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Record #: O2014-7390   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 9/10/2014 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Transportation and Public Way
Final action: 10/8/2014
Title: Grant(s) of privilege in public way for Dollar Tree Connection
Sponsors: Hairston, Leslie A.
Topic: PUBLIC WAY USAGE - Grants of Privilege
Attachments: 1. O2014-7390.pdf
DOLLAR TREE CORPORATION Acct. No. 7049 - 54 Permit No. 1110576
Be It Ordained by the City Council of the City of Chicago:
SECTION 1. Permission and authority are hereby given and granted to DOLLAR TREE CORPORATION, upon the terms and subject to the conditions of this ordinance to maintain and use one (1) sign(s) projecting over the public right-of-way attached to its premises known as 7158 S. Stony Island Ave
Said sign structure(s) measures as follows; along S. Stony Island Avenue:
One (1) at eighteen point six seven (18.67) feet in length, seven (7) feet in height and ten point five
(10.5) feet above grade level.
The location of said privilege shall be as shown on prints kept on file with the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection and the Office of the City Clerk.
Said privilege shall be constructed in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the Department of Transportation (Division of Project Development) and Zoning Department - Signs.
This grant of privilege in the public way shall be subject to the provisions of Section 10-28-015 and all other required provisions of the Municipal Code of Chicago.
The grantee shall pay to the City of Chicago as compensation for the privilege #1110576 herein granted the sum of three hundred ($300.00) per annum in advance.
A 25% penalty will be added for payments received after due date.
The permit holder agrees to hold the City of Chicago harmless for any damage, relocation or replacement costs associated with damage, relocation or removal of private property caused by the City performing work in the public way.
Leslie Hairston 5in Ward
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Authority herein given and granted for a period of five (5) years from and after Date of Passage.
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Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection
Small Business Center - Public Way Use Unit City Hall - 121 N. LaSalle Street, Room 800 • Chicago, IL 60602 (312)-74-GOBIZ (312-744-6249) • (312) 744-1944 (TTY) httn://
Alderman Leslie Hairston Ward # OS City of Chicago City Hall, Room 300 121 North LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois 60602
Re: An ordinance to use and maintain a portion of the public right-of-way for one (1) sign(s) for
DOLLAR TREE CORPORATION, adjacent to the premises known as 7158 S. Stony Island Ave
Dear Alderman Leslie Hairston:
The applicant referenced above has requested the use of the public right-of-way for a sign(s). An ordinance has been prepared by the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection - Small Business Center -Public Way Use Unit for presentation to the City Council. Because this request was made for properties located in your ward, as approved by you as per the attached, I respectfully request that you introduce the attached ordinance at the next City Council meeting.
Ifyou have any questions regarding this ordinance, please contact Anthony Bertuca at (312) 744-5506.
Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection