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This record contains private information, which has been redacted from public viewing.
Record #: O2013-8445   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 11/13/2013 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Housing and Real Estate
Final action: 12/11/2013
Title: Acceptance of bid from Duane Ehresman for purchase of Chicago Board of Education property at 201 N Central Ave
Sponsors: Emanuel, Rahm
Topic: PROPERTY - Sale
Attachments: 1. O2013-8445.pdf
November 13, 2013
Ladies and Gentlemen:
At the request of the Board of Education, I transmit herewith ordinances authorizing the sale of property.
Your favorable consideration of these ordinances will be appreciated.
Very truly yours,
WHEREAS, the City of Chicago (the "City"), is a home rule unit of government under Article VII, Section 6(a) of the Constitution of the State of Illinois and, as such, may exercise any power and perform any function pertaining to its government and affairs; and
WHEREAS, the Board of Education of the City of Chicago (the "Board"), is a body corporate and politic, organized under and existing pursuant to Article 34 of the School Code of the State of Illinois, 105 ILCS 5/1-1, et seq. (the "School Code"); and
WHEREAS, the Board is the owner of real estate located at 201 N. Central Avenue which consists of approximately 17,000 square feet of vacant land, as legally described on Exhibit A, attached hereto ("Property"); and
WHEREAS, pursuant to Resolution Number 13-0828-OP2 (the "Resolution"), adopted by the Board on August 28, 2013, the Board approved the sale of Property; and
WHEREAS, title to the Property is currently held by the City, as Trustee, in Trust for the Schools; and
WHEREAS, the Resolution includes a recommendation to request the City Council Committee on Housing and Real Estate of the City of Chicago the sale of said Property, as in accordance with Section 34-21 (d)(1) of the School Code; and
WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 34-21 (b)(1) of the School Code, by vote of no less than two-thirds (2/3) of its full membership, the Board has determined that the Property has become unnecessary, unsuitable, and unprofitable for the use of the schools or for the purposes of school administration, and that the sale of the Property constitutes the best available use of such real estate for the purpose of deriving revenue to support the Board's authorized purposes; and
WHEREAS, the Board advertised for sale and received one bid for the Property, which bid was open in the Board's Department of Procurement and Contracts on May 15, 2013, the closing bid date; and
WHEREAS, one appraisal was made for the Property indicating the fair market value of the real estate is as follows:
Madison Appraisal, LLC As of July 10; 2013 Market Value: $43,000; and
WHEREAS, the Board has, by a vote of not less than two-thirds of its full membership on its meeting on August 28, 2013, recommended that the acceptance of the bid from Duane Ehresman, residing at 1173 South Euclid Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois, in the amount of Forty Thousand No/100 Dollars ($40,000) be accepted;
WHEREAS, the Board has recommended that the Deed to Duane Ehresman, his successors in interest and assigns, be made subject to and upon the condition that subsequent to conveyance of the Property or any part thereof, Duane Ehresman, his successors in interest and assigns, shall be prohibited from using the Property for kindergarten through high school (K-12) purposes for 40 years from the date of the Deed (the "Restrictive Covenant") unless the Restrictive Covenant is released by the Chicago Board of Education. Title to the Property will automatically transfer to and revest in the City of Chicago In Trust for Use of Schools if the Restrictive Covenant is breached without the Chicago Board of Education's express written approval; now, therefore,
Be It Ordained by the City Council of the City of Chicago:
Section 1. That the City of Chicago hereby accepts the bid of Duane Ehresman residing at 1173 South Euclid Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois, to purchase the property at 201 North Central Avenue, which Property contains approximately 17,000 square feet of vacant land and is no longer necessary, appropriate, required for the use, profitable to or for the best interests of the Board of Education of the City of Chicago and/or the City of Chicago.
Section 2. That the Mayor, or his designee, and the City Clerk are authorized to sign and attest a deed conveying to Duane Ehresman, all rights of the City of Chicago in Trust for the Use of Schools in and to said Property, subject to the Restrictive Covenant.
Section 3. This Ordinance shall take effect upon its passage and approval.
