Record #: Or2022-321   
Type: Order Status: Passed
Intro date: 10/26/2022 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Finance
Final action: 10/26/2022
Title: Settlement agreement regarding case of Alamo v. City of Chicago, No. 12-cv-04327
Sponsors: Waguespack, Scott
Attachments: 1. Or2022-321.pdf

Ordered, that the Corporation Counsel is hereby authorized and directed lo enter into and execute a Settlement Agreement in the following matter:


Alamo v. Citv of Chicago. No. 12-cv-04327 (N.D. III.) (S. Coleman) in the amount of $225,000.00


CHICAGO October 26. 2022


To the President and Members ofthe City Council:


Your Committee on Finance having had under consideration a proposed order authorizing the Corporation Counsel to enter into and execute a Settlement Order for the following case:



Alamo v. City of Chicago. No. 12-cv-04327 (N.D. 111.) (S. Coleman).


Amount: $225,000
















Having had the same under advisement, begs leave to report and recommend that your Honorable Body pass the proposed settlement.



This recommendation was concurred in by a voice vote of members ofthe
committee with
                     0                     dissenting vote(s).






Respectfully submitted,