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Record #: O2018-984   
Type: Ordinance Status: Failed to Pass
Intro date: 2/28/2018 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on License and Consumer Protection
Final action:
Title: Amendment of Municipal Code Section 4-156-305 regarding public place of amusement license requirements for operating strategy-based room escape games
Sponsors: Tunney, Thomas, Moreno, Proco Joe, Reilly, Brendan
Topic: MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 4 - Businesses, Occupations & Consumer Protection - Ch. 156 Amusements
Attachments: 1. O2018-984.pdf
Related files: R2019-362


SECTION 1. Section 4-156-305 of the Municipal Code ofChicago is hereby amended by inserting the language underscored, as follows:
4-156-305 License - Exceptions.
No public place of amusement license under this Article III shall be required, ifthe only amusement to be produced, presented, or conducted is one or more of the following:
(Omitted text is unaffected by this ordinance)
(k) a strategy-based room escape game in which game participants are placed in a room and required, within a set time limit, to solve puzzles or to find and solve clues to escape the room, or a combination of rooms, and win the game, if: (i) the only license required under Title 4 of this Code to conduct the business activity described in the applicable license application is a limited business license: and (ii) the square footage of the licensed premises does not exceed 3500.sguare feet: and (iii) the licensed premises has a maximum occupancy capacity of no more than 70 persons, as indicated on the maximum occupancy sign for such premises issued bv the Department of Buildings pursuant to Section 13-84-410: and (iv) the maximum occupancy of any room in which the escape game is played ("escape room") is not exceeded; provided, however, that in any escape room with a maximum occupancy of 30 or more persons, no more than 30 individual game participants are allowed within the escape room at any given time; and (v) no liquor is sold, served or otherwise allowed on the licensed premises; and (vi) game participants are not locked into the escape room and can leave the room at any time: and (vii) the licensee of the premises in which the escape room is located enters into and implements a plan of operation approved bv the Commissioner. Such plan of operation may include but is not limited to provisions reguiring intellectual and non-physical escape games only, security personnel, restricted hours of operation, outdoor lig...

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