PIN: 16-09-308-022-0000
1 77-?-q-U-250S      T-938  P001/014 F-669
1B-1B--13 12:40  FROM-Ehresnan Hgnt      ^J/77^ 9tl ^,„,*„. d .u:c>u froia:Neal & Leroy LLC
A Legal name of the Disclosing Party submitting this EDS. Include dVb/a/ if applicable:
Dtiane Ebreroan      _      
CbecK ONE of ibe following three boxes:
Indicate whether the Disclosing Party submitting this BDS fa: j, y the Applicant OR
  1. [) a legal entity holding a direct or indirect interest in the Applicant. State the legal name of the Applicant io, which the Diroloaing Party holds en interest: .....
  1. [) »le£ftl entity with a right of control (gee Section D.B.I.) State the legal name of the entity in
which the Disclosing Party hold* a right of control:      „      
B. Bo»inMJ address of the Disclosing Party:   . J      
C. Telephone::
Fax: Bmeilv
  1. N«ne of contact person:  Puana ghtaaaan       
 E.      Federal Employer Identification No. (if you have one):      
P Brief description of contract, transaction OT other undertaking (referred to helow as the "Matter") to which this EDS pertain a. (include project number and location of property, if applicable):
TMr-rhana vacant lot at 201-211 W. Central Aveooc      i      
O Which City agency or department is requesting this EDS?ppnrfi of Education of.the
City of Chicago
If the Matter la a oontract being handled by Ihe City's Department of Proem orient Service*, please complete the following:
Specification ft,
HfK      . and Contract #      N/A
vtr. ai-ei-j:
Page J of 13
M   ♦      i-777-qZl-?508      P002/014 F-669
om.Neal « Leroy LLU      J12 6415137
].   Indian the nature of the DisoJoaing Parry:
fej Person
f j Publicly registered business corporation ( j Privately held business corporation [ ] Sole proprietorship j ) General partnership (J Limited partnership [ j Trust
[J Limited liability company
[ J Limited liability partnership
(j Joint venture
[} Not-for-profit corporation
(It the not-for-profit corporation al6o a 501(c)(3))?
[ ] Y"      [ ) No
(J Other (pleaie specify)
2.      For legal entities, the state (or foreign country) of incorporation or organization, if applicable:
      .      .       
3,      For legal entitles not organized in the State of Illinois: Has the organization registered to do
business in the State of Illinois as a foreign cntity7
fJYes      [) No 5lN/A
1.  List below the full names and titles of all executive officers and all direotors of the entity. NOTE: For not-for-profit corporations, also list below all members, if any, which are legal entities. If there aro no such members, write "no members." For trusts, estates or other similar entities, hit below the legal tilleholderfs).
If the entity is a general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, limited liability partnership or Joint venture, list below the name and title of each general partner, managing member, manager or any other parson or entity that controls the day-to-day management of the Disclosing party. NOTE: Baob legal entity listed below must submit an BDS on its own behalf.
Name Titlo
M/A      ,       .      
2.  Please provide the following information concerning each parson or entity having a direct or Indirect beneficial interest (including ownership) in excess of 7.5% of the Diiciosing Party. Bxamples of such an interest Include shares in a corporation, partnership interest in a partnership or joint venture,
Page 2 of 13
M   ♦      i-77?-q?l-2508      T-933   P003/014 F-669
10-30--13 12:40  FROtl-Ehresman ttgnt      1      ,0nu^uu .y.bU r.uuaru.o
rro«:Neai a Leroy uu b"i;>1J/
interest of a member or manager in a limited liability company, or interest of a beneficiary of a trust, estate or otter similar entity. If none, state •'None." NOTE: Pursuant to Section 2-154-030 of the Municipal Code of Chicago ("Municipal Code"), the City may require any such additional Information from any applicant which is reasonably intended to achieve full disdoanro.
Name      Business Address      Percentage Int«reit in the
Disclosing Party
Has the Disclosing Party had a "business relationship," as defined in Chapter 2-156 of the Municipal Code, with any City elected official in the 12 months before the date this EDS is signed?
