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00:00:13 >> the council will come to
00:00:13 order.
00:00:21 Clerk, please call the role.
00:00:47 >> [Role being called]
00:01:47 >> your honor, we have a quorum
00:01:48 present.
00:01:53 >> we will now begin public
00:01:54 comment.
00:01:55 I'm sorry.
00:01:55 Pardon me.
00:01:56 We have a quorum.
00:01:57 Please stand for the pledge of
00:01:58 allegiance which will be
00:02:02 delivered by alderman --
00:02:04 >> I pledge allegiance to the
00:02:05 flag of the united states of
00:02:06 america and to the republic for
00:02:10 which it stands, one nation,
00:02:16 under God, indivisible, with
00:02:17 liberty, and justice for all.
00:02:18 >> please remain standing for
00:02:19 the indication which will be
00:02:23 delivered by pastor ira of
00:02:26 greater st. John bible church
00:02:27 on the great west side.
00:02:30 >> thank you for the honor.
00:02:32 Can we bow heads.
00:02:33 Most heavenly God, we come
00:02:39 before your presence asking for
00:02:40 your spirit to intervene in
00:02:41 this vitally important city
00:02:42 council meeting.
00:02:43 Touch these elected officials
00:02:45 who have been entrusted with
00:02:46 the responsibility of reviewing
00:02:47 and approving annual budgets as
00:02:51 we gather downtown in the third
00:02:54 largest metropolis of america
00:02:55 in the presence of elected
00:02:57 officials sitting at their
00:03:00 desks in positions of power to
00:03:01 ratify budgets.
00:03:02 Lord give them a heart for
00:03:03 those in the margins.
00:03:05 I pray that they remember the
00:03:08 words of scripture or to those
00:03:14 who -- it will be better for
00:03:16 him then a stone that hangs
00:03:17 about his next.
00:03:25 May they be reminded that a
00:03:26 budget is a moral document that
00:03:27 reflects the values and
00:03:28 priorities of a city.
00:03:29 Board other people have unions
00:03:31 to represent to them and
00:03:32 advocates to speak for them.
00:03:36 I am here as a divine lobbyist
00:03:41 for the poor funded by heaven
00:03:42 and I come condemning budgets
00:03:45 that scapegoat the poor, fatten
00:03:46 the rich and demand sacrifice
00:03:47 mostly from those who can least
00:03:48 afford it.
00:03:51 I envision a city where in the
00:03:53 least, the last and the most
00:03:56 will not be left out of budget
00:03:56 priorities.
00:03:58 I call on you lord to convict
00:04:01 the conscience of this counsel,
00:04:02 the body that has the authority
00:04:05 to assess fines and raise taxes
00:04:08 with just one stroke of a pen.
00:04:11 Let this budget reflects
00:04:13 justice and parity and combat
00:04:13 social inequities.
00:04:16 Let this be the last year that
00:04:22 we see a budget that expands --
00:04:27 the tale of two cities and the
00:04:28 narrative and reality that
00:04:29 painfully haunts us all.
00:04:34 Make us one here in chicago.
00:04:35 Let this be the last year that
00:04:36 our city budget engages in
00:04:39 reverse robin hood taxes
00:04:40 tactics of taking top dollars
00:04:47 from the poor and given to the
00:04:47 rich.
00:04:48 Let this be the last year that
00:04:49 $900 million of tax dollars go
00:04:51 to the wealthy side of town
00:04:52 while people are hurting and
00:04:53 while this investment and
00:04:54 displacement goes on on the
00:04:58 other side of time -- town.
00:05:03 God, you are watching in your
00:05:04 eyes and every place beholding
00:05:05 the evil and the good, these
00:05:11 blessings I asked in the spirit
00:05:12 of the trailblazers of justice
00:05:14 who have gone on before us upon
00:05:15 whose shoulders I stand.
00:05:17 Harriet tubman, james adams,
00:05:23 doctor martin luther king Jr..
00:05:25 I also signed this in the blood
00:05:28 of the lord of the state.
00:05:32 I feel this prayer in the name
00:05:34 that is above all names, in the
00:05:38 name of jesus christ of
00:05:40 nazareth.
00:05:43 Amen.
00:05:43 Amen.
00:05:43 Amen.
00:05:59 >> [Applause].
00:06:16 >> clerk, Madame Clerk, please
00:06:17 read the call of today's a
00:06:18 special meeting.
00:06:19 >> the following call for a
00:06:20 special meeting of the special
00:06:21 counsel was filed in my office
00:06:25 on October 18.
00:06:26 I hereby call a special meeting
00:06:27 of the city council, the city
00:06:28 of chicago to be convened at 10
00:06:30 am wednesday, October 23 in
00:06:35 city hall for the following
00:06:35 purposes.
00:06:36 One to receive the executive
00:06:37 budget for the year between
00:06:42 January 1 2020 and ending
00:06:51 December 1 through 31st.
