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May 2023

May, 2023

The Committee on Health and Human Relations shall have jurisdiction over the City's Department of Family and Support Services; health and sanitation matters affecting general health care, control of specific diseases, mental health, alcoholism and substance abuse, food, nutrition, and medical care of senior citizens and persons with disabilities, the Department of Health, the Bureau of Rodent Control and Chicago Animal Care and Control; matters relating to human rights and the Commission on Human Relations, and all matters generally affecting veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States of America and the status of senior citizens and persons with disabilities in society. The Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development shall have jurisdiction over those matters which directly affect the economic and technological expansion and development of the City and economic attraction to the City; the financing of economic development subsidies, including special service areas, tax incentives, and special assessments; and shall work with those public and private organizations that are similarly engaged. The Committee also shall have jurisdiction over the consideration, identification, goals, plan and approach to the annual and five year Capital Improvement Programs. The Committee may hold community hearings to determine the priorities to be considered in the formulation of such programs.