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This record contains private information, which has been redacted from public viewing.
Record #: SO2014-9730   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 12/10/2014 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards
Final action: 9/24/2015
Title: Zoning Reclassification Map No. 3-F at 1118 N State St - App No. 18253
Sponsors: Misc. Transmittal
Attachments: 1. SO2014-9730.pdf, 2. O2014-9730.pdf



SECTION 1. Title 17 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, the Chicago Zoning Ordinance, is hereby amended by changing all of the DX-7, Downtown MixedrUse District symbols shown on Map 3-F in the area generally bounded by:
A line 195 feet south of and parallel to West Elm Street; North State Street; the public alley next south of and parallel to West Elm Street; and the public alley next east of and parallel to north Dearborn Street
to the designation of a Business Planned Development, subject to the use and bulk regulations set forth in the Plan of Development attached hereto and made a part hereof.

SECTION 3. This ordinance takes effect after its passage and approval.

Common Address: 1118 North State Street


Plan of Development Statements
The area delineated herein as a Business Planned Development ("Planned Development") consists of approximately 12,398 square feet (0.28 acres) of property located on North State Street (Ihe "Property"), as more fully depicted on the attached Planned Development Boundary and Property Line Map. The Property is under the single designated control of the Applicant, Cedar Property, LLC.
The requirements, obligations and conditions contained within this Planned Development shall be binding upon the Applicant, its successors and assigns and, if different than the Applicant, the legal title holders and any ground lessors. All rights granted hereunder to the Applicant shall inure to the benefit of the Applicant's successors and assigns and, if different than the Applicant, the legal title holder and any ground lessors. Furthermore, pursuant lo the requirements of Section 17-8-0400 of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance, the Property, at the time of application for an amendment, modification or change (administrative, legislative or otherwise) to this Planned Development is made, shall be under single ownership or single designated control. Single designated control is defined in Section 17-8-0400 ofthe Zoning Ordinance.
All applicable official reviews, approvals or permits are required to be obtained by the Applicant or its successors, assignees or grantees. Any dedication or vacation of streets or alleys or grants of'easements or any adjustment of the right-of-way shall require a separate submittal to the Department of Transportation on behalf of the Applicant or its successors, assigns or grantees.
Any requests for grants of privilege, or any items encroaching on the public way, shall be in compliance with the Plans.
Ingress or egress shall be pursuant to the Plans and may be subject to the review and approval of the Departments of Planning and Development and Transportation. Closure of all or any public street or alley during demolition or construction shall be subject lo the review and approval of the Department of Transportation.
All work proposed in the public way must be designed and constructed in accordance with the Department of Transportation Construction Standards for Work in the Public Way and in compliance with the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago. Prior to the issuance of any Part II approval, the submitted plans must be approved by the Department of Transportation.

Applicant: Cedar Property LLC
Address: 1118 North State Street
Date Introduced: December 10,2014 Plan Commission: August 20, 2015

This Plan of Development consists of Eighteen Statements; a Bulk Regulations Table; an Existing Land Use Map; a Zoning Map; a Planned Development Boundary and Property Line Map; a Site Plan; a FAR Bonus Plan Exhibit; a Landscape and Green Roof Plan; Building Elevations (North, South, East, West and Lower East) prepared by Goettsch Partners dated August 20, 2015 and FAR Bonus Calculation Worksheet and Affordable Housing Profile Form.
In any instance where a provision of this Planned Development conflicts with the Chicago Building Code, the Building Code shall govern. This Planned Development conforms to the intent and purpose of the Zoning ordinance, and all requirements thereto, and satisfies the established criteria for approval as a Planned Development. In case of a conflict between the terms of this Planned Development Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance, this Planned Development shall control.
The following uses are permitted in the area delineated herein as a Business Planned Development: hotel; retail sales; eating and drinking establishments; outdoor patio at grade and outdoor roof patios located on the fourth and eighteenth floors; and accessory uses. All outdoor patios shall adhere strictly to the applicable provisions of the Municipal Code of Chicago.
On-Premise signs and temporary signs, such as construction and marketing signs, shall be permitted within the Planned Development subject to the review and approval ofthe Department of Planning and Development. Off-Premise signs are prohibited within the boundary of the Planned Development. ,
For purposes of height measurement, the definitions in the Zoning Ordinance shall apply. The height of any building shall also be subject to height limitations, if any, established by the Federal Aviation Administration.
8. The maximum permitted Floor Area Ratio ("FAR") for the site shall be in accordance
with the attached Bulk Regulations Table. For purposes of FAR calculations and
measurements, the definitions in the Zoning Ordinance shall apply. The permitted FAR
identified in the Bulk Regulations Table has been determined using a Net Site Area of
12,398 square feet and a base FAR of 7.0. The improvements to be constructed on the
Property will utilize the following FAR bonuses:
Base FAR: 7.0
Affordable Housing: 1.75
Upper-Level Setback: 0.77
Transit Infrastructure 1.40
Total FAR: , 10.92
9. Upon review and determination ("Part II Review"), and pursuant to Section 17-13-0610 of the Zoning Ordinance, a Part II Review Fee shall be assessed by the Department of Planning and Development. The fee, as determined by staff at the time, is final and binding on the Applicant and must be paid to the Department of Revenue prior to the issuance of any Part II approval.