00:06:52 And to receive the amendments
00:06:53 to executive budget for the
00:06:54 year beginning January 1, 2019
00:06:55 and ending December 31, 2019.
00:06:56 And 23 receive on place unfiled
00:06:59 medication from the budget
00:07:00 directory regarding estimated
00:07:00 levies and to consider
00:07:03 resolution calling for
00:07:04 publication of the 2020
00:07:04 executive budget and setting
00:07:06 the date, time and place of the
00:07:14 public hearing on that
00:07:15 executive budget.
00:07:16 >> at this time, we will have
00:07:17 public comments.
00:07:19 >> the council will now begin
00:07:20 the public comment period.
00:07:22 Each speaker is limited to
00:07:22 three minutes.
00:07:23 The time remaining for each
00:07:24 speaker is shown on the wall.
00:07:27 Any written comments will be
00:07:28 available for review.
00:07:45 The first the speaker is -- .
00:08:14 >> Madam President.
00:08:16 The almighty of israel, listen
00:08:20 now, john f hannah, robert
00:08:26 campbell, and kent and allie
00:08:27 monday.
00:08:28 -- has not sent you.
00:08:30 You are hypocrites and blind
00:08:30 guides.
00:08:31 To the law and the testimony
00:08:33 you speak not because there is
00:08:35 no light in you.
00:08:38 In revelation chapter two verse
00:08:39 two, name the first name that
00:08:45 comes to mind that is a false
00:08:46 apostle whose mouth is full of
00:08:46 lies.
00:08:49 You cannot because you are
00:08:50 blind.
00:08:53 Spiritually blind.
00:08:56 Paul writes chapter 5 verse 14,
00:08:58 for all of the law is fulfilled
00:09:04 in one word even in this, that
00:09:05 -- thou shalt love thy neighbor
00:09:06 as thyself.
00:09:07 The son of the living yacht
00:09:10 says in matthew chapter 22
00:09:13 verses 37 and 38, when asked
00:09:14 which is the great commandment
00:09:18 in the law, he says thou shalt
00:09:20 love the almighty with all your
00:09:22 heart and with all your soul
00:09:24 and with all your mind.
00:09:29 This is the first and great
00:09:29 commandment.
00:09:31 In the words of king david, I
00:09:34 have sinned against yacht.
00:09:36 in the same manner of
00:09:38 repentance, he will put away
00:09:44 your sin and you will not die.
00:09:45 Madam President.
00:09:50 >> thank you.
00:09:57 The next speaker is Miss Sandy.
00:09:59 >> greetings Madam Mayor and
00:09:59 city council.
00:10:01 I know there are many things
00:10:02 that are of concern right now
00:10:05 in the city but I urge you not
00:10:10 to lose sight of the major
00:10:12 concern that is going to be
00:10:13 approaching us and that is the
00:10:13 census.
00:10:15 Census of the black population
00:10:19 here in the city of chicago is
00:10:19 rapidly declining.
00:10:21 The focus of the black flight
00:10:25 is of exigency.
00:10:27 If we take a look at the past
00:10:29 census in 2010, the chicago
00:10:34 population was 2.7 million
00:10:35 people.
00:10:36 866,000 blacks living in the
00:10:38 city of chicago at that time.
00:10:44 Now for 2020, the census is
00:10:45 projected for the black
00:10:45 population to have been
00:10:48 declined to 800,000.
00:10:51 Let's break that down.
00:10:53 That is 18 black residents
00:10:57 fleeing the city of chicago
00:10:59 every single day for a 10 year
00:11:01 period.
00:11:02 If we fast-forward to the
00:11:08 census of 2030, a significantly
00:11:10 declined will occur.
00:11:15 We will drop to 665,000 blacks
00:11:20 living in the city of chicago.
00:11:25 Now from the 2010 it to the
00:11:27 2030 span period, that is 37
00:11:29 blacks fleeing the city of
00:11:34 chicago every single day for 10
00:11:34 years.
00:11:38 Think about it.
00:11:39 Now some of those things that
00:11:40 is concerning for this flight,
00:11:43 the slowness to decrease crime,
00:11:44 the astronomical number of
00:11:50 school closures and the lack of
00:11:52 economic mobility created
00:11:53 through segregation that
00:11:55 hinders upon upward mobility
00:11:58 for blacks in this city.
00:12:01 You must give attention to this
00:12:02 matter now before we become
00:12:06 extinct in chicago.
00:12:07 Thank you.
00:12:08 >> thank you.
00:12:29 The next speaker is Mr. Munoz.
00:12:29 >> good morning.
00:12:35 I will be speaking in spanish
00:12:52 first.
00:13:08 >> [Speaking in spanish]
00:13:50 >> good morning everyone.
00:13:58 My name is joel and I am a
00:14:00 teacher in southwest side of
00:14:00 the city.
00:14:01 I spoke in spanish first to
00:14:02 elevate the importance of
00:14:03 bilingual education as we have
00:14:04 been doing and the latin ex-
00:14:06 caucus of the ctu.