[ J Yes      W No
If yes, please identify below the namc(s) of such City elected officiaj(s) and describe such rcletionshipfs):
The Disoloiiag Party must disclose the name and business address of each subcontractor, attorney, lobbyist, accountant, consultant and any other person or entity whom the Disclosing Party hag retained or expects to retain in connection with the Matter, as well as the nature of the relationship, and the total amount of the fees paid or estimated to bo paid. The Disclosing Party is not required to disclose employees who are paid solely through the Disclosing Party's regular payroll.
"Lobbyist" means any person or entity who undertakes to influence aqy legisla btve or administrative action on behalf of nay person or entity olher than: (1) a not-for-profit entity, on an onpaid basis, or (2) himself "Lobbyist" also means any person or entity any part of whose dutios as an employee of another includes undertaking to influence any legislative or administrative action.
If the Disclosing Party it uncertain whothcr a disclosure is required under this Section, the Disclosing Party must either ask the City whether disclosure is required or make the disclosure.
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M   ♦      1-771-921-2508      T-938  P004/014 F-669
10-10--13 12:40  FROM-Ehresman Mgnt      1      10/i0/2013 10:50 #6«*
Ffor»:Heal * Leroy LLC      3,2 6415137
Name (indicate whether    Busbies*      Relationship to Disclosing Party   Poos (indicate whether
retained or anticipated       Address       (subcontractor, attorney,      paid or estimated.) NOTE:
to be retained)      lobbyist, etc.)      "hourly rare" or "t.b.d" is
not an acceptable response.
(Add sbeeta if necessary)
pn] Check here if the Disclosing Party has not retained, nor expetts to retain, any such persons or entities.
Under Municipal Code Section 2-92-415, substantia) owners of business entities that contract with (he City must remain in compliance with their child support obligations throughout the contract's term,
Has any person who directly or Indirectly owns 10% or more of the Disclosing Parly been declared In arrearage on any child support obligations by any Illinois court of competent jurisdiction?
(] Yes      M No      f} No person directly or indirectly owns 10% or more of the
Disclosing Party.
If "Yes," has the person entered Into a court-approved agreement for payment of all support owed and is the person in compliance with that agreement?
(J Yea      I ] No
2.  Pursuant to Municipal Code Chapter 1-23, Article I ("Article 1")(which the Applicant should consult for defined terms (e.g., "doing business") and legal requirements), if the Disclosing Party submitting thi9 EDS is the Applicant and is doing business with the City, then tho Disclosing Party certifies as follows: (i) neither the Applicant nor any controlling person it currently indicted oi charged with, or has admitted guilt of, or has ever been oonvicted of, or placed under supervision for, any criminal offense involving actual, attempted, or conspiracy to commit bribery, theft fraud, forgery, perjury, dishonesty or deceit against an officer or employee of the City or any sister agency, and (ii) the Applicant understands and acknowledges that compliance with Article I ii a continuing requirement for doing business with die City. NOTB; If Article I applies to the Applicant, the permanent compliance tirnsframe in Article I supersedes come five-year compliance timeframes in certjfjeatiom 2 «nd 3 below.
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T-938  P005/014 F-669
003*: r.uu/ium
10-10-'13 12:41 FROM-Ehresraan Mgnt rroniweai t> Leroy ^
2. The Disclosing Party and, if the Disclosing Party is a legal entity, all of those perrons or entities identified in Section U.B.I, of this BDS:
  1. arc not presently debarred, suipended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from any transactions by any federal, state or local unit of government;
  2. have not, within a five-year period preceding the date of this EDS, been convicted of a criminal offense, adjudged guilty, or had a civil judgment rendered against them in connection with: obtaining, attempting to obtain, or performing a public (federal, state or local) transaction or contract under a public transaction; a violation of federal or state antitrust statutes; fraud, embezzlement; theft; forgery; bribery; falsification or destruction of records; making false statements; or receiving stolen property;
  3. are not presently indicted for, or criminally or civilly cbBrged by, a governmental entity (federal, stare or local) with committing any of the offenses sot forth in clause B.2,b. of this Section V;
  4. have not, within a five-year period preceding the date of this EDS, had one or more public transactions (federal, state or local) terminated for cauio or cofault; and
  5. have not, within a five-year period preceding the date of this BDS, been convicted, adjudged guilty, or found liable in a civil proceeding, or ia any criminal or civil action, including scrionj concerning environments! violations, instituted by the City or by the federal government, any state, or any other unit of local government.