Applicant: Cedar Property LLC
Address: 1118 North State Street
Date Introduced: December 10, 2014 Plan Commission: August 20, 2015
The Site and Landscape Plans shall be in substantial conformance with the Landscape Ordinance and any other corresponding regulations and guidelines. Final landscape plan review and approval will be by the Department of Planning and Development. Any interim review associated with the site plan review or Part II reviews are conditional until final Part II approval.
The Applicant shall comply with the Rules and Regulations for the Maintenance of Stockpiles prdmmgaterj "by the Commissioners of the Departments of Streets and Sanitation and Fleet and Facility Management and Buildings, pursuant to Section 13-32-125 of the Municipal Code, or any other provision of that Code.
The terms and conditions of development under this Planned Development Ordinance may be modified administratively by the Zoning Administrator, pursuant to Section 17-13-0611-A of the Zoning Ordinance, upon written application by the Applicant, its successors and assigns and, if different than the Applicant, the legal title holders and any ground lessors.
The Applicant acknowledges that it is in the public interest to design, construct and maintain the project in a manner which promotes, enables and maximizes universal access throughout the Property. Plans for all buildings and improvements on the Property shall be reviewed and approved by the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities to
ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to access for persons
with disabilities and to promote the highest standard of accessibility.
The Applicant acknowledges that it is in the public interest to design, construct, renovate and maintain all buildings in a manner that provides healthier indoor environments, reduces operating costs and conserves energy and natural resources. At the time of a hearing before the Chicago Plan Commission, all developments must be in substantial compliance with the current City of Chicago Sustainable Development Policy set forth by the Department of Planning and Development. Applicant shall achieve L.E.E.D. Certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ("L.E.E.D.") Green Building Rating System for the proposed high-rise building and provide a minimum of 50% green roof over the net roof area of approximately 4,000 square feet.
15. Pursuant to Section 17-4-1004-B of the Zoning Ordinance, the Applicant has requested
an increase in the floor area ratio for the Property, as set forth in the bonus worksheet
required under Section 17-4-1003-D and attached hereto as an Exhibit ("Bonus
Worksheet"). Any developer of a building receiving an affordable housing floor area
bonus ("Eligible Building") must either provide on-site affordable housing units or make
a cash payment to the city's Affordable Housing Opportunity Fund. The Applicant has
elected to make a cash payment in lieu of providing on-site affordable housing units. In
accordance with the formulas set forth in Section 17-4-1004-C and the Bonus Worksheet,
the Applicant acknowledges and agrees that it must make a cash payment in the amount
of $746,359.60 ("Cash Payment"). The Applicant must make the required Cash Payment
before the issuance of the building permits for the Eligible Building, including, without
limitation, excavation or foundation permits, and must comply with all applicable

Applicant: Cedar Property LLC
Address: 1118 North State Street
Date Introduced: December 10,2014 Plan Commission: August 20, 2015

affordable housing standards and requirements in Section 17-4-1004, the terms of which are incorporated herein by this reference.
16. The Property includes a building commonly known as the Cedar Hotel, which is color-coded Orange in the Chicago Historic Resources Survey. Applicant acknowledges that the character-defining feature of the Cedar Hotel is its primary facade facing State Street consisting of face brick with numerous decorative terra cotta elements. Accordingly, Applicant wilkfctam'-and''preserve the decorative terra cotta elements as is reasonably possible. The City of Chicago agrees that in retaining the facade, the Applicant will retain and preserve the primary facade including decorative terra cotta elements, full-size face brick, grey-brown "headers" and terra cotta quoins at the north and south wall returns as to the greatest extent possible. The City of Chicago agrees that in retaining the facade, the Applicant will:
employ a qualified restoration specialist to perform a detailed inspection;
thoroughly document the existing facade and have the restoration specialist -prepare a report setting forth the material salvage and catalogue, transport, storage, replacement and re-construction protocol. The report shall also include cleaning and repair specifications for all historic exterior elements to be salvaged and reused; complete photographic documentation and measured drawings of the existing conditions; and dimensioned proposed elevation for the reconstructed facade.
employ a qualified restoration mason to dismantle the significant architectural masonry components of the State Street facade;
document and catalogue the salvaged material and store it in a protected environment;
demolish the remainder of the building;
create molds for components that require replacement and fabricate the replacement pieces in either terra cotta or GFRC;
repair the salvaged elements and prepare for reinstallation;
construct a new structural system, back-up wall and install the salvaged and replacement facade components as directed and specified by the restoration specialist. Facade construction will include reinstallation of the salvaged brick as much as possible and new brick to match original where necessary; and raising the ground floor storefront openings approximately sixteen (16) inches, or one module ofthe rusticated terra cotta base coursing;

