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Record #: O2021-4938   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 10/27/2021 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Transportation and Public Way
Final action: 11/17/2021
Title: Grant(s) of privilege in public way for Starbucks Coffee No. 2378
Sponsors: Martin, Matthew J.
Topic: PUBLIC WAY USAGE - Grants of Privilege
Attachments: 1. O2021-4938.pdf

STARBUCKS COFFEE #2*76 Aca No.: 63414 • 54 Permit No: BACP lfl&8124

So St Ordmod try th* City'CowtcH eftlw Oty of Chicago

SECTION 1. PormiGtslon oftd authority are hereby given end grwitod lo STAK8UCK& COf PE? mQ'm vp-v (tie lerrra and autojacl to iho 'ecMkdll&rm ctf \tS3?d Sign slaiGluj'pia) measures as follows stong N. Lincoln Avenue:
One (1) at two point six (2,6) feet in length, one One One (t) al twenty-tour (24) (eel in length, two (2) feet tn helghl end eleven (11) feel above gjade-terasi. Saltf S«gn slrut3ureOne- (t) at two point six (2.0) feet in length, one (1) feel in height and nine p feet above §rarie (eve?.
The tacAlion of-gait) privilege flhfill be as shown on prints kept on flla with the Department of B^n^MaL*5 and Consumpr Protection and the Office oClhe CHy Clerk,
Said privilege shall oo eonslruet&d in accosfdanto with plans and specifications approves &5f Ifce te"&tg: Departmsn! -.Signs.
This grant of privilege rn ihe pubSic way shall be subject to the provisionsM Section IG-SB-OtSand all required provisions of ihe Municipal Cotto of Chicago.
The gjantee shffll pay to the City of Chicago as compensation for the pdv2eg» *BACP1'SS8124 h£r.esn granted.the sum of eight hundred:($800.00) per annum in advance.
A 25%. penally wffl be added for payments received after due data-
The penmit holder agrees to hold Iho City ol'Chicago harmless.for Bny damage, releasors er nsjtoem^ crisis associated :with. damage, relocation or removal of private property caused by (he City pertaTssng work in ihe pubisc way.

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