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Sadlowski Garza, Susan 10Member(773) 768-8138 10500 South Ewing Avenue, 1st FloorChicagoIL60617(312) 744-3078121 North LaSalle Street, Suite 200ChicagoIL60602
Sawyer, Roderick T. 06Chairman(773) 635-0006(773) 891-5679 700 East 79th Street ChicagoIL60619(312) 744-6868 / 0670121 North LaSalle Street, Room 200ChicagoIL60602
Sigcho-Lopez, Byron 25Member            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Smith, Michele 43Member(773) 348-9500(773) 348-9594 2523 North Halsted StreetChicagoIL60614(312) 744-5685 / 3071121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
Tabares, Silvana 23Member(773) 582-4444(773) 5823332 6247 South Archer AvenueChicagoIL60638(312) 744-6828 / 5683121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
Vasquez, Jr., Andres 40Member            121 North LaSalle StreetChicagoIL60602
Waguespack, Scott 32Member(773) 248-1330(773) 248-1360 2657 North Clybourn Avenue ChicagoIL60614(312) 744-6567 / 6574121 North LaSalle Street, Room 300ChicagoIL60602
The Committee on Health and Human Relations shall have jurisdiction over the City's Department of Family and Support Services; health and sanitation matters affecting general health care, control of specific diseases, mental health, alcoholism and substance abuse, food, nutrition, and medical care of senior citizens and persons with disabilities, the Department of Health, the Bureau of Rodent Control and Chicago Animal Care and Control; matters relating to human rights and the Commission on Human Relations, and all matters generally affecting veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States of America and the status of senior citizens and persons with disabilities in society.