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Record #: SO2013-2561   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 4/10/2013 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Housing and Real Estate
Final action: 5/8/2013
Title: Acquisition of property at 1800-2000 blocks of W Fullerton Ave, 2300-2500 blocks of N Damen Ave and 2300-2400 blocks of N Elston Ave for improvement of local street traffic flow
Sponsors: Emanuel, Rahm
Topic: PROPERTY - Acquisition
Attachments: 1. O2013-2561.pdf, 2. SO2013-2561.pdf

WHEREAS, the City of Chicago ("City") is a duly constituted and existing municipality within the meaning of Section 1, Article VII, of the 1970 Constitution of the State of Illinois ("Constitution"), and is a home rule unit of government under Section 6(a), Article VII, of the Constitution; and, as such, may exercise any power and perform any function pertaining to its government and affairs; and

WHEREAS, the City has established the Community Development Commission ("Commission") to, among other things, designate redevelopment areas and approve redevelopment plans, and recommend the acquisition of parcels located in redevelopment areas, subject to the approval of the City Council of the City of Chicago ("City Council"); and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Chapter 2-102-030 of the Municipal Code of the City, the Commissioner ("Commissioner") of the Department of Transportation of the City ("CDOT"), has the power and duty to control the acquisition of rights-of-way for and the improvement, construction, maintenance, and repair of the public ways, and to supervise and control such projects; and

WHEREAS, the City has determined that it is useful, desirable and necessary that the City acquire for public ownership and control (either by the City, or by another governmental entity), with the meaning and authority of 735 ILCS 30/5-5-5(b), those parcels of real property located on the 1800 to 2000 blocks of West Fullerton Avenue, the 2300 to 2500 blocks of North Damen Avenue, and the 2300 to 2400 blocks of North Elston Avenue, all as legally described on Exhibit A to this ordinance (together, the "Acquisition Parcels") for the public purpose of the acquisition of rights-of-way for and the improvement, construction, maintenance, and repair of the public ways, specifically reconfiguring the six-way intersection at Damen Avenue, Elston Avenue, and Fullerton Avenue to improve safety and efficiency of local street traffic flow (the "Project"); and

WHEREAS, the Cit...

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