Applicant: Cedar Property LLC
Address: 1118 North State Street
Date Introduced: December 10, 2014 Plan Commission: August 20, 2015

(i) prepare final as-built drawings which indicate the amount and location of salvaged facade materials reused in the completed project and provide a report b>y the restoration specialist certifying that the reconstructed facade has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and these statements.
Applicant acknowledges that delivery of the report prepared by the restoration specialist identified above will be required prior lo the City of Chicago issuing a demolition permit for Ihe building. Upon Tccciptof ihe report and permit application to demolish the Cedar Hotel building, and following Plan Commission approval of this Planned Development, DPD agrees lo release the 90-day hold required by the Demolition Delay Ordinance and authorize issuance ofthe demolition permit.

During the Part II Review Process Applicant will submit complete and detailed drawings and specifications of all facade components that were stored and/or replaced and provide a work schedule for construction of the facade. Upon request, Applicant will provide DPD staff access to the material storage location, all salvaged and replacement inventory records, and all mock-ups of replacement components including new terra cotta, GFRC, brick, mortar and joint tooling. At the completion of the reconstruction of the facade, Applicant will submit to DPD staff the final as-built drawings and report as indicated in Statement 16(i) above and request that the Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development ("Commissioner"), in consultation with the Historic Preservation staff, - -issue - a- Certi-fi
completed and a Certificate of Completion of the Facade Reconstruction must be obtained from the Commissioner prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the Property.

17. Pursuant to Section 17-4-1020 of the Zoning Ordinance, the Applicant has requested an increase in the floor area ratio for the Property by contributing funds to the Chicago Transit Authority ("CTA") for improvements and repairs to public transit infrastructure located in proximity to its development project, ln accordance with the formula set forth in Section 17-4-1020-C, the Applicant acknowledges and agrees that it must make a cash payment to the CTA in the amount of $597,087.68. The Applicant must provide evidence that such cash contribution has been paid by the Applicant as a condition to issuance of any Part II approvals. It is further acknowledged by the Applicant that the CTA Board must approve of the final agreement between the Applicant and the CTA, and if for any reason the CTA Board does not approve the final agreement, the Applicant must revise the planned development's bonus structure.

18. This Planned Development shall be governed by Section 17-13-0612 of the Zoning Ordinance. Should this Planned Development Ordinance lapse, the Zoning Administrator shall initiate a Zoning Map Amendment lo rezone Ihe property to a DX-7, Downtown Mixed-Use District.

Applicant: Cedar Properly LLC
Address: 1118 North State Street
Date Introduced: December 10, 2014 Plan Commission: August 20. 2015

Gross Site Area:
Area in Public Right-of-Way:
Net Site Area:
Maximum Floor Area Ratio:
Base FAR:
Affordable Housing Bonus: Upper-Level Setback Bonus: Transit Infrastructure Bonus
Maximum Building Height:
-Minimum Number of Parking Spaces.:.
Minimum Number of Loading Berths:
Maximum Number of Hotel Keys:
Minimum Setbacks:
20,099 Square Feet
7,701 Square Feet
12,398 Square Feet
10.92 7.0 1.75 0.77 1.40

|1010|2.(10'x 25') 180
In accordance with the Site Plan

Applicant: Cedar Property, LLC
Address: 1118 North State Street
Date Introduced: December 10,2014 Plan Commission: August 20, 2015




o oc o.
z <
O ffl

11 J eft *
£'t' o
a; y- w fci a: a: oj l.
Z UJ D O - O *

O 5
< w z H
') UI £ o
^ s % 5
IL Q <( J
I •< 5 a a


z o I-< >


7. O

in w 5

Q z tu o
o J II Ml T
^ 9 < *
< -* O Q.

z o
< > LU _J UJ I I-



Property Address: 11 -18 North State Street

Amenity Amenity area (in sq.ft.) Lot area (in sq.ft.) Premium Factor Base FAR FAR Bonus calculated