00:14:07 Yesterday my students and their
00:14:08 families and I met at a public
00:14:12 library and we wrote letters to
00:14:12 the mayor.
00:14:15 Here is one of my students.
00:14:17 Here is what he had to say to
00:14:17 you.
00:14:20 Dear lori lightfoot, there
00:14:23 should be less students in
00:14:24 classrooms.
00:14:25 You have the power to change
00:14:25 all of this.
00:14:29 This affects our future and our
00:14:30 learning.
00:14:31 It will make it easier for our
00:14:32 teachers and students to learn.
00:14:36 We voted for you because we
00:14:37 have high expectations from you
00:14:41 and you made promises.
00:14:42 Keep your promises and sign the
00:14:43 contract and let us go to
00:14:45 school and victory.
00:14:45 Sincerely, fidel.
00:14:48 >> thank you, sir.
00:14:50 >> I have more letters but
00:14:55 before I read this one, I just
00:14:56 want to say about the latin ex-
00:14:56 caucus.
00:14:59 It is led by a group of
00:15:00 powerful women that couldn't be
00:15:02 here right now so I am speaking
00:15:03 on their behalf.
00:15:05 My wife is a member, my
00:15:09 daughter is here with me today.
00:15:11 Maybe I will stop talking so
00:15:12 she will have a chance to read
00:15:13 her letters also.
00:15:14 >> if you have letters that you
00:15:16 would like to share with us, we
00:15:19 will have one of the members of
00:15:20 our staff, I would like to read
00:15:24 what the students had to say.
00:15:25 >> I try to share the letters
00:15:27 with one of your staff members
00:15:28 in the morning and I was denied
00:15:29 because I tried to take a
00:15:34 picture.
00:15:34 Thank you.
00:15:40 >> the next speaker is Mr.
00:15:46 Rabbi, michael.
00:15:47 >> peace and blessings to the
00:15:49 world and to those who stand in
00:15:49 need of prayer.
00:15:50 Greetings to mayor lightfoot
00:15:51 and the council.
00:15:55 Yesterday was the national
00:15:56 protest against national
00:15:57 violence of police brutality so
00:16:06 I have to take a knee.
00:16:08 I am here with regards to the
00:16:10 75 women of color murdered in
00:16:11 our community.
00:16:15 I was here before a couple of
00:16:16 times before you and I am
00:16:19 coming to you again about this
00:16:19 issue.
00:16:20 I am concerned about the public
00:16:26 safety of our women and the
00:16:26 children.
00:16:27 They have to be subject to
00:16:29 having someone preying on them,
00:16:33 a predator in our community.
00:16:36 Your budget but you will
00:16:38 propose today, I want you to
00:16:40 recall the $95 million that is
00:16:42 available to the police academy
00:16:44 that will be put together.
00:16:49 That money can be used to help
00:16:50 bring forth the justice for the
00:16:55 families that are suffering and
00:16:55 grieving.
00:16:56 They are grieving right now
00:16:57 because they believe the city
00:16:59 is turning their backs on them.
00:17:02 You are sitting right here and
00:17:03 have the chance to change that,
00:17:06 to show them that you care
00:17:07 about this 75 women of color
00:17:08 and their families that are
00:17:10 morning.
00:17:15 Right now, your budget can
00:17:17 unlock 6000 cases that are
00:17:18 pending.
00:17:20 Your budget can provide the
00:17:23 resources and the manpower to
00:17:27 bring justice and closure to
00:17:29 those backlogged cases to give
00:17:30 the professionals and the
00:17:31 detectives the tools they need
00:17:38 to bring closure to these cases.
00:17:40 I want to ask the question,
00:17:41 will you do it?
00:17:42 I don't think you will.
00:17:47 Who here has parents, are you a
00:17:47 parent?
00:17:48 If you are sitting in the seat
00:17:50 of those parents, all of you,
00:17:52 every last one of you will be
00:17:56 here every weekend at every
00:17:58 police station at every police
00:18:02 board meeting advocating for
00:18:07 your loved one.
00:18:11 I am here on behalf of what you
00:18:11 said sir.
00:18:15 There is no evidence of murders
00:18:19 in our community.
00:18:22 We are and riverdale and a
00:18:23 murder happened.
00:18:25 Body burned and throwing the
00:18:26 garbage can.
00:18:27 That is a sign of a serial
00:18:29 killer in our community and to
00:18:31 you and mayor lightfoot, until
00:18:34 you come to terms and serve the
00:18:38 community, we need you to do
00:18:39 that.
00:18:40 this is what is happening right
00:18:41 now and we need you all to come
00:18:44 to terms with this.
00:18:47 >> thank you.
00:19:05 The next speaker is Ms. Stamps.
00:19:08 >> good morning.
00:19:10 I am here to speak about the
00:19:15 survey that you gave when you
00:19:16 asked what would you do with
00:19:17 the $1000?