3.   The certifications in subparts 3,4 and 5 concern:
    • the Disclosing Party;
  • any "Contractor" (meaning any contractor or subcontractor used by the Disclosing Party in connection with the Manor, including but not limited to all porsona or legal entities disclosed under ' Section IV, "Disclosure of Subcontractors and Other Retained Pattics"),-
  • any "Affiliated Entity" (meaning a person or entity that, directly or indirectly: controls (he Disolosing Party, is controlled by the Disclosing Party, or is, wilh the Disclosing Party, under common control of another person or entity. Indicia of control include, without limitation: interlocking management or ownership; identity of interests among family members, shared facilities and equipment; common use of employees; or organization of a business entity following the ineligibility of a business entity to do business with federal or state or local government, inoluding the City, using substantially the EBmo management, ownership, or principals as the ineligible entity); with respect to Contractors, the terra Affiliated Entity means a person or entity that directly or indirectly controls the Contractor, is controlled by It. or, with the Contractor, Js under common control of another person or entity;
  • any responsible official of the Disclosing Party, any Contractor or any Affiliated Bntity or any other official, agent or employeo of the Disclosing Party, any Contractor or any Affiliated Entity, noting pursuant to the direction or authorization of a responsible official of (ho Disclosing Party, any Contractor or any Affiliated Entity (collectively "Agents").
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*   ♦      1-773-971-2503      T-938  P006/014 F-669
10-10--13 12:43   FROM-Ehresroan Kgnt      1      2()13 10:51       #by, ruutwuie
Fron:Neal 8 Leroy LLC      312 64151J/
Neither die Disclosing Party, nor any Contractor, nor any Affiliated Entity of either the Disclosing Party or any Contreotor nor any Agents have, during the five years before the date this EDS is signed, or, with respect to a Contractor, an Affiliated Entity, or an Affiliated Entity of a Contractor during the five yaara before the date of such Contractor's or Affiliated Entity's contract or engagement in connection with the Matter:
    1. bribed or attempted to bribe, or bean convicted or adjudged guilty of bribery or attempting to bribe, a public officer or employee of the City, the State of Illinois, or any agency of the federal government or of any state or local government in the United States of America, in (hat officer's or employee's official capacity,
    2. agreed or colluded with other bidders or prospective bidders, or been a party to any such agreement, or been convicted or adjudged guilty of agreement or collusion among bidders or prospective bidders, in restraint of freedom of competition by agreement to bid a fixed price or otherwise; or
    3. made an admission of such conduct described in a. or b. above that is a matter of record, but have not been prosecuted for such conduct; or
  1. violated the provisions of Municipal Code Section 2-92-610 (Living Wage Ordinance).
4.  Neither the Disclosing Party, Affiliated Entity or Contractor, or any of their employees, officials, agents or partners, is barred from contracting with any unit of state or local government a. & resuit 0f engaging in or being convicted of (1) bid-rigging in violation of 720 ILCS 5/338*3; (2) bid-rotating in violation of 720 ILCS 5/33E-4; or (3) any similar offense of any state or of the United States of America thai contains the same elements as the offense of bid-rigging or bid-rotating,
3.  Neither the Disclosing Party nor any Affiliated Entity is listed on any of the following lists maintained by the Office of Foreign Assata Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury or the bureau of Industry and Security of the U.S. Department of Commerce or their successors: the Specially Designated Nationals Lilt, the Denied Persons List, the Unverified List, the Entity List and the Debarred List
6,      The Disclosing Party understands and shall comply with the applicable requirements of Chapters
2-55 (Legislative Inspector General), 2-56 (Inspector General) and 2-156 (Governmental Ethics) of the
Municipal Code.
7.      If the Disclosing Party Is unable to certify to any of the above statements in this Part B (Further
Certifications), the Disclosing Party must explain below:
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rron:Neai & Leroy LLC      ^ bflibld/
If the letters "NA," the word "None," or no rosponao appears on the lines above, it will be conclusively presumed that the Disclosing Pany certified to the above statements.
g.   To the beat of the DjBcfoalng Parry's knowledge after reasonable inquiry, the following is a
complete list of all current employees of the Disclosing Party who were, at any time during the J 2-
month period preceding the executioo date of thia EDS, an employee, or elected or appointed official,
of the City of Chicago (if none, indicate with "N/A" or "nono").
      UU      —
9. . To the best of the Disclosing Party's Jknowledgo after reasonable Inquiry, the following is a
complete list of all gifta that the Disclosing Patty has given or caused to be given, at any time during the
12-month period preceding the execution date af this EbS, to an employoe, or elected Or appointed
official, of the City of Chicago. Por purposes of thia statement, a "gift" doei not include: (i) anything
made generally available to City employees or to the general public, or (h) food or drink provided in the
course of official City business and having a retail value of less than $20 per recipient (if none Indicate
with "N/A" or "none"). As to any gift Hated below, please also lis! the name of the City recipient.
1.   The Disclosing Party certifies that the Disclosing Party (check one)
{J is      M is not
a "financial institution" as defined in Section 2-32-4}5(b) of (be Municipal Code.
2,  If the Disclosing Party IS a financial institution, then the Disclosing Party pledges:
"We are not and will not become a predatory lender as defined in Chapter 2-32 of the Municipal Code. We further pledge that none of our affiliates Is, and none of them will become, a predatory lender as defined in Chapter 2-32 of the Municipal Code. We understand that becoming a predatory lender or becoming an affiliate of a predatory lender may result in the loss of the privilege of doing business with the City."
If the Disclosing Party is unable to make this pledge because it or any of its affiliates (as defined in Section 2-32-4J5(b) of the Municipal Code) is a predatory lender within the meaning of Chapter 2-32 of the Municipal Code, explain here (attach additional pages if necessary),
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„   *      l-773-9?l-?503      T-938   P008/014 F-669
10-10-'13 12:41   FROM-Ehresman Kgnt      1      -   ,0/10/2013 10:51 *M
From.Neal 8 Leroy LLC      312 6415137
If the letter* "NA." the word *Nooe,"~or no response appears on the lines above, it will be conclusivdy presumed that the Disclosing Party certified to the above statements.
Any words or terms that are defined in Chapter 2-156 of the Municipal Code have the same meaning« when used in this Part D.
2.  In aooordence with Bection 2-156-110 of the Municipal Code: Does any official er employee of the City have a financial Interest in his or her own name or in the name of any othor person or entity in the Matter?
□ Yes WNo
NOTE: If you checked "Yes" to Item D.l proceed to Items D.2. and D.3. If you cheeked "No" to Item D.l., proceed ro Part E.
  1. Vtlts» sold pursuant to a procoss of competitive bidding, or otherwise permitted, no City elected official or employee shall have a financial interest in bis or her own name or in the name of any other person or entity in the purchase of any property that (i) belongs to the City, or (ii) Is sold for taxes or atseatments, or (iii) is sold by virtue of legal process at the suit or the City (collectively, ■City Property Sale"). Compensation for property taken pursuant to the City's eminent domain power does not constitute a financial interest within the meaning of this Part D.
Docs the Matter involve a City Property Sale?
t ] Yos      fl No
  1. If you checked "Yea" to Item D.I., provide the name* and business addresses of the City officials or employees having such interest and identify the nature of such interest:
Name      Business Address      Nature of Interest
4. The Disclosing Party further certifies that no prohibited financial interest in the Matter will be acquired by any City official or employee.
Please check either I. or 2. below. If the Dieoloaing Party cheokj 2., the Disclosing Party must disclose below or in an attachment to this BDS all information required by paragraph 2. Failure to
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M  +      1-773-921-2508      T-938   P009/B14 F-669
10-10--33 12:41  FROM-Ehresraan Mgnt      Mt„l'fd ^      ,umu/<u» w.**
rrom:Neai a Lcroy lll      j" 0413
comply with thwo diicloturc requiromeoti may make any contract entored into with the City in connection wilh the Matter voidable by the City.
