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This record contains private information, which has been redacted from public viewing.
Record #: Or2014-493   
Type: Order Status: Passed
Intro date: 10/8/2014 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards
Final action: 11/5/2014
Title: Issuance of permits for sign(s)/signboard(s) at 1212 S Michigan Ave (Height above grade 30 feet, 9 inches)
Sponsors: Fioretti, Bob
Attachments: 1. Or2014-493.pdf
City Council, meeting date:      
Committee on Zoning, Landmarks, & Building Standards
ORDERED, That the Commissioner of the Building Department is hereby directed to issue a sign permit to: (Contractor's name and address)
For the erection of a sign / signboard over twenty-four (24) feet in height and / or over one hundred (100) square feet (in area of one face) at:
/ On-Premise / Business ID signsj indicate Business Name and Address Off-Premise / Advertising sings: must indicate that it is for Advertising
RID J. Htrki^ayi $i'r/iu£
t A I'
Dimensions:      Q/g? " X if f0
Height above grade:      .^Or ^ "      
Such signs shall comply with all provisions of Title 17 of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance and all other applicable provisions of the Municipal Code ofthe City of Chicago governing the construction andjTjaiflterrarrce)of outdoor signs, sign boards, and structures
Sign Permit Application
:      r    (THIS IS NOT A PERMIT)      ^: :
*      *      *      *
In preparation for a new Sign Permit Application and in lieu of the "Department of Zoning and Land Use Planning - Sign Site Plan" form you must complete and submit the interim Sign Permit Application below along with the online Sign Permit Application.
  1. First, you must fill out the Sign Permit Application on-line as usual.
  2. Next, you must print out this Interim application and fill it out by-hand.
  3. Then, you must submit both forms to the Department of Buildings for review.
This Supplemental Application must be completed and submitted along with the Sign Permit Application. All fields must be completed. If a field is not applicable you must answer "n/a" in the field.
ii        ~CITforCHICAGO- -
rtfp., n, DEPARTMENT OF!
*        *        * *
Application Number:.
Date of Application:     in) dOfL(
Address of property where sign will be erected: 13\?> S- ^Atcfa t^njA A^VF ;0,-k iP.aGji) jtL . LPOOO'^ Does property have multiple addresses? □ Yes^l No
If yes, please list all addresses: fVt'A- (Xfi (?Uf rxbl&      
Is this building vacant? □ Yes
If yes, is it registered under the Vacant Building Ordinance? Registration #   ^1 D~f~ CLpp\.f:rLlo}(^      
Section 1 - Applicant
Applicant is the Owner (of the real property) □ Lessee (of the real property) □
Name of Owner of Real
Property: CJt\ SoU^t) klCLoi^4prl/^l^t UXL      .      
Address: (ffS5       IvJUYV^ kuOZ      Slfl U 208, QJUcQ^ \l
Phone 41: Ullrfj^S     Mobile * Tl^ll frltfl  Email:      (^Cjff^Y^Wl^fe
le of Lessee of Real Property:
Address: l^f (j^U^u Jl>i<4 AvJ^ UofY^gcjYJnr^ \U UfU^D Phone #: "lOffH^ OP%0   Mobile frVTPff ft'SH I'ggS   Email^Ovci.\JUre.U>0 (? Oflt Cn^l
■".'. -;/Section 2-'Contra'ctpfs-:.
Payer Company of Annual Inspection Fee:
Name of Contact of Payer Company:^OC- :rWrcX(t)      
Name of Payer Company:      ID /V    j\fty Upp Address:      toVWo^OrW, n0ft\flt0<Qg3
Phone fr^^&OOgD Mobile * QOfaynSgg   Email: jmflll rf A fn O qnl LHr^ lU^W<
Electrical Contractor:      itjlci Jtfin, \v)C .      
Address: ?Kjdf. Unti/ln AvE; j\t>jj^! IL . (J>0-RH      License4k KCCm2^°l
Phone ffifrbfiWs^-fV^^ Mobile #:     rw//q-      Email: fcltvjjkfaigru&> fWHGa
Website: iajlh^ . r-JIrttjU-J-J./tjn. C-sAm      .      
Sign Erector: 4fc^. fi/jn, J n C .      
Bond #;  |i-f-# n^<7?>h      Registration #:    fOqQ ^/iQ      
Phone #:(^V'?Al-ZU-(t?t{/{/ Mobile        Ml A
Website: uw^jt), tXf I iri r, U4Ji jfl. C.frYn
Picture or rendering must be attached depicting sign placement with before and after view.   sec((0n 0 continues on next page
-      2;      - "
Address:   ^xj,??,      .  JJsspsV , IL . />/) 1/9-5