00:19:20 I would put the thousand
00:19:21 dollars, 200 and use
00:19:26 development, 200 and the lgbt
00:19:27 community because they are
00:19:28 suffering from being thrown
00:19:29 away.
00:19:31 I am a proud parent of a son
00:19:35 so I know what that struggle is
00:19:35 like.
00:19:38 I will also put 200-$300 into
00:19:39 mental health to begin to
00:19:40 address the issues that these
00:19:42 children are really suffering
00:19:43 from looking at their bodies
00:19:49 and looking at drug addicts on
00:19:50 the streets.
00:19:51 It is not healthy and it is
00:19:52 destroying our children before
00:19:53 they get a chance.
00:19:54 Finally, I will put the last of
00:19:56 that money into trace programs.
00:20:00 If we begin to really have the
00:20:03 programs come back into the
00:20:04 communities, then I know that
00:20:05 these young people will come
00:20:08 off the streets.
00:20:09 I know mayor lightfoot because
00:20:14 I talked to these young people.
00:20:15 Their question is always how
00:20:16 are you asking us to come off
00:20:17 the streets and you have
00:20:18 nothing to give us in return?
00:20:20 That is what I would do with
00:20:20 that $1000.
00:20:22 I have a little more time left.
00:20:24 I want to speak about this ctu.
00:20:26 Like I said from the very
00:20:28 beginning, you inherited this
00:20:29 mess.
00:20:34 I am appalled at the ctu that
00:20:37 they would have the gauls to
00:20:43 strike when I know because I
00:20:44 can read.
00:20:45 You have given them everything
00:20:46 that they have asked for and
00:20:48 then some and the last thing
00:20:49 was something in writing.
00:20:50 So what I would say to you to
00:20:51 this whole city council and to
00:20:54 the residents of the city, I'm
00:20:57 a strong supporter of you.
00:20:59 I am a part of this change and
00:21:00 I am so glad to be able to call
00:21:03 you my leader which is
00:21:05 something I have not been able
00:21:06 to do in the last 23 years
00:21:09 since my mother made her
00:21:09 transition.
00:21:13 Do your thing and I am going to
00:21:14 back you up.
00:21:15 Thank you.
00:21:24 >> [Applause].
00:21:30 >> the next speaker is Mr.
00:21:33 Richard.
00:21:33 >> excellence.
00:21:35 Our city is broke.
00:21:38 Please no new taxes.
00:21:41 Can we please reduce the budget
00:21:42 by 20% and create an ordinance
00:21:45 that mandates a balanced
00:21:45 budget.
00:21:48 Doing so will eliminate our
00:21:49 deficit and provide a surplus
00:21:54 to begin paying off our debt.
00:21:55 No matter how much we pay our
00:21:57 teachers, the students will not
00:21:57 receive a decent education
00:22:00 unless their parents are
00:22:01 involved.
00:22:02 I volunteered in classrooms for
00:22:04 the last 12 years and have
00:22:05 found the only and I mean only
00:22:06 difference between the students
00:22:08 who are doing well and the
00:22:10 students who are not doing so
00:22:11 well has to do with the degree
00:22:12 of involvement that the student
00:22:17 is receiving at home.
00:22:19 All it takes is 10 minutes of
00:22:20 one on one reading, 10 minutes
00:22:21 of one on one writing, 10
00:22:22 minutes of one on one
00:22:23 arithmetic every single day
00:22:31 starting at the age of 7 to 14.
00:22:32 Cps report that the average
00:22:33 techer currently receives a
00:22:35 $71,000 a year and that had the
00:22:36 ctu accepted the mayor's
00:22:37 original proposalthat the
00:22:39 average teacher would then
00:22:40 receive $100,000 per year in
00:22:44 five years plus their 50%
00:22:46 benefits package would total on
00:22:49 average each teacher costing us
00:22:51 $150,000 per year.
00:22:54 They are not broke.
00:22:56 Please take back your overly
00:23:02 generous offer and present a
00:23:05 contract that reduces the
00:23:06 excessive pay of the highest-
00:23:07 paid teachers by placing a
00:23:08 salary cap for all teachers.
00:23:12 They can still be paid well,
00:23:13 very well and receive a cost-of-
00:23:14 living increase in pay
00:23:17 determined by the yearly rate
00:23:18 of inflation when the ctu
00:23:22 refuses this offer, then bring
00:23:28 in teachers who will accept
00:23:30 this offer.
00:23:30 Be fair.
00:23:31 Pay the teachers while.
00:23:32 I love the teachers, I do.
00:23:34 And they will come.
00:23:40 Just please be sure no matter
00:23:42 what, pay them a whole lot.
00:23:43 Just please be sure to
00:23:44 underscore the importance of
00:23:45 one on one involvement with our
00:23:45 students.
00:23:47 Either by the parents, someone
00:23:52 else at home or if necessary,
00:23:53 one on one involvement by
00:23:54 interns and/or other students
00:23:56 at the schools.
00:23:57 Please be sure that the new
00:23:59 librarians are actually it
00:24:00 coordinators and let's please
00:24:02 do away with summer vacation.
00:24:03 Year-round school will keep all
00:24:05 of our minds sharp.
00:24:08 Police superintendent andy
00:24:10 johnson has been leading a
00:24:12 brilliant new program that
00:24:13 could reduce the police budget
00:24:15 while continuing to lower
00:24:15 crime.
00:24:16 I believe if we continue and
00:24:19 enhance this newer program,
00:24:20 such that police officers
00:24:22 become trained as a type of
00:24:23 social worker that our
00:24:24 communities will learn to trust
00:24:26 and believe that the police
00:24:27 will come to the authentic aid
00:24:32 of a disagreement.
00:24:32 Than all of our citizens will
00:24:33 call 911 for assistance instead
00:24:34 of the two often current
00:24:42 strategy of --
00:24:42 >> thank you.
00:25:00 The next speaker is --
00:25:14 >> good morning everybody.
00:25:19 I am turning to -- to the city
00:25:24 of chicago -- two or three
00:25:30 years has given opportunity to
00:25:34 -- city of chicago.
00:25:35 That is why I came up with so
00:25:37 many -- to add value to the
00:25:38 social economic development of
00:25:42 this beautiful city.
00:25:53 The city of chicago -- from
00:25:56 unemployment to -- .
00:26:01 So that is why I came up with
00:26:05 this initiative to make sure
00:26:07 that we have [Indiscernible]
00:26:12 Event that is tourism friendly.
00:26:17 The -- should add value to the
00:26:28 -- following and if it --
00:26:37 benefits. Secondly, we have
00:26:40 merchandising, vendor ship,
00:26:46 benefits.
00:26:47 Number three, through the
00:26:48 media, we know that sports is
00:26:49 media friendly.
00:26:52 No media, no sports.
00:26:55 The proposed olympic started
00:26:57 event should attract over $1
00:27:04 billion in investment to in
00:27:06 this television pay-per-view.
00:27:19 -- creates 20,000 jobs.
00:27:27 Also, -- points of your
00:27:27 administration, key points.
00:27:30 Public safety, advocation,
00:27:40 economic recovery, and also
00:27:40 integrity.
00:27:43 So we do respect and support of
00:27:45 your four-point agenda, we
00:27:48 believe public safety is very
00:27:49 important.
00:27:55 Thereby the project shall -- by
00:28:03 reducing violence -- by at
00:28:03 least 90%.
00:28:07 >> thank you, sir.
00:28:13 The next speaker is Ms. Ramona
00:28:27 smith.
00:28:55 >> good morning, mayor
00:28:56 lightfoot.
00:28:59 I am speaking on behalf of the
00:28:59 disabled.
00:29:02 I have one question and one
00:29:05 statement.
00:29:07 My question is why do we have
00:29:14 to wait so long for services?
00:29:15 And my statement is we
00:29:18 shouldn't have to wait so long,
00:29:22 four months, for services.
00:29:22 Thank you.
00:29:27 I am behind you 100%, mayor.
00:29:28 >> thank you for your comments.
00:29:35 The next speaker is Mr. Vernon
00:29:47 jones.
00:30:14 >> there are more important
00:30:18 topics that need to be covered.
00:30:19 Thank you.
00:30:22 >> my name is alicia.
00:30:26 I go to college prep high
00:30:29 school and I'm going to say
00:30:35 letters about the ctu strike.
00:30:36 Dear mayor lightfoot, when you
00:30:39 first got elected, I was
00:30:39 elated.
00:30:40 An african-american woman in
00:30:42 the lgbt community as mayor,
00:30:43 there wasn't much good
00:30:49 happening in politics but you
00:30:50 were a small ray of hope.
00:30:51 It seemed like a sign that
00:30:52 things were going to get
00:30:54 better.
00:30:55 have been more wrong.
00:30:58 As an 11th grader, my biggest
00:30:59 concern was going to be getting
00:31:00 a good score on my act.
00:31:02 Yet I find myself stressing
00:31:06 over the fact that the mayor
00:31:08 who I have been looking so up
00:31:09 to is impeding my education.
00:31:11 Making teachers too busy
00:31:15 fighting over things I see as
00:31:16 things that should be our basic
00:31:17 rights of students to ensure
00:31:18 that every school has a nurse
00:31:19 and a social worker.
00:31:21 It shouldn't be seen as a
00:31:22 privilege that it only happens
00:31:25 in white high schools.
00:31:29 As a necessity to secure a
00:31:29 healthier school.
00:31:33 Mental health is not
00:31:34 controllable yet you have the
00:31:35 power to control if someone is
00:31:36 there to help us through it.
00:31:37 We are counting on you as our
00:31:41 mayor.
00:31:44 Please assigned -- sign the
00:31:44 contracts.
00:31:48 Dear mayor lightfoot, my name
00:31:50 is alan martinez.
00:31:54 I'm five years old and I go to
00:31:55 sandoval elementary school.
00:31:56 I want to go back to school and
00:31:57 keep learning.
00:32:00 Please sign the contract.
00:32:01 Dear mayor lightfoot, I would
00:32:02 like to say that I as a parent
00:32:04 feel disappointed because I
00:32:06 really was expecting more from
00:32:10 you as a mayor.
00:32:11 We as a community are just
00:32:15 asking for the best for our
00:32:15 children.
00:32:16 They need nurses and social
00:32:19 workers every day at schools.
00:32:20 I also would love less students
00:32:21 in their classes because it is
00:32:26 better for teachers to teach
00:32:27 and easier for students to
00:32:28 learn.
00:32:28 Our children need nurses every
00:32:30 day because kids get sick
00:32:31 quickly.
00:32:32 If they feel sick instead of
00:32:35 calling us parents to pick them
00:32:37 up, they can be seen by a nurse
00:32:38 and we won't have to leave work
00:32:39 or Miss It.
00:32:46 Please sign the contracts.
00:32:47 Mayor lightfoot, I don't like
00:32:48 it when there is too many
00:32:49 students in my class because I
00:32:51 feel like my teacher doesn't
00:32:55 have the time for everyone.
00:32:55 Please assigned the contracts.
00:32:56 Sincerely isabella martinez,
00:32:56 second grade.
00:33:01 Thank you for listening.
00:33:02 >> thank you.
00:33:18 The next speaker is Mr. John.
00:33:20 >> two months ago, you change
00:33:21 the rules for this public
00:33:22 speaking section to make it a
00:33:23 random draw.
00:33:24 It almost became an analogy of
00:33:24 modern society where you
00:33:26 decided to punish hard work
00:33:28 where people would wake up four
00:33:31 hours early to wait in line.
00:33:32 Now you change the rules where
00:33:33 they could show up five minutes
00:33:34 before the trial and everyone
00:33:37 had equal opportunity to speak.
00:33:38 That did nothing under the
00:33:43 guise of having different
00:33:43 speakers speak.
00:33:44 All it did was successfully
00:33:45 silenced certain voices that
00:33:46 you didn't want to hear on a
00:33:48 regular basis by decreasing the
00:33:49 odds that they would be at the
00:33:50 microphone.
00:33:53 So congratulations on that.
00:33:54 This city is broke.
00:33:56 You said it time and time again
00:33:57 but yet you increase resources
00:34:04 financial and otherwise to come
00:34:06 back deportation on illegal
00:34:07 immigrants in this city as if
00:34:09 that is such a great noble
00:34:10 cause.
00:34:10 i am not here to debate that
00:34:12 caused.
00:34:12 I'm here to make a simple
00:34:13 points.
00:34:13 You keep throwing more money
00:34:17 when the city is broke at that
00:34:17 problem.
00:34:18 It is really easy to do it if
00:34:19 it is other people's money but
00:34:22 here's a challenge, use all
00:34:23 your money.
00:34:24 Clean out your bank accounts,
00:34:26 refinance your home, maxed out
00:34:28 your credit cards.
00:34:30 Then you won't be a hypocrite
00:34:31 but you won't do that because
00:34:32 you are blowing everybody
00:34:32 else's money.
00:34:33 It is ridiculous.
00:34:38 You need to stay on points.
00:34:39 Speaking of hypocrisy, this
00:34:40 chamber has been rife with
00:34:41 hypocrisy for decades.
00:34:43 I will give you a couple of
00:34:43 examples.
00:34:45 The ig just made a report that
00:34:48 during the Mcdonald shooting,
00:34:52 superintendent johnson
00:34:53 basically okayed like everybody
00:34:54 else in a white shirt did the
00:34:55 shooting.
00:35:00 His response was he never
00:35:00 okayed it.
00:35:01 He also never had a public
00:35:05 outcry against it either as the
00:35:06 chief of patrol.
00:35:07 So he is just as culpable in
00:35:08 his silence as he would be if
00:35:12 he signed off on it.
00:35:13 Yet here he is sitting in
00:35:14 judgment of the four officers
00:35:16 that he said were responsible
00:35:17 for us but he is not holding
00:35:18 himself accountable.
00:35:21 It is a reoccurring theme.
00:35:25 Just last week another bad
00:35:25 decision.
00:35:26 Drinking and driving
00:35:28 admittedly, the amount really
00:35:28 doesn't matter because the
00:35:29 department rules and
00:35:30 regulations stipulate that
00:35:37 being drunk off duty is illegal
00:35:38 in the police department and
00:35:39 the standard is half of what it
00:35:40 is when you are driving behind
00:35:41 the wheel of a car.
00:35:42 It is.04.
00:35:46 We will never know obviously
00:35:47 because unfortunately, I can
00:35:48 flip policeman were put in a no-
00:35:52 win situation that night but it
00:35:52 shows poor judgment yet again
00:35:53 on the head of your police
00:35:53 department.
00:35:56 Not to mention the March on the
00:35:59 expressway last July yet again.
00:36:05 It is against department policy
00:36:06 to do anything that is
00:36:07 political but yet here he is
00:36:10 now making a political stance
00:36:11 singh publicly he is not going
00:36:12 to attend the President's
00:36:13 speech at the chief of police
00:36:15 meeting where he is the host
00:36:15 chief.
00:36:16 It is ridiculous and a
00:36:17 political statement against
00:36:18 department policy and you keep
00:36:22 him in power.
00:36:22 >> thank you.
00:36:25 All speakers who have time we
00:36:26 submitted witness slips for the
00:36:29 public comment period have been
00:36:29 heard.
00:36:36 >> Madam Clerk, communications.
00:36:36 >> communication from your
00:36:38 under the mayor to the
00:36:39 honorable city council to the
00:36:39 city of chicago.
00:36:42 Ladies and gentlemen, a
00:36:43 proposed 2019 budget amendment,
00:36:44 the proposed 2020 budget
00:36:44 recommendations.
00:36:52 You are favorable consider of
00:36:55 these options. Also
00:36:56 communication from susie park
00:36:56 budget director containing the
00:36:58 estimated 2019 amended 2020
00:36:59 aggregate property tax levies
00:37:05 which is placed on file.
00:37:06 >> good morning.
00:37:08 Members of the city council and
00:37:11 residents of the city of
00:37:11 chicago.
00:37:12 Just over five months ago, our
00:37:14 city came together in a
00:37:15 transformative moment.
00:37:17 To begin building a city that
00:37:18 was more transparent, more
00:37:22 equitable one prosperous for
00:37:24 every community and every
00:37:25 residence.
00:37:26 Embarking on a new day of good
00:37:31 governance that meet our city
00:37:32 work for families and
00:37:32 communities particularly in
00:37:33 neighborhoods that have
00:37:35 historically been disinvest it.
00:37:37 We affirm that we as chicagoans
00:37:38 are each other's neighbors and
00:37:39 we resolve to be each other's
00:37:42 business.
00:37:43 That means together, we
00:37:47 resolved to do the hard work of
00:37:48 transforming our city to meet
00:37:50 the challenges of today.
00:37:52 But also to stretch toward the
00:37:54 horizon and the promise of each
00:37:55 new day.
00:37:57 Fundamental to this resolve is
00:38:00 leaving no one behind.
00:38:01 The budget that I have
00:38:06 proposing 420 20 makes good on
00:38:06 that resolve.
00:38:07 A budget must be more than just
00:38:09 a list of numbers.
00:38:11 It should be an expression of
00:38:12 our shared values and a
00:38:15 progressive blueprint for our
00:38:16 shared future.
00:38:17 The 2020 budget I proposed is
00:38:21 transparent and inclusive and
00:38:22 crafted with unprecedented
00:38:24 input from every corner of our
00:38:25 city.
00:38:28 But to be clear this budget
00:38:31 also reflects the reality, it's
00:38:32 sacrifices are needed in the
00:38:36 work that lies ahead.
00:38:38 in my state to the city address
00:38:39 this past August, I gave you my
00:38:40 word that while chicago faces
00:38:42 historic budget deficit, we
00:38:45 will not close that gap on the
00:38:49 backs of our working families.
00:38:50 Voices from neighborhoods, our
00:38:52 children and adults in need, we
00:39:00 cannot pass them by.
00:39:01 No matter the fiscal
00:39:02 constraints we face, we will
00:39:03 never waver from using our
00:39:04 city's resources to help those
00:39:05 most in need.
00:39:06 This budget represents a down
00:39:08 payment on that mission and the
00:39:10 first step in a long journey
00:39:12 that we will be taking together
00:39:15 as one city.
00:39:16 We now turn this budget over to
00:39:18 the city council which should
00:39:23 be assessed and debated.
00:39:24 I invite members of the public
00:39:25 particularly our taxpayers to
00:39:26 continue weighing in just as
00:39:29 you have been online, through
00:39:30 emails, surveys and through our
00:39:33 budget town halls.
00:39:34 A robust debate is what our
00:39:35 democratic process is all
00:39:36 about.
00:39:37 I would like to give a special
00:39:42 thanks to budget Chairman Pat.
00:39:42 Along with other people who
00:39:45 have given their input.
00:39:53 >> [Applause].
00:39:55 >> I want to thank this entire
00:39:56 city council for your
00:39:57 partnership and collaboration
00:39:57 over these last five months.
00:39:58 Together you represent voices
00:40:00 across our cities 50 wards.
00:40:01 Each unique and different as
00:40:05 your elected representatives
00:40:06 but those differences whatever
00:40:10 they May be have not stopped
00:40:11 you from rolling up your
00:40:12 sleeves and joining with me and
00:40:13 my administration on this
00:40:15 journey to make meaningful and
00:40:16 lasting change.
