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Record #: O2020-122   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 1/15/2020 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Final action: 2/19/2020
Title: Amendment of Municipal Code Section 9-64-090 by modifying and extending not-for-profit organization "one-day" residential parking daily permit pilot program within Residential Parking Permit Zones 142, 143 and 383
Sponsors: Smith, Michele, Tunney, Thomas
Topic: MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 9 - Vehicles, Traffic & Rail Transportation - Ch. 64 Parking Regulations
Attachments: 1. O2020-122.pdf
Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
January 15, 2020 City Council

WHEREAS, Section 9-64-090 of the Municipal Code contained an authorization, in subsection (h), for a pilot program providing for one-day residential parking for not-for-profits; and

WHEREAS, That Pilot Program expired of its own accord on December 31, 2018; and

WHEREAS, The aldermanic participants in the Pilot Program deem it useful and appropriate to extend the Pilot Program, with amendments to make it zone-specific, for another year to further gauge its effectiveness and desirability; now, therefore,

Be it Ordained by the City Council ofthe City of Chicago:

SECTION 1. Section 9-64-090 ofthe Municipal Code ofthe City of Chicago is hereby amended by inserting the underlined text, as follows:

9-64-090 Residential parking permit.

(Omitted text is unaffected by this ordinance)

(h) A not-for-profit organization "one-day" residential parking daily permit pilot program ("pilot program") is hereby modified and continued as provided in this subsection. Anv not-for-profit organization licensed to conduct affairs in the State of Illinois and located within a residential parking permit zone, or on either side of that portion ofa business or commercial street that is immediately adjacent to that residential parking permit zone, shall qualify to purchase not more than 30 residential parking daily permits for each of up to five of its employees per month to park in such zone. The City Clerk shall sell residential parking daily permits to a not-for-profit organization after confirming that: (0 the organization is duly licensed in Illinois and is eligible based on its location, (ii) if the organization has vehicles, unless exempted under Section 3-56-140 of this Code, the organization has already purchased a wheel tax license emblem, and (iiii parking congestion in the immediate area warrants issuance of permits under this subsection. Such confirmation may be contained in a letter from the alderman o...

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