Record #: R2014-10   
Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Intro date: 1/15/2014 Current Controlling Legislative Body:
Final action: 1/15/2014
Title: Gratitude extended to Police Officers Timothy S. McCollom and Robert M. Przybylowski for heroic lifesaving efforts
Sponsors: Emanuel, Rahm
Attachments: 1. R2014-10.pdf


adopted by ^lie <y GoUHCll
of ^ Qity of Ghicago, Illinois


yjQheteClS , On the afternoon of August 26, 2013, 9th District Police Officers Timothy S. McCollom (Star #17397) and Robert M. Przybylowski (Star #3881) responded to a call from a woman regarding a violation of an order of protection; and

WHEREAS, The officers encountered the woman in front of her home on the 5200 block of South Mozart Street, and, through an interpreter, learned that the order of protection was against her ex-boyfriend, the father of her three children; and

WHEREAS, The woman informed Officers McCollom and Przybylowski that the ex-boyfriend had threatened to kill her if he ever saw her with another man; and

WHEREAS, The woman went on to tell the officers that earlier, while she was out shopping with her children and a male friend, the ex-boyfriend had approached their vehicle and tried to open one of the doors. The friend had managed to drive them away safely, but one of the children had noticed that the ex-boyfriend was armed with a knife; and

WHEREAS, Officers McCollom and Przybylowski asked the woman for additional information to assist their investigation, and she walked to the back door of the house to retrieve a document; and

WHEREAS, Before the woman reached the door, the ex-boyfriend suddenly appeared and began viciously attacking her with a butcher knife; and

WHEREAS, Responding to the woman's screams for help, Officers McCollom and Przybylowski ran into the gangway beside the house, where they discovered the ex-boyfriend kneeling over the woman and stabbing her repeatedly; and

WHEREAS, As the officers rushed to protect the injured woman, the assailant stood and confronted them, brandishing the now-bloody knife; and

WHEREAS, Maintaining his composure in the face of this rapidly escalating and extremely dangerous situation, Officer McCollom, who had preceded his partner into the gangway, drew and fired his weapon, fatally wounding the ass...

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