Affordable Housing -On-Site |99|(D
Public Plaza and Pocket Park |99|
Chicago Riverwalk |99|
Winter Ganderi |99|
Through-Block Connection (Indoor) 0.66
Through-Block Connection (Outdoor) |99|
Sidewalk Widening |99|
Arcade L25
Water Feature 0.3
Upper-Level Setbacks ;T7.'&"-10"brstricts) 31,973 1-2,398 0.3 7.0 0.77
Upper-Level Setbacks (-12 &-16 Districts) 0.4
Lower-Level Planting Terrace |99|
Green Roofs 0.3
Underground Parking (Levels -1 & -2) 0.15
Underground Parking (Level r3 or lower) 0.2
Underground Loading 0.15
Parking Concealed by Occupiable Space 0.4
FAR Bonus Cap
compare with
1.00 (-5) 1.75 (-7) 2.50 (-10) 3.60 (-12) 4.80 (-16)

25% of D

30% of D
30% of D
30% of D
Total FAR Bonus Qn-Site Improvements

Page 1 of 2

Calculation of Financial Contribution
Formula: Cash contribution for 1 sq.ft. of FAR bonus = 0.8 x median cost of 1 sq. ft. of bulldable floor area
Amenity Bonused Square Feet Desired Discount Factor median cost of 1 sqft. of buildablo floor area (in $): See City Survey of Land Cost Base FAR Financial Contribution
Off-Site Park or Riverwalk 0.6
Street Lighting and Landscaping 0.8
Transit Infrastructure Improvements 17,357.2 0.8 $43 7.0 $597,087.68
Pedwav Improvements 0.8
Adopt-A-Landmark 0.8
Affordable Housing 21,696.5 0.8 $43 7.0 $746,359.60
Education 0.8
I $1,343,447720"

Comparison to FAR E tonus Cap
Amenity Total Bonused Square Feet Doslrod Lot Area (In sq. ft.) Base FAR FAR Bonus calculated FAR Bonus Cap:

Off-Site Park or Riverwalk 20% of H
Street Lighting and Landscaping" — — 20%6fH
Transit Station Improvements 17,357.2 12,398 7.0 1.4 20% of H
Pedwav Improvements 20%OfH
Adopt-A-Landmark ~ - - — •— -- - - 20%ofH
Affordable Housing 21,696.5. 12,398 7.0 1.75 20% of H (-5) 25%ofH(-7,-10) 30% of H (-12, -16)
Education 25% of H (-10) 30% of H (-12.-16)
If FAR Bonus calculated exceeds FAR Bonus Cap, the offective FAR Bonus for Off-Site Improvements is equal to the FAR Bonus Cap


Base FAR 7.0
FAR Bonus for On-Slte Improvements 0.77
FAR Bonus for Off-Site Improvements 3.15
Total FAR 10.92

Total Financial Contribution

Maximum Floor Area with Base FAR 86 * 786 SF
Floor Area with FAR Bonus On-Site Improvements 9,546.46
Floor Area with FAR Bonus Off-Site Improvements 39,053.70 SF
Total Maximum Floor Area 135.386.16

Date Received by (Dept. of Planning & Dev.) Date Page 2 of 2


Affordable Housing Profile Form (Rental)

S.ufamJ.^thlVfp/m &;Pevelqprrnent for.;^a$i .project -ihalirlggef^ah
affdrda^lfity fequlrem^
This completed form >%houJd be returned (via e-mail, fax^postal service or interoffice maii)rto: :-k#^BJ$wis,.D^r]rriertt .of :^bnlr\g;!& Qayelopmenj,N. La,|alle Street, Chicago, IL 6M02j^rf|alj: :ka)t}j^m^^
Date: ftv/6^T-
Development Name: CJFO/f* Mo-TefL- OdveLome* ¦
Development Address: f^- "S-r^tE ST^^r
Ward: X
If you are working with a Planner at the City, what is his/her name? ^A>J KuAn5t/l.
Type of City involvement: Land write-down
(check all that apply) Financial Assistance (If receiving TIF assistance, will tif funds be
used for housing construction? *)
)C Zoning increase, PD, or City Land purchase *if yes, please provide copy, of the. TIF .Eligible Expenses.
Developer Name: deOfl<. PeDeveloper Contact (Project Coordinator): oav>q uelio^
Developer Address: S1e> ia/. tonon*** s^->r£ S>£c0 c»i<-ac*. (=ot,t. i
Email address: § o>w .<>/*-> May we use email to contact you? Xes) No
Telephone Number: 313swa. 3it >
a) Affordable units required tffft . N6 l£yFor ARO projects: x 10%* = (always round up)
Total units total affordable units required
*20% if TIF assistance is provided

For Density Bonus projects: X 25% = .
Bonus Square Footage* Affordable sq. footage required
'Note that the maximum allowed bonus is 20% of base FAR in dash-5; 25% in dash-7 or -10; and 30% of base FAR in dash-12 or -16 for zoning info).
b) building details
In addition to water, which of the following utilities will be included in the rent (circle applicable):
Cooking gas electric gas heat electric heat other (describe on back)
Is parking included in the rent for the: affordable units? yes no market-rate units? yes no
If parking is not included, what is the monthly cost per space? .


