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Record #: O2013-7592   
Type: Ordinance Status: Failed to Pass
Intro date: 10/16/2013 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Finance
Final action: 11/13/2013
Title: Waiver of fee(s) for A Little Bit of Heaven
Sponsors: Austin, Carrie M.
Attachments: 1. O2013-7592.pdf
SECTION 1. That the Commissioner of Buildings, Commissioner of Transportation, Commissioner of Streets & Sanitation, Commissioner of Fire, Commissioner of Water Management and the Director of Revenue are hereby directed to issue all necessary permits and/or licenses, as well as, grant privilege for use of the public way relating to the annual 2013 fire pump test and/or annual drain and flush in association with the City of Chicago Plumbing Inspection, whereby any and all on-site water/sewer inspection fees, all water/sewer plan review fees, be performed free of charge, notwithstanding any and all ordinances of the City of Chicago to the contrary, to the below named not-for-profit Illinois Corporation:
1. A Little Bit of Heaven, 11321 South Wentworth 60628 Fee Waiver Amount: $655.00
Said building(s) and all appurtenances thereto shall be used exclusively for not-for-profit purposes and shall not be leased or otherwise used with a view to profit, and the work thereon shall be done in accordance with plans submitted and all of the appropriate provisions of the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago and departmental requirements and/or guidelines of the various departments of the City of Chicago, and said building(s) and all appurtenances thereto shall be completed and maintained so that all work shall comply in all respects with the issuance of all such necessary and pertinent permits and licenses.
Carrie M. Austin Alderman, 34th Ward
(Job Number: 1240 Proposal)
Ms. Sheila Braxton A Little Bit of Heaven 11321 S Wentworth Chicago, IL 60628
Re: Annual Fire Pump Test ® 11321 S Wentworth
Dear Ms. Braxton
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business. In preparing for the 2013 inspections, we are letting our customers know our fees. The cost is as follows:
Annual full flow fire pump test- (1) fire pump: $475.00
City of Chicago permit fee for (1) 500 GPM fire pump: $180.00*
•PROFASTS, INC. will obtain the fire pump test permit from the City of Chicago and make all necessary arrangements for scheduling your 2013 fire pump test with the Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau. Please note, if you have been issued a tax exempt letter by your alderman please forward us a copy. You may be exempt from paying 1he City of Chicago permit fee.
If you would like us to schedule your fire pump test with the Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau, please fax back the signed attached proposal showing your acceptance, at your earliest convenience. Your signature below indicates acceptance of this proposal.
We thank you for your attention to our proposal. If you have any questions, or if we can be of further assistance,
please contact our.offipe. ,      - a
Job Number: 1240 proposal
Cordially, Profasts, Inc.
Sept 24,2013
A Little Bit of Heaven, Inc.
Providing Heavenly Shelter for the Homeless
OAs. Lardcfttomxton
Officers ofthe (board
Kfvin<Bmxfon Chairman ofthe (Board
(Dctisa Itmkm Treasurer
Joyce Jlmmons Secretary
Sheila (Bratfon 'Executive CEO
Memhers ofthe (Board
Linda Jlden GkxmfMmSer
Lamar Smith (BoanfMemBer
ComeUSmith (BoanfMimBer
(Deacon Kjcfey Harvest QoanfMmBer
Joann Jones <Boara'Mem6er
McheOeKftOff <BoariMm6er
%arfa Richardson <BoanfMem6er
Advisory (BoardMem6ers Vaterie (Batteast Kev. "Harvey Carey
TO:    Honorable Alderman Carrie A. Austin
34mWard, City of Chicago
Request to Wave the fees for Annual Fire Pump Test 2013
Dear Alderman Austin
A Little Bit of Heaven is requesting a waiver for the fees to pay for our 2013 Annual Fire Pump Test. As a city funded homeless shelter the fees has drought undue hardships on our limited budget. We are asking your office to assist us with the waiver of this fee.
The fee covers the cost for the city's witness to the agencies annual "Pump Test" and the accuracy of our system.
Profast Inc is responsible for the agencies annual pump test. If we are able to have the city's portion waived, we can complete the test on time and meet the necessary requirements.
Thank you for this consideration and if there are any concerns please contact Profast Inc in care of A Little Bit of Heaven at:
Ph# 1/815/469-4825 or fax to 1/312/469-4828
Thanjk yob
Ms Sheila Braxton Executive CEO A Little Bit of Heaven, NFP
Sis. <Euen Clan Measner