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This record contains private information, which has been redacted from public viewing.
Record #: O2022-766   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 3/23/2022 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards
Final action: 4/27/2022
Title: Zoning Reclassification Map No. 9-H at 3528 N Ashland Ave - App No. 20960T1
Sponsors: Misc. Transmittal
Attachments: 1. O2022-766 (V1).pdf, 2. O2022-766.pdf


SECTION 1. Title 17 ofthe Municipal Code of Chicago, the Chicago Zoning Ordinance, is hereby amended by changing all of the Cl-2 Neighborhood Commercial District symbols and indications as shown on Map No. 9 - H in the area bounded by:

A line 291 feet north of and parallel to West Cornelia Avenue; North Ashland Avenue; A line 266 feet north of and parallel to West Cornelia Avenue; and the alley next west and parallel to North Ashland Avenue.

to those of a Cl-3 Neighborhood Commercial District.

SECTION 2. This ordinance shall be in force and effect from and after its passage and due publication.

Common Address of Property: 3528 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60657

io? publication
Narrative and Plans for Zoning Map Amendment Type I Rezoning at 3528 N Ashland Ave.
1;A The Project Narrative
The applicant is proposing to develop a newly constructed 4 story masonry building containing ground floor retail and floors 2nd through 4th fl. will contain one dwelling unit each for a total of 3 dwelling units, the rear property will provide 3 paved parking spaces.
To construct the proposed project, the Applicant seeks a change of zoning classification for the subject property from C1-2 to C1-3.
The Site
The 2702.16 square foot site (per recorded measurement, 25.02' x 108') is a rectangularly-shaped parcel on the west side of North Ashland Avenue. It is bounded by a public alley on the west and private property on the north and south. The subject site is presently improved with a one-story building that had contained office and retail uses, which will be razed. The office space is now completely empty. The COVID pandemic first had the two individual office tenants leave, and then the remaining tenants vacate the premises. The residential tenant is vacating the unit as he is now three months behind on his rent and cannot afford the rent any longer. He is in the restaurant industry and his employer is another that has seen a dramatic drop in his business due to the pandemic. Thus I have a vacant building in which the taxes are $12,000 per year, and I am using one small 8'x8' office when I need office space. This is a building in which Emmett and I have owned either individually or through CorEtt LLC, (which is the company that holds the rental real estate), since 1999. We have owned rental properties since 1994 and intend to keep being city of Chicago landlords and we want to have quality buildings. We know how to be landlords, and I take my job as a landlord very seriously. We intend to keep 3528 N. Ashland. This will be a legacy building for our children. We want a solid structure which will not need the continual repairs that the older buildings require. The new construction will also relieve us of having virtually the ugliest building on the block. We construct buildings through CorEtt Builders Corp. and are very conscious of building quality buildings. We do not skimp on quality. Aesthetically we want to construct a structure that keeps in mind the elements of quality while blending in and looking architecturally consistent with the City of Chicago mixed-use buildings. We received an endorsement from Alderman Martin as well as the neighborhood."! engaged in a conference with the members ofthe community and will provide the green elements requested - bike parking for both commercial and residential - and an electric charging station for electric vehicles. We always recycle as much as physically possible from the building. This will include but is not limited to the brick, windows, appliances, trim, flooring (where applicable), and any metal-type framing. The only elements that are not being recycled are those which are prohibited by either law or through the demolition process render them unusable. There is ample street parking on Ashland Avenue as well. Ashland is also located in a Transit Served Location. This is a primary route for CTA bus lines and it is in walking distance to the CTA Brown Lines, which is perfect for those relying on public transportation. This also

-Final for Publication

increases those who can shop and dine in the popular Southport Corridor as it is in walking distance from the building.
The following are the relevant bulk calculations for the proposed development:
floor area ratio: proposed: 2.86
Density (lot area per dwelling unit) (MLA): proposed 900.72 sq. ft./3 du;
off-street parking: proposed 3 paved parking spaces
(dV setbacks: proposed front zero feet
proposed rear 30 feet 0 inches proposed side /north zero feet proposed side/south zero feet
(e) building height: proposed 45 feet 0 inches, note: height excludes the proposed roof top stair enclosures.

Plans attached
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