Estimated date for the commencement of marketing: Estimated date for completion of construction of the affordable units:
•Rent amounts updated annually In the "City of Chicago'6 Maximum Affqrdablo Monthly Rent Chart" SECTION 4: PAYMENT IN LIEU OF UNITS
When do you expect to make trie payment -in-lieu? filsVrr <3o;\£i&C /^oiO
(typically corresponds with issuance of building permits) Month/Year
For ARO projects, use the following formula to calculate payment owed:

For each unit configuration, fill out a separate row, as app icable (see example)
Unit Type* Number of Units Number of Bedroo ms/Unit Total Square Footage/Unit Expected Market Rent Proposed Affordable Rent* Proposed Level of Affordability (60% or less of AMI) Unit Mix OK to proceed?
Slip ilil
Affordable Units

Market Rate Units N/A N/A
Number of total units in development
X $100,000=:$.,
(round up to nearest whole number)
For Density Bonus projects, usa the following formula to calculate payment owed:
Amount owed
^ x 80% x $ H3
hus Floor Area (sq ft) median price per base FAR foot
v. / Submarket (Table for use with the Density Bonus fees-in-lieu calculations) Median Land Price per Base FAR Foot
Loop: Chicaqo River on north/west; Conqress on south; Lake Shore Dr on east $31 "
North: Division on north; Chicaqo River on south/west; Lake Shore Dr. on east $43
South: Congress on north; Stevenson on south; Chicago River on west; Lake Shore Dr. on east ( $22
West: Lake on north; Conqress on south; Chicaqo River on east; Racine on west $29

Kara Breems
Department of Planning & Development
Authorization to.ffioceed (to be completed by Department of DPD)
¦7j^~ 7,

Department op Planning and Development


TO: Alderman Daniel S. Solis
Chairman, City Council Committee on Zoning

FROM: ^(U^n. ^WU^ h-Andrew J.yfalooiieyfj
Secretary Chicago Plan Commission

DATE: August 21, 2015

RE: Proposed Business Planned Development for property generally located at 1118 North State Street.

On August 20, 2015, the Chicago Plan Commission recommended approval ofthe proposed planned development submitted by Cedar Property LLC. A copy ofthe proposed planned development is attached. I would very much appreciate your assistance in having this introduced at the next possible City Council Committee on Zoning hearing.

Also enclosed is a copy of the staff report to the Plan Commission which includes the Department of Planning and Development, bureau of Planning and Zoning recommendation and a copy of the Resolution. If you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact me at 744-5777.

cc: Steve Valenziano
PD Master File (Original PD, copy of memo)


1118 N. State Street
Proposed Business Planned Development

Chicago Plan Commission August 20, 2015


1 »-



REPORT to the
Pursuant to the provisions of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance, Title 17 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, the Department of Planning and Development hereby submits this report and recommendation regarding a proposed Business Planned Development for your review and recommendation to the Chicago City Council. The application for the amendment to the Zoning Ordinance was introduced into the City Council on December 10, 2014. Proper legal notice of the public hearing on the application was published in the Chicago Sun-Times on August 5, 2015. The Applicant was separately notified of this hearing.

The Applicant, Cedar Property, LLC is seeking approval for a Business Planned Development on property currently zoned DX-7 (Downtown Mixed-Use District). The Applicant intends to construct a new 18-story hotel with ground floor commercial space on an approximately 12,398 square foot site. As part ofthe project, the Applicant intends to dismantle, salvage and reconstruct the east facade of the existing orange-rated building on the site commonly known as the "Cedar Hotel." The Applicant is proposing to maintain the property's existing underlying zoning prior to establishing this proposed Business Planned Development. This development is being submitted by the Applicant as a mandatory Planned Development, pursuant to Section 17-8-0512-B, which states that Planned Development review and approval is required when the proposal involves a non-residential building exceeding 180' in height in a DX-7 (Downtown Mixed Use District) zoning district and pursuant to Section 17-8-0514 which states that Planned Development review is required when a proposed development's Floor Area Ratio exceeds 150% ofthe base zoning.

