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Record #: R2019-692   
Type: Resolution Status: Adopted
Intro date: 9/18/2019 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Health and Human Relations
Final action: 10/16/2019
Title: Call on Governor J. B. Pritzker, Senate President John Cullerton, House Speaker Michael Madigan, Illinois Department of Aging and Illinois Department of Rehabilitation to build sustainable long term in-home care infrastructure for seniors, persons with disabilities, family members, caregiving workforce and senior service providers
Sponsors: Tunney, Thomas, Hadden, Maria E. , Vasquez, Jr., Andre, Sigcho-Lopez, Byron, La Spata, Daniel , Scott, Jr. Michael, Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana , Martin, Matthew J. , Osterman, Harry, Taylor, Jeanette B. , Cappleman, James, Waguespack, Scott, Silverstein, Debra L., Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos, Nugent, Samantha , King, Sophia D., Rodriguez, Michael D., Dowell, Pat
Attachments: 1. R2019-692.pdf

City Council Meeting - September 18, 2019


WHEREAS, currently 15% of Illinois residents are age 65 or older and another 1.6 million are between the ages of 55 and 64; and

WHEREAS, the growth in Illinois' aging population will more than double by 2030, dramatically increasing the need for Long-Term In-Home Care services; and
WHEREAS, seventy percent of adults turning 65 will need some form of long-term in-home care services and support during their lifetime and 90% of people want the freedom and independence provided by in-home care services that allows them to age with dignity in their own homes; and
WHEREAS, the Community Care Program provides Long Term In-Home Care and Support Services to nearly 104,000 seniors in the State of Illinois, and has significantly grown with over a 105% increase in the last ten years; and

WHEREAS, the Community Care Program effectively and successfully supports low-income aging people through community-based services including help with personal care, meals, laundry, housework and errands, thus enabling them to remain in their homes and avoid unnecessary and premature institutionalization; and

WHEREAS, Illinois' rapidly aging population means an increased demand for more home care services at a time when economic pressures result in fewer families able to provide such support to aging family members; and

WHEREAS, the direct care workforce is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the country and has expanded by nearly 40 percent in Illinois between 2006 and 2016; and by 2024 Illinois will need an additional 18,000 new home care workers to meet these demands; and a stable, well-paid and well-trained homecare workforce is needed to allow all lllinoisans to receive quality in-home care; and

WHEREAS, the average cost of a nursing home in Illinois is $55,420, while the cost of Community Care Program services is $10,428 a year, which is more than four times less; and too many seniors, persons with disabilities, and families are facing financial ruin by being forced to spend down their entire savings to qualify to receive Long Term in-home care services and support through Medicaid; and

WHEREAS, federal, state, and local governments have the responsibility to make policy changes that address the needs of our residents; and asserting Illinois' values of care and community, universal in-home care and support is a step forward in assisting seniors, persons with disabilities, their families and caregivers; and

WHEREAS, rising costs and the lack of support for seniors, persons with disabilities, family and professional caregivers, and Illinois' rapidly expanding aging population all require immediate and comprehensive solutions; now, therefore

City Council Meeting - September 18, 2019

BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the Mayor and Members of the City Council of the City of Chicago, assembled this (day and month and year), do hereby call on Governor Pritzker, Senate President Cullerton, House Speaker Madigan, the Illinois Department on Aging and the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation to work with seniors, persons with disabilities, family members, caregiving workforce and senior service providers, to:
Build a sustainable, twenty-first century long term care infrastructure that works for all seniors and persons with disabilities, regardless of income;
•, Provide immediate and comprehensive solutions for the rising costs of Long Term : Health Care and current lack of support for seniors, persons with disabilities, family and professional caregivers in Illinois' rapidly expanding aging population;
Recognize that all seniors deserve access to high quality Long Term In-Home Care to age with dignity at home; and
Provide policies and guidelines which ensure that home care workers are treated fairly and equitably in assignments, compensation rates and health care benefits; and
Work to advance policies which support affordable long-term care for all.

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Samantha Nugent Alderman, 39th Ward