St .1. The Disclosing Party verifies that the Disclosing Party has searched any and all records of the Disc-losing Party and any and all predecessor entities regarding records of investments or profits from slavery or slaveholder Insurance policies during the slavery on (including insurance policies issued to slaveholders that provided coverage for damage to or injury or death of (heir slaves), and the Disclosing Party has found no such records.
      2. The Disclosing Party verifies that, as a result of conducting the search in step 1 above, the
Disclosing Party has found records of investments or profits from slavery or slaveholder ineunuico policies. The Disclosing Party verifies that the following constitutes fidl disclosure of all such records, including the name* of any and all slaves or slaveholders described in those records:
NOTE: If the Matter is federally funded, complete this Section VI. If (be Matter is not federally funded, proceed to Section VII. For purposes of this Section VI, tan credits allocated by the City and proceeds of debt obligations of the City are not federal funding.
1. List below (he names of all persons or entities registered under the federal Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 who have made lobbying contacts on behBlf of the Disclosing Party with respect to the Matter: (Add sheets if necessary):
(If so explanation appears or begins on the lines above, or if tho letters "NA" or if the word "None" appear, it will be conclusively presumed that the Diselosing Party means that NO persons or entities registered under Ihe Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 have made lobbying contacts on behalf of the Disclosing Party with respect to the Motter.)
2. The Disclosing Party has not spent and will not expend any federally appropriated funds to pay any person or entity listed in Paragraph A.l. above for his or ber lobbying activities or to pay aoy person or entity to influence or attempt to influence an officer or employee of any agency, as defined by applicable federal law, a member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or an employee of a mefnber of Congress, in connection with the award of any federally funded contract, making any federally funded grant ot loan, entering into any cooperative agreement, or to extend, continue, renew, amend, or modify any federally funded contract, grant, loan, or cooperative agreement,
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1 773-921-2508      T-938  P010/014 F~669
10-10--13 12:41  FBOM-Ehresnan Mgnt      £773      ,uMi^un iu:w       »»v< r.«,^u.o
rom:Neal * Leroy LLC
  1. The Disclosing Party will submit an updated certification at me end of each calender quarter in whjcfc there occurs atty event that materially affects (he accuracy of the statements and information set forth in paragraphs A.l. and A.l. above.
  2. The Disclosing Party certifies that either: (i) it ii not an organization described in section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Codo of 1986; or (ii) it is an organization described in section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 but has not engaged and will not engage in "Lobbying Activities".
  3. If the Disclosing Party is the Applicant, the Disclosing Party must obtain certiSoations equal in form and substance to paragraphs A.l. through A.4. above from all subcontractors before it awards any subcontract and the Disclosing Party must maintain ail such subcontractors' certifications for the duration of die Matter and roust make such certifications promptly available Co the City upon request.
If the Matter is federally funded, fedora! regulations require the Applicant «nd all proposed subcontractors to submit the following information with the/r bids or in writing at the outset of negotiations.
Is the Disclosing Party the Applicant?
UYcs [)No If "Y«," answer tho three questions below:
  1. Have you developed and do you have on file affirmative action programs pursuant to applicable federal regulations? ($ee4i CFR Part 60-2.)
IJYes      I) No
  1. Have you filed with the Joint Reporting Committee, tho Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, or the Bqual Employment Opportunity Commission all reports due under the applicable filing requirements?
{)Yea I)No
  1. Have you participated in any previous contracts or subcontracts subject to the equal opportunity o!auoo7
£1 Ye*      (1 No
If you checked "No" to question 1. or 2. above, please provide an explanation;
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12:42  ™-ar«-n      ™ ™
The Disclosing Party understands and agrees that*
  1. Tho certifications, disoiosurcs, and acknowledgments contained in this EDs will become part of any contract or other agreement between the Applicant and tho City in connection with the Matter whether procurement. City assistance, or other City action, and are material Inducements to the City's execution of any contact or taking other action with respeot to the Matter. The Disclosing p«rty understand* that it must comply with all statutes, ordinances, and regulations on which this EDS Is based.