The subject property is located in a vibrant area on the Near North Side Community Area of Chicago essentially where North State Street, North Rush Street and East Cedar Street converge. The subject property is currently zoned DX-7 (Downtown Mixed-Use District) and includes a total of 12,398 square feet of net site area. It is generally bounded by North State Street on the east, public alleys on the south and west sides and a one-story commercial building immediately to the north. The property is currently improved with a four-story commercial building commonly known as the Cedar Hotel. The Cedar Hotel building was constructed in approximately 1924 and is an Orange-Rated building under the


Chicago Historic Resources Survey. The building is currently vacant.

Immediately to the east ofthe subject property is an approximately 2,714 square foot left­over public right of way that has functioned as a seating plaza for many years by previous commercial tenants of the Cedar Hotel. It also functions as a significant setback from North State Street for the building. This plaza is owned by the City of Chicago and will continue to be owned by the City of Chicago as part of this project. Neither this plaza nor the public rights of way surrounding the subject property are included in the net site area of this project but they are included in the overall gross area of the proposed planned development, which is 20,099 square feet. No building currently exists in the plaza area and no building is planned to encroach on this plaza as part of this project.

The immediate area surrounding the site of the Cedar Hotel, on the east and west sides of North State Street is also zoned DX-7 (Downtown Mixed Use District). This immediate area includes a variety of mixed commercial and residential uses, including restaurants, hotels and other retail uses in a variety of building types. The immediate area is further defined by the triangular public park, known as Mariano Park, located between North State Street, North Rush Street and East Bellevue Place, and zoned POS-2 (Parks and Open Space).

Generally, to the west, north and south of the immediate area are areas.zoned DX-12 (Downtown Mixed Use District) and various planned developments. These areas also include a variety of mixed uses, especially towards East and West Division Street to the north but there are some entirely residential uses in these areas as well. To the east ofthe immediate area, the zoning includes DR-3, DR-7 and DR-10 (Downtown Residential Districts) as well as various planned developments, towards Lake Michigan. These areas are generally exclusively residential areas that display a range of residential densities and building types from rowhomes to high rises.

The site is well served by the Chicago Transit Authority's Clark/Division Street Red Line Station, located approximately % mile to the northwest. In addition, the site is directly served by the CTA's Broadway bus (#36), which travels north and south along State Street.

The site is not located within the Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection District, a Chicago Landmark District or a Tax Increment Financing District. The property is located within the Gold Coast Historic District, which is part of National Register of Historic Places.

The project consists ofthe construction of an 18-story commercial building that will include a hotel (180 keys), ground floor commercial space and related uses. The project is planned to include outdoor amenity space at the 4th floor and 18th floor rooftop levels and is expected to utilize the public plaza open space directly in front ofthe proposed building.


The proposed building essentially consists of a 15-story structure on top of a three-story base, totaling 18 stories. The total height ofthe structure is proposed to be approximately 212'. The first floor includes approximately 5,600 square feet of ground floor commercial space, open to the second floor above and hotel lobby/amenity space. The 2nd floor includes a full kitchen and additional dining space. The 3r floor is dedicated entirely to the building's mechanical systems. Floor four includes a 2500 square foot ballroom space and outdoor terrace. Floors five thru 18 include approximately 180 hotel rooms and various internal and roof top amenities.

On the east facade (State Street), the tower portion of the building is planned to be setback from the base ofthe building approximately 30 feet. This will provide a substantial outdoor amenity area on floor four for hotel patrons. The building has additional setback areas on the north elevation above floors one and four which will incorporate green roofs and on the south elevation at floor 16, which will function as an amenity terrace for guests staying on the 16th floor. Finally, the uppermost roof of the structure, floor 18, will include additional outdoor amenity space and a pool in addition to more green roof areas.

The east fagade of the structure, at level four and above, will consist of a glass and aluminum curtain wall system at floor four and an entirely glass curtain wall system on all of the upper floors to the roof level. The roof level access and mechanical areas as well as the portion ofthe south elevation that is visibfe from the east will consist of brick materials. The south elevation consists generally of brick at the new base of the building and a glass/aluminum window wall system with brick that extends to the 16th floor. The remaining portion of the south elevation consists of the glass curtain wall system that wraps around the building from the east. The north elevation consists of brick as well as a glass and aluminum window wall system that is also wrapped by the glass curtain wall system from the east. The west elevation, along the north-south alley, generally consists of brick material with the exception of the area that wraps from the north elevation, consisting of the glass/aluminum window wall system.

As mentioned, the subject property is currently improved with a four-story commercial building constructed in 1924 commonly known as the Cedar Hotel. The building is listed as Orange-Rated in the Chicago Historic Resources Survey which means it has historic significance in the context of the community. As part of the proposed project, the Applicant is planning to demolish the four-story masonry structure but incorporate the salvaged four-story east fagade ofthe Cedar Hotel into the proposed new structure, essentially creating a new base building for the tower.

