Record #: Or2020-339   
Type: Order Status: Passed
Intro date: 12/16/2020 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards
Final action: 1/27/2021
Title: Historical landmark fee waiver for property at 560 W Fullerton Pkwy
Sponsors: Smith, Michele
Topic: HISTORICAL LANDMARKS - Permit Fee Waivers
Attachments: 1. Or2020-339.pdf

WHEREAS, Section 2-120-815 ofthe Municipal Code provides that the Chicago City Council may by passage of an appropriate order waive any fees charged by the City for any permit for which approval of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks (the "Commission") is required, in accordance with chapter 2-120 of the Municipal Code; and

WHEREAS the permits identified below require Commission approval, in accordance with Section 2-120-740 of the Municipal Code; now, therefore,

SECTION 1. The foregoing recitals are hereby adopted as the findings of the City Council.

SECTION 2. The Commissioners ofthe Departments of Buildings, Finance and Fire, and the Zoning Administrator are hereby directed to issue those permits for which approval of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks is required pursuant to Chapter 2-120 of the Municipal Code free of charge, notwithstanding any other ordinances of the City Council to the contrary, for the property at:

Address: 560 W. Fullerton Parkway ("Property")
District/Building: Mid-North District

for work generally described as: Renovation of the brick facade with new brick, renovation of the
windows, cap stones, and the garage. A curb cut will be added to the building.

Owner: Andreas Mantius
Owner's Address: 560 W. Fullerton Parkway, Apartment 1
City, State, Zip: Chicago, Illinois 60614

SECTION 3. The fee waiver authorized by this Order shall be effective from November 20, 2020 through December 31, 2023, and shall not apply to additional developer service fees, stop-work order fees or any fines.

SECTION 4. That the permit purchaser for the Property shall be entitled to a refund of city fees for which it has paid and which are exempt pursuant to Section 1 hereof.
Michele Smith Alderman, 43rd Ward
NOTE: This is NOT a permit, nor does it constitute a Letter of Approval for the above described work. A permit application for the work must be approved by the appropriat...

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