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Record #: O2020-97   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 1/15/2020 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Health and Human Relations
Final action: 2/19/2020
Title: Amendment of Municipal Code Sections 2-120-490 and 2-120-500 regarding establishment and composition of Commission on Human Relations and advisory councils
Sponsors: Lightfoot, Lori E.
Topic: MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 2 - City Government & Administration - Ch. 120 Commissioners & Commissions
Attachments: 1. O2020-97.pdf


January 15, 2020


Ladies and Gentlemen:

At the request of the Chairman of the Commission on Human Relations, I transmit herewith an ordinance amending Chapter 2-120 of the Municipal Code regarding advisory councils.

Your favorable consideration of this ordinance will be appreciated.

Very truly yours,



SECTION 1. Sections 2-120-490 and 2-120-500 of the Municipal Code of Chicago are hereby amended by deleting the language struck through and by inserting the language underscored, as follows:
2-120-490 Establishment and composition.
A eCommission on hHuman fRelations is hereby established. The eCommission shall consist of the chairs one member designated by the Mayor from each of the advisory councils described in Section 2-120-500.-r-aftd-The Commission shall also include 15 additional members appointed by the mMayor with approval of the eCity eCouncil. One-third of the initial appointees shall be appointed for terms expiring on July 1 st of the year following their appointment, one-third shall be appointed for terms expiring July 1st ofthe second year following their appointment, and one-third shall be appointed for terms ending on July 1st of the third year following their appointment. Thereafter members shall be appointed for three-year terms. The mMayor shall designate one member to serve as the chairperson of the Commission at the pleasure of the mMayor. Members other than the chairperson shall serve without compensation, but may be reimbursed for their reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. The chairperson shall be compensated and shall appoint such assistants as are provided in the annual appropriation ordinance, and shall be responsible for the day to day operation ofthe eCommission and its staff. A majority of the members of the eCommission shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business.
2-120-500 Advisory councils.
The following advisory councils of the eCommission on hHuman fRelations are hereby established:
Advisory Council on Equity;
Advisory Council on Womenx and
(c) Advisory Council on LGBTQ+ issues;
(ed) . Advisory Council on Veterans; and
(de) Advisory Council on new New Americans.
The mMayor shall appoint up to 21 members to each advisory council, subject to approval of the eCity eCouncil. Of the initial appointments to each advisory council, one-third shall be appointed for a term of one year, one- third shall be appointed for terms of two years, and one-third shall be appointed for terms of three years. Succeeding appointments to these advisory councils shall be for terms of three years. The mMayor shall designate a one or more members of each advisory council to serve as its chairpefsor+r or co-chairs. The Mayor shall also designate one member of each advisory council to chairperson of each advisory council shall be a member ex officio of the eCommission on hHuman fRelations. The mMayor shall also appoint a director

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for each advisory council. Each director must be a member of the respective advisory council's affected community and shall receive such compensation as provided by the annual appropriation ordinance.
Each advisory council shall have the following powers and duties, relating specifically to the segment ofthe population of Chicago described in the council's name:
to assist the eCommission on hHuman fRelations in designing educational and enforcement programs for the implementation ofthe policies embodied in Chapters 2-160 and 5-8 of the Municipal Code;
to act as a liaison between the city government and community organizations, in order to promote cooperation between the government and these organizations and among these organizations in order to enhance services to the population of Chicago;
to cooperate, through the eCommission on hHuman fRelations, with the other advisory councils in the identification of practices and actions having a common discriminatory impact on the advisory council's target population and other segments of society, and in the design of programs for the elimination of such practices and actions;
to develop a procedure, primarily through solicitation of advice from members of the affected community, for recommending appointments of successor members to their respective advisory council to the mayor;
to devise rules of procedure for its meetings, subject to the approval of the eCommission on hHuman fRelations; and
to assist the eCommission on hHuman fRelations by recommending policies and programs, reviewing existing programs, conducting legislative research and reporting to the eCommission on its findings with regard to the specific needs of its community.

SECTION 2. This ordinance shall take effect upon its passage and approval.

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