As part of the project, the Applicant plans to dismantle the existing east fagade. The existing masonry fagade elements, including full-size face brick, decorative terra cotta and terra cotta quoins will be salvaged, catalogued and retained to the greatest extent possible. The Applicant plans to reconstruct the east fagade, replacing or refabricating only pieces which are no longer salvageable. The rebuilt east fagade will be located generally in the


exact location of where the existing fagade is currently located. The Applicant has worked closely with DPD's Historic Preservation Division (HPD) on this aspect of the project and HPD will review final drawings and project completeness for compliance with the planned development statements. The remainder of the existing Cedar Hotel structure is not being salvaged.

The material callouts on the exhibits highlight the proposed materials on all ofthe building's elevations.

The project will fully comply with the Chicago Landscape Ordinance but is not planned to incorporate any new landscaping on North State Street due to the narrow sidewalks at this location. The Applicant plans to improve the city-owned plaza directly in front ofthe hotel.

A vehicular drop-off area is planned on the State Street side to accommodate patrons. No accessory parking is required for the uses contemplated with this proposal per the Chicago Zoning Ordinance and none is being provided. The pedestrian crosswalks and curblines will be reviewed by-CDOT to maximize pedestrian, safety at the intersection in the immediate area consisting North State Street, East Cedar Street and North Rush Street.

Loading will be performed entirely on the west side ofthe building via the public alley and wili incorporate space for two berths, each 10' by 25'. 'As mentioned earlier, an additional > alley exists on the south side of the proposal for additional movements.

The Applicant will provide a green roof on 50% of the net roof areas and will achieve LEED certification. The size ofthe green roof will be not less than 4,000 square feet. The project will also comply with the Storm Water Management Ordinance, implementing best practices in all storm water management. The Green Roof Plan included as an exhibit to this report highlights the locations ofthe green roofs on the various floors ofthe building, and the upper level exterior amenity areas.

The proposed maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for this Business Planned Development will be 10.92. This includes the base FAR for the underlying zoning of DX-7 (Downtown Mixed Use District) of 7.0 plus 1.75 additional FAR that the Applicant is seeking via the Affordable Housing Bonus, .77 additional FAR under the Upper-Level Setback Bonus and 1.4 additional FAR for the Transit Infrastructure Bonus, under the Chicago Zoning Ordinance. Per the Zoning Code, the Applicant has elected to make a financial contribution towards the City's Affordable Housing Fund and will make a financial contribution to the Chicago Transit Authority to satisfy the requirements of the Transit Infrastructure Bonus. The attached bulk table details the zoning controls proposed for the project.


The following uses are proposed to be allowed under this planned development: hotel, retail sales, eating and drinking establishments, outdoor patios and accessory uses.

The Department ofTlanning and Development has reviewed the project materials submitted by the Applicant and compared this proposal to existing development in the community. The area around this project consists of various downtown zoning districts and the proposal represents an opportunity to construct a compatible commercial development project along North State Street on Chicago's Near North Side.

Based on that analysis, the Department of Planning and Development has concluded that this proposal is appropriate for this site and supports this development for the following reasons:

1. The project meets the purpose and criteria set forth in Chapter 17-8 of the Zoning Ordinance and its adoption would not have any adverse impact on the public's health, safety or welfare. Specifically, this project meets the following provisions of Chapter 17-8:
' Reinforces desirable urban features found within the surrounding area , such as siting patterns and massing arrangements (per 17-8-0906-A), as evidenced by the project's incorporation of a four-story facade very similar to the existing structure on site;
Upper-story setbacks should be used to reduce the apparent mass and bulk of tall buildings (per 17-8-0907-B) as evidenced by the proposal's incorporation of a 30 foot setback on the fourth floor to accommodate the. tower;
Provides street-level spaces within buildings that are designed to accommodate active uses or to otherwise engage pedestrian interest (per 17-8-0905-A-2), as evidenced by the incorporation of street level retail/commercial spaces fronting on North State Street and the public plaza;
Conserves non-renewable energy and scarce materials (per 17-8-0908-A) as evidenced by the project's goal of LEED certification;
All sides and areas of the buildings that are visible to the public are treated with materials, finishes and architectural details that are of high-quality and appropriate for use on primary street-facing fagade (17-8-0907-A-4), as evidenced through the material callouts in this report and on the elevations.

2. The site lies within the boundaries of the Central Area Action Plan, which was adopted by the Chicago Plan Commission on August 20, 2009. The project is consistent with the Near North Sub-district ofthe Central Area Plan.

The public infrastructure facilities and city services will be adequate to serve the proposed development at the time of occupancy. The proposed project has been reviewed by the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities and the Department of Transportation and all requested changes have been made. Copies of this application have been circulated to other City departments and agencies and no comments have been received which have not been addressed in the application.
The project wlN-rcnTiply^vtlti the requirements for access in case of fire and other emergencies.