  2. The City's Governmental Bthies and Campaign Financing Ordinances, Chapters 2-136 and 2-164 of the Municipal Code, impose certain duties and obligations on persons or entities seeking City contracts, work, business, or transactions. The full text of these ordinances and a training program is available on line at and may also be obtained from the City's Board of Ethics, 740 N.
Sedgwick St., Suite 500, Chicago, IL €0610, (312) 744-9660. The Disclosing Party must comply fully With the applicable ordinances.
  1. If the City determines that any information provided in this BDS is false, incomplete or inaccurate ■ay contract or other agreement in connection with which it is submitted may be rescinded or be void or voidable, and the City may pursue Bny remedies under the contract or agreement (if not rescinded or void), ar law, or in equity, including terminating the Disclosing Party's participation in the Matter and/or declining to allow the Disclosing Party to participate in other transaction! with the City, Remedies at law for a false statement of material fact may inoludc Incarceration and an award to the City of treble damages.
  2. It is tho City's policy to mako this document available to the public on its Internet site and/or upon request. Some or all of the information provided on this BDS and any attachments to this EDS may be " made available to the public on the Internet, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, or otherwise. By completing and signing thia BDS, the Disclosing Party waives and nltAna sny possible rights or claims which it may have against the City in connection with the public release of information oontained in this BDS and also authorizes the City to verify the accuracy of any information submitted
in this EDS.
E.      The information provided in this BDS roust be kept current. In the event of changes, the Disclosing
Party must supplement this BDS up to the time the City takes action on the Matter. If the Matter IB a
contract being handled by the City's Department of Procurement Services, the Disclosing Party must
update this BDS as the contract requires. NOTE: With respect to Matters subject to Article J of
Chapter 1-23 of the Municipal Code (imposing PERMANENT INELIGIBILITY for certain specified
offenses), the information provided horein regarding eligibility must be kept current for a longer period,
as required by Chapter 1-23 and Section 2-154-020 of the Munioipal Code.
The Disclosing Parly represents and warrants that:
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m  +      1-773-921-2508      T-93S  P012/0M F-669
1B-10-'13 12:42  FROM-Ehresman Mgnt      ^      lu/lu„Uu .u:t>«r
Kon:Nea. a leroy Lit      3" »<,;>1J/
F.I.   Tho Disclosing Party is not delinquent in the payment of any tax administered by the Illinois Department of Revenue, nor are the Disclosing Party ox its Affiliated BntJtles delinquent in paying any fine, fee, tax or other charge owed to the City. Thia includes, but is not limited to, all water charges, sewer charges, license fees, parking tickets, property taxes or sales taxes.
: P.2    If the Disclosing Party is the Applicant, the Disclosing Party and its Affiliated Entities will not use, nor pcrroil their subcontractors to use, any facility listed by the U.S. B.P.A. on tho federal Excluded Parties List System ("EPLS") maintained by the U. S. General Services Administration.
F.3    If the Disclosing Party is the Applicant, the Disclosing Party will obtain from any contractors/subcontractors hired or to bo hired in connection with the Matter cortiflcationa equal in form and substance to those in F.l. and F.2. above and will not, without the prior written consent of the City, use any such contractor/subcontractor that does not provide such certifications os that the Disclosing Party has reason to believe has not provided or cannot provide truthful certifications.
NOTE: If the Disclosing Party cannot certify as to any of the item* in P.I., F.2. or F.3. above, an explanatory statement mutt be attaohed to this EDS.
Under penalty of perjury, tho person signing below: (1) warrants that he/she la authorized to execute thia EDS and Appendix A (if applicable} on behalf of the Disclosing Party, and (2) warrant* that ell certifications and statements contained in thia EDS and Appendix A (if applicable) arc true, accurate and complete as of the date furnished to the City.
