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Record #: O2022-1600   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 5/23/2022 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Transportation and Public Way
Final action: 6/22/2022
Title: Honorary street designation as "Officer Nicol Walker Way"
Sponsors: Ervin, Jason C.
Topic: STREETS - Honorary Designations
Attachments: 1. O2022-1600.pdf

BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO SECTION 1. Pursuant to an ordinance heretofore passed by the

City Council which allows erection of honorary street-name signs, the

Commissioner of Transportation shall take the necessary action for

standardization of Jackson Boulevard, between Kildare Avenue and

Kostner Avenue extended as "Officer Nicol Walker Way"


SECTION 2. This ordinance shall take effect upon its passage and publication.




City Council

City Hall - Room 200 121 North La Salic Street .Chicago,jllinois:60602



City of Chicago

Alderman, 2'8tK Ward 2622 W. Jackson Boulevard, Suite 200A Chicago, Illinois 60612 Telephone: (773) 533-0900 Fax: (773)522-9842 Jasdn:^iri(^CitvOfChicae6.ore www.

May 17, 2022

Committee Memberships

Aldeimanic Black Caucus; Chairman Budget & fioveminent Operations Contracting Oversight & Equity," Chairman Finance License & Consumer Protection

Public Safety Workforce Dewlopinent.'yice Cliairman-.



Office of Budget and Management 121 N. LaSalle, Room 604 Chicago,IL 60602


To Whom It May Concern: I, Jason C. Ervin, Alderman of the 28 th Ward, hereby authorize the Office of Budget Management to withdraw the funds associated with the cost of installation for this honorary street designation for Officer Nicol Walker from my:



XWard's annual menu program budget



Ward's aldermanic expense allowance



upon passage of this designation ordinance, pursuant to Section 2-8-040 of the Chicago Municipal Code.




Jason C. Ervin Alderman, 28,h Ward




















"Standing Tall for the 28"' Ward"



28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin 2622 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 200A Chicago, IL 60612



Dear Aid. Jason Ervin/Ms. Trina Mangrum & all respective parties,


I am writing to request a monument in honor of my husband, Officer Nicol Walker. I am making this request as a tribute to a great man who lived in this community. He was not only a family man, but he god-fearing and a great officer who believed in saving and inspiring lives.


My husband was a w'ell-respected-man, within his family and-within the;^                     He was a man who

wanted to save other people who had been misguided. When he made arrests, he would talk to them and provide resources to them to let them know there was a better way. I have .witnessed firsthand that my husband was well liked by those who thought crime was the way. What we are seeing today by the community arid their relationship with the police is totally opposite of the relationship my husband had when dealing with people. Even if he hadvarrested them, by the end ofthe day that person would be thanking my husband. Young men would call his name and say, "thank you Officer Walker, what you me when you arrested me stuck with me and because of that, 1 turned my life around, I have a job now", or they would say, "I took your advice, I'm taking care of my family, I'm trying to stay away from trouble, I'm doing good now". He knew what it meant to be a young black man growing up in Chicago.


Nicol grew up in Henry Horner Chicago Housing complex with his mother, father, and siblings. His father was best childhood friends with Rev./Dr. Johnny L. Miller of JLM Abundant Life Center. Itwas tough growing up in Henry Homer not to mention to face:negative behavior: from police,offic    patrolling the area. At age 11, Nicol was falsely accused of snatching a woman's purse. While police were certain they had the right person, the owner of the convenient store & game room spoke up in his defense telling officers that they had the wrong kid. The owner telling.officers that he was certain because Nicol had been in his game store playing his favorite arcade game all day and had never left out. My husband told me that he felt very scared and vulnerable. At that point is when my husband said he made a promise to become a police Officer so that he could make a difference within the police force because he did not want any other child to go through what he had gone through. Arid that is what he did.


Before becoming a police officer, he enlisted in the US Navy to serve this country. He was called to duty to fight in the Gulf War. He was honorably discharged. Afterwards, he attended college to secure his degree in Criminal Justiee'ancl from^ there he'applied to become a Chicago Police Officer. Around 2010 myhusband was confirmed as a Chicago Police Officer.


Since moving into our home on west Jackson Blvd., my husband accepted the responsibility of keeping the neighborhood safe, when he saw something wrong, he made sure to confront it head on. From Glady's and Kildare, Jackson and Kildare, to Adams and Kildare. All three intersections are within feet of our home. He watched over our neighbors and anyone who passed through. On September 30, 2016, my husband helped save the life of a school bus driver who was driving down Jackson Blvdl The bus was traveling west, transporting kids from Christ the King High School when the bus driver was struck by a stray bullet. My husband sacrificed his own life, not worrying whether there would be more bullets flying, checked on the driver who was slumped over with blood gushing from his.face. My husband immediately grabbed anything he could find to apply pressure to help slow down the bleeding. He did this until help arrived, this story, was on the news but somehow his heroism went unmentioned as he did not even speak with news reporters about what he had done.


I am asking for this recognition to-be honored within the parameter of our home because I would like for it to be considered a safe zone (although, it should already be a safe zone due to.the school in the area). My husband was the reason why drug dealers did not plague Jackson Blvd., Kildare, and Adams. He was working on ridding



Gladys of the illegal activity that is presently there today. Since the passing of my husband, drug dealers realize the absence of my husband and now has planted their feet on Adams and Kildare on the doorsteps of Goldblatt Elementary School. It truly hurts to see this taking place when my husband worked so hard to keep that space free of criminal activity. I am sure my husband would want me to fight on his behalf


Being that he was a family man who was god-fearing, a well-respected Police Officer, War Veteran and one who believed in advocacy, I would like to honor my husband to inspire the community that they can do better and be better. Despite facings challenges and beating the odds of being another black kid swallowed up by the justice system, he showed that you do not have to be a statistic or a product of your environment. Within every word spoken in this letter, l am requesting that my husband receive an honorary staple in this community. I do not knbw wnatthe options are in showing such hOT

sign at Jackson & Kildare and something to signify a safe zone in my husband's name from Glady's & Kildare to Adam's & Kildare. If you have any other ideas or options, I would love to discuss. My contact number is 773-885-8971.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter. Sincerely,

Mrs. Demetris Walker