Based on the foregoing, it is the recommendation of the Department of Planning and Development that this application for a Residential Business Planned Development be approved and that the recommendation to the City Council Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards be "Passage Recommended".

Bureau of Zoning and Land Use Department of Planning and Development






WHEREAS, the Applicant, Cedar Property, LLC, has submitted an application seeking approval for a Business Planned Development on an approximately 12,398 square foot property currently zoned DX-7 (Downtown, Mixed-Use District); and,

WHEREAS, the Applicant intends to construct an eighteenrStory building with 180 hotel keys and ground floor commercial space utilizing the Affordable Housing Bonus, Upper-Level Setback Bonus and Transit Infrastructure Improvement Bonus provision of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance; and,

WHEREAS, the Applicant's request to rezone the property was introduced to the City Council on December 10, 2014; and,

WHEREAS,' proper legal notice of the hearing before the Plan Commission was published in the Chicaqo Sun-Times on August 5, 2015. The Applicant was separately notified of this hearing and the proposed zoning application was considered at a public hearing by this Plan Commission on August 20, 2015; and,

WHEREAS, the Plan Commission has reviewed the application with respect to the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and finds that the proposal will be consistent with said provisions; and

WHEREAS, the Department of Planning and Development recommended approval ofthe application, with the recommendation and explanation contained in the written report dated August 20, 2015, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a part hereof; and,

WHEREAS, the Plan Commission has fully reviewed the application and all informational submissions associated with the proposed amendment, the report and recommendation of the Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development and all other testimony presented at the public hearing held on



August 20^2-045,giving consideration to the Zoning Ordinance;

THAT the final application dated December 10, 2014, be approved as being in conformance with the provisions, terms and conditions of the corresponding zoning application; and,
THAT this Plan Commission recommends approval to the City Council Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards of the final zoning application dated December 10, 2014; and,
THAT the above-stated recitals to this resolution together with the report of the Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development be adopted as the findings of fact of the Plan Commission regarding this zoning map amendment application.

Martin Cabrera, Jr. U
Chicago Plan Commission

Approved: August 20, 2015

RECEIVED S pec, /0, 2^0^
Initial:/)^^^ CITY OF CHICAGO
DEC 1 2 ZOtt
AUG 2 0 2015 Initial:

1. ADDRESS of the property Applicant is seeking to rezone:
1118 North State Street
Ward Number that property is located in:
APPLICANT Cedar Property, LLC

ADDRESS 540 West Madison Street - #2500 CITY Chicago

STATE Illinois ZIP CODE 60661 PHONE 312.542.3161


4. Is the applicant the owner ofthe Property? YES X NO
If the applicant is not the owner ofthe property, please provide the following information regarding the owner and attach written authorization from the owner allowing the application to proceed.

5. If the Applicant/Owner of the property has obtained a lawyer as their representative for the rezoning, please provide the following information:

ATTORNEY Edward J. Kus / Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

ADDRESS 111 East Wacker Drive - Suite 2800
CITY Chicago _ PHONE 312.836.4080
STATE Illinois ZIP CODE 60601

FAX 312.275.7586 EMAIL

If the applicant is a legal entity (Corporation, LLC, Partnership, etc.) please provide the names of all owners as disclosed on the Economic Disclosure Statements.

DRW-M Investor, LLC
On what date did the owner acquire legal title to the subject property? April 27,2010
Has the present owner previously rezohed this property? If Yes, when?

9. Present Zoning District DX-7 Proposed Zoning District Business Planned Dev.
Lot size in square feet (or dimensions) 12,398 Square Feet °
Current Use of the property Vacant hotel building with ground floor restaurant.
Reason for rezoning the property The proposed hotel building exceeds the DX-7 PD height threshold of 180' and proposed bonuses exceed 150% of the base FAR, thus requiring a PD.
Describe the proposed use of the property after the rezoning. Indicate the number of dwelling units; number of parking spaces; approximate square footage of any commercial space; and height ofthe proposed building. (BE SPECIFIC)
The Applicant will demolish the existing hotel building and develop a new 180 room hotel
with a ground-floor restaurant use of approximately 5,650 SF. There are no parking spaces
on-site. The height of the proposed building is 208 feet.

14. On May 14th, 2007, the Chicago City Council passed the Affordable Requirements Ordinance
(ARO) that requires on-site affordable housing units or a financial contribution if residential
housing projects receive a zoning change under certain circumstances. Based on the lot size of
the project in question and the proposed zoning classification, is this project subject to the
Affordable Requirements Ordinance? (See Fact Sheet for more information)