Puane ghrcgaan
(Sign bare)
Suane grtresnan      
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Signed and s
, Notary Public.
sworn to before me on <
County,      J_
"0PP1CTAL 8DAL" Raohal Sandusky , Notary PuMe, ffe* of Htnoln» I My CcwrrTJfao Erptai 0VWJ4 «
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Commission expires:,
i 77->      T-938   P013/814 F-669
1B-18-'13 12-A2  FSOH-Ehreaoan Mgnt ^ ^J,"77" 9l1      ,,,^0 »«
T*ai Appsodti b to be completed only by (a) tfae Applicant, and (b) any legal entity which ha* a direct ownerabjp interest In the Applicant exceeding IS percent. It Is not to be completed by any le&l entity which baa orUy aa wdtroctCTrncrtbJp tnUrwt In tio Applicant.
Under Municipal Code Section 2-J 54-0) 5, the Disclosing Party must disclose whether autfc Disclosing! Party or any "Applicable Party" or any Spouse or Domestic Partner thereof currently has a "familial rclaiionsbrB'' with any elected city official or department head A "fiunillal reJabrnsmip*" oust* if, so of the date this EDS is signed, the Wsekwing Party or any "Applicable Party** or any Spouse or Domestic Partner thereof is related to the mayor, any •Merman, the city cleric, the city treasurer or any city department head as spouse or domestic partner or as any of the following, whether by blood or adoption: parent, child, brother or sister aunt or uncle niece or nephew, grandparent, grandchild, father-in-law. mother-in-law, son-m-law. daughter-in-law stephiher or stepmother, stepson or stepdaughter, stepbrother or stepsister or half-brother or half filter. '
"Applicable Party" means (I) all executive officers of the Disclosing Party listed in Section ALB 1 s if the Disclosing Parry is a corporation; all partners of tho Disclosing Party, if the Disclosing Party is a general partnership; all general partners and limited partner* of the Dlaclojing Party, if the Disclosing Party is a limited partnership; all managers, managing members and memben of the Disclosing Party, Jf the Disclosing Party is a limited liability company; (2) all principal officers of the Disclosing Party; and (3) any penon having more than a 7 J percent ownership interest is the Disclosing Party. "Principal officers" means the president, chief operating officer, executive director, chief financial officer, treasurer or secretary of «legal entity or any parson exercising similar authority.
Does the Disclosing Party or any "Applicable Party" or any Spouse or Doroestio Partner (hereof currently have a "fimilial relationship** with an elected city official or department head?
{JYea bcJNo
If yes, please identify helow (1) (be name and ride of such person, (2) tfae name of (he legal entity t0 which, such person is connected; (3) the name and title of the elected city official or department head to whom such penon has a familial relationship, and (4) the precise nature of such familial mktionelirp.
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10-10-'13 12:42  FROM-Ehresman Mgnt      1-773-921-2508      T-938  P014/014 F-669
FfoniNeal & Leroy LU'      6415137      lU/lo/ifUU iu:5J       *t>y<: r.uio/ino
(DO NOT SUBMIT THIS PAGE WITH YOUR EDS. The purpose of this page is for you to recertify your EDS prior to submission to City Council or on the date of closing. If unable to recertify truthfully, the Disclosing Party must complete a new EDS with correct or corrected information)
Generally, for use with City Council matters. Not for City procurements unless requested.
Che sale of 201 N. cancral Avo.
This recertification is being submitted in conjunct ion with feS!.taSrSSSStt<> Board of Mu"»°" <° [identify the Matter). Under penalty of perjury, the person signing below : (1) warrants that he/she is authorised to execute this EDS recertificatioo on behalf of the Disclosing Party, (2) warrants that all certifications and statements contained in the Disclosing Party's original EDS are true, accurate and complete as of the date furnished to the City and continue to be true accurate and complete as of the date of this recertification, and (3) reaffirms its acknowledgments.
Duane Ehresman      Date: '^V'°//5
(Print or type legal name of Disclosing Party)
(sign here)
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, by
toned and sworn to before me on [date] )0| ICi )<b
KanhdSson/jij^/ .at p^i 1 *cou
. Notary Public.
Commission e
'OFFICIAL SEAL" Rachol Sandusky Notary Public, State ol Illinois OejikMon Expires «fWM
Vtr. 11-01-05