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Record #: SO2015-4229   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 5/20/2015 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Workforce Development and Audit
Final action: 2/10/2016
Title: Amendment of Municipal Code Chapters 2-56 and 2-156 and repeal of Chapter 2-55 regarding powers and duties of Office of Inspector General; and Annual Appropriation Ordinance Year 2016 amendment within Fund No. 0100 for Office of Inspector General and Legislative Inspector General
Sponsors: Burns, William D.
Attachments: 1. SO2015-4229.pdf, 2. O2015-4229.pdf

WHEREAS, The City Council of the City of Chicago recognizes that a necessary component of well-organized, properly functioning government is effective oversight; and

WHEREAS, Effective oversight ensures that those in government comply with laws, rules and ethical standards, and helps to preserve public trust; and

WHEREAS, The City Council acknowledges that as a part of government, it is appropriate that it be subject to effective oversight, and this Body took action six years ago to put in place the necessary legislation, Chapter 2-55 of the Municipal Code, to accomplish this goal; and

WHEREAS; The passage of time has shown that Chapter 2-55 has not functioned as efficiently or effectively as such legislation should; and

WHEREAS; The responsible and responsive thing to do is take a fresh look at that legislation, in order to correct deficiencies, add more robust oversight measures, and make City Council oversight a more functional tool, both for the overseer and the overseen; and

WHEREAS; The City Council has undertaken the task to ensure that allegations of misconduct against aldermen and their employees are thoroughly investigated arid addressed decisively, fairly, and consistently while respecting the independence of the City Council's legislative processes and operations; now, therefore,


SECTION 1. Chapter 2-56 of the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago is hereby amended by inserting the language underscored and deleting the language struck through, as follows:

2-56-020 Inspector general - Qualifications, appointment, and authority.

(a) Qualifications for appointment.

L In considering a candidate for the position of Inspector General,'the appointing authority shall evaluate and consider any and all qualifications that are relevant to the position of Inspector General, including, but not limited to:
The candidate's integrity,
The candidate's potential for strong l...

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