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This record contains private information, which has been redacted from public viewing.
Record #: R2016-984   
Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Intro date: 12/14/2016 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Finance
Final action: 12/14/2016
Title: Approval to transfer control of RCN Chicago to Radiate Holdings, LP
Sponsors: Dept./Agency
Topic: AGREEMENTS - Franchise
Attachments: 1. R2016-984.pdf
WHEREAS, effective June 24, 1996, the City of Chicago, Illinois ("City") awarded a cable television franchise to 21st Century Cable TV of Chicago, Inc. for Area 1 of the City ("Area 1 Franchise"); and
WHEREAS, on or about April 28, 2000, the Area 1 Franchise was acquired by RCN Cable TV of Chicago, Inc. a Delaware corporation, with its principal place of business at 350 North Orleans Street, Chicago, Illinois ("RCN Chicago"); and
WHEREAS, effective December 7, 2000, RCN Chicago was awarded a cable television franchise for Area 2 of the City, which franchise was modified by agreement of the parties on November 12, 2004 ("Area 2 Franchise"); and
WHEREAS, under the Area 1 Franchise and Area 2 Franchise (together, the "RCN Franchises"), RCN Chicago operates a cable television system ("System") that provides cable services and other communications services in portions ofthe City; and
WHEREAS, on or about August 12, 2016, the current ownership of RCN Chicago (Yankee Cable Partners, LLC and Yankee Cable Parent, LLC) entered into a Membership Purchase Agreement with Radiate HoldCo, LLC. As a result of the transactions contemplated by that Agreement (the "Transactions"), Yankee Cable Parent, LLC will be an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Radiate Holdings, LP (the "Applicant"); and
WHEREAS, by letter dated September 7, 2016, counsel for the Applicant, together with the parent company of RCN Chicago, provided to the City's Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection an FCC Form 394 and associated exhibits (the "Application"), which seeks consent to the transfer of control of RCN Chicago to the Applicant (the "Transfer"); and
WHEREAS, under applicable federal law, the RCN Franchises, and Section 4-280-170 of the Municipal Code, the Transfer requires the written consent of the City; and
WHEREAS, RCN Chicago has represented to the City that after the Transactions are completed, RCN Chicago will remain the legal entity which holds the RCN Franchises and RCN...

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