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Record #: O2020-2100   
Type: Ordinance Status: Introduced
Intro date: 4/24/2020 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Health and Human Relations
Final action:
Title: Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 2-152 by adding new Section 2-152-105 requiring safety and protective equipment to be provided to persons employed or contracted to do work for City of Chicago during declared disasters
Sponsors: Vasquez, Jr., Andre
Topic: MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 2 - City Government & Administration - Ch. 152 Officers & Employees
Attachments: 1. O2020-2100.pdf
Committee on Health and Human Relations


WHEREAS, the outbreak ofthe novel coronavirus 2019-ncov, also known as COVID-19, has precipitated a worldwide public health crisis, and,

WHEREAS, employees ofthe City of Chicago, among countless others, continue to perform both regular and extraordinary duties in their roles during the COVID-19 outbreak, and doubtless will in future crises as well, and

WHEREAS, the City is responsible for the health, safety, and wellbeing of its employees in their performance of their duties, and

WHEREAS, it is incumbent upon "the city that works" to stand as a model worldwide for workers' rights and safety, and

WHEREAS, in this time of crisis we are called upon to evaluate our ordinary and emergency operating procedures, and to better prepare for future crises, now therefore,


SECTION 1. A new section 2-152-105 ofthe Municipal Code ofthe City of Chicago is hereby added with the following language:

2-152-105 Safety and protective equipment during declared disasters

In the event that the City of Chicago or any of its parts falls within the boundaries of any disaster or emergency declared by the federal government ofthe United States, the State of Illinois, the County of Cook, or the City of Chicago, all persons employed or contracted to do work by the City of Chicago or its sister agencies shall be provided by their department or supervisor any personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety measures necessary for the employee's safety during the performance of their duties from hazards caused by or relating to the declared disaster, including but not limited to:
necessary breathing apparatus for protection against airborne hazards
sanitary equipment and cleaning facilities adequate to any chemical, bacterial, viral, or biological hazards, including communicable disease
protection from communicable diseases in time of epidemic or other, similar outbreak, includin...

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