Record #: O2013-9441   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 12/11/2013 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Finance
Final action: 1/15/2014
Title: Intergovernmental agreement with Chicago Park District for provision of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) assistance for improvements to West Haven Park
Sponsors: Emanuel, Rahm
Topic: AGREEMENTS - Intergovernmental
Attachments: 1. O2013-9441.pdf, 2. O2013-9441 (V1).pdf
WHEREAS, the City of Chicago (the "City"), is a home rule unit of government under Article VII, Section 6(a) of the 1970 Constitution of the State of Illinois, and as such may exercise any power and perform any function pertaining to its government and affairs; and
WHEREAS, the Chicago Park District (the "Park District"), is an Illinois municipal corporation and a unit of local government under Article VII, Section 1 of the 1970 Constitution, of the State of Illinois, and as such is authorized to exercise control over and supervise the operation of parks within the corporate limits of the City; and

WHEREAS, the Park District has undertaken the new construction of certain facilities and landscaping improvements (said improvements collectively referred to as the "Project") located on a parcel of land to be known as West Haven Park, which is generally located at 1900 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois and legally described in Exhibit A (the "Property"); and
WHEREAS, the Property lies wholly within the boundaries of the Central West Redevelopment Area (as hereinafter defined); and

WHEREAS, the City is authorized under the provisions of the Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act, 65 ILCS 5/11-74.4-1 et seq., as amended from time to time (the "Act"), to finance projects that eradicate blight conditions and conservation factors that could lead to blight through the use of tax increment allocation financing for redevelopment projects; and

WHEREAS, in accordance with the provisions of the Act, pursuant to ordinances adopted on February 16, 2000, and published in the Journal of Proceedings of the City Council for such date at pages 25276 through 25432, and under the provisions of the Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act, 65 ILCS 5/11 - 74.4-1 et seg, as amended (the "Act"), the City Council (the "Corporate Authorities") of the City of Chicago (the "City"): (i) approved a redevelopment plan and project (the "Redevelopment Plan") for a portion...

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