00:40:18 Over these past five months, we
00:40:21 made significant financial
00:40:23 reform such as outsourcing
00:40:24 worker's compensation.
00:40:26 Will unanimously passed the
00:40:30 most expensive fair work week
00:40:31 legislation in the nation,
00:40:32 guaranteeing chicago's workers
00:40:35 the dignity and scheduling
00:40:36 predictably that they deserve.
00:40:38 We did it the right way by
00:40:41 bringing everyone to the table
00:40:45 to arrive at a sustainable
00:40:46 solution.
00:40:46 We also begin the process of
00:40:49 untangling our cities addiction
00:40:53 to its regressive fines and
00:40:54 fees which traps countless
00:40:55 chicagoans in a cycle of debt
00:40:56 and financial ruin and as a
00:41:00 result, it keeps revenue off
00:41:00 the table.
00:41:02 Thank you again to our great
00:41:04 clerk, anna, for her leadership
00:41:07 and partnership on the set of
00:41:07 reforms.
00:41:17 >> [Applause].
00:41:18 >> we have more work to do.
00:41:19 Every single one of these
00:41:21 measures grew out of our
00:41:23 central vision to build a
00:41:24 greater city, to leave it
00:41:24 stronger, fairer and more
00:41:26 prosperous than we found it.
00:41:28 A city were kids who look like
00:41:30 me come from families like mine
00:41:32 don't have to be to the odds to
00:41:36 get a great education, a good
00:41:37 paying job, raise a family and
00:41:39 pursue their dreams.
00:41:42 As I outlined in my state of
00:41:43 the city address, chicago is a
00:41:48 staring down an 838 -- $838
00:41:50 million budget gap.
00:41:52 Getting that number down to
00:41:55 zero required ingenuity but
00:41:58 more than that, it required
00:41:59 hard choices across both
00:42:01 expenditures and revenues.
00:42:06 but this budget is more than a
00:42:07 simple math problem.
00:42:09 It is a value statement for
00:42:12 what we prioritize and the kind
00:42:13 of city that we want to be.
00:42:19 The kind of city where strong
00:42:19 widespread and dynamic middle-
00:42:21 class isn't shrinking but
00:42:22 actually growing again.
00:42:23 Were every residence feels safe
00:42:24 to walk in their neighborhood
00:42:26 day or night.
00:42:30 Where we all pay our fair
00:42:30 share.
00:42:31 Where a single parents can
00:42:33 raise a family or entrepreneurs
00:42:35 have access to resources to see
00:42:37 their businesses thrive.
00:42:41 And the kind of city that no
00:42:42 longer grapples with racial
00:42:45 wealth and life expectancy gaps
00:42:45 that fester and deprive
00:42:49 individuals of their God-given
00:42:49 potential.
00:42:53 We want chicago to be a city
00:42:54 for men like emmanuel who
00:42:57 provides healthy food options
00:42:58 to the south side communities
00:43:00 through his ownership.
00:43:04 He knows his business but is
00:43:06 the first to admit that he
00:43:07 doesn't have the training to
00:43:09 address some of the issues he
00:43:09 encounters.
00:43:14 Not to mention the access to
00:43:17 capital that would help his
00:43:18 business grow.
00:43:19 He knows his business would
00:43:20 thrive with support in the form
00:43:21 of skills training and
00:43:21 neighborhood investment.
00:43:23 That is what this budget does
00:43:23 with investment and
00:43:24 neighborhood development and a
00:43:24 small business training.
00:43:27 We want chicago to be a city
00:43:35 for women like hilda who has
00:43:35 spent decades helping
00:43:36 individuals in our latin x
00:43:37 community who are struggling
00:43:38 with mental health and
00:43:39 substance abuse issues actually
00:43:41 get connected to vital
00:43:42 services.
00:43:44 This budget does that well with
00:43:48 our investment in family
00:43:48 services and an integrated
00:43:54 holistic mental health system.
00:43:57 Both -- and hilda, we should
00:43:58 give our thanks to and applaud
00:44:00 them because we are going to be
00:44:01 providing services for them.
00:44:08 >> [Applause].
00:44:09 >> over the past few months, my
00:44:10 staff and I have heard the
00:44:14 concern of countless residents
00:44:15 like -- and hilda.
00:44:16 We have posted five budget town
00:44:17 hall meetings and communities
00:44:21 across our city to hear
00:44:22 chicagoans ideas about how to
00:44:23 make our budget work for them.
00:44:26 This included a youth budget
00:44:28 town hall plant by members of
00:44:28 our youth commission.
00:44:33 Some of whom are with us today.
00:44:34 What different cuties May have
00:44:35 focused on different issues,
00:44:36 what we heard across every
00:44:37 community was the desire to see
00:44:41 their tax dollars are spent
00:44:42 more equitably on great
00:44:44 schools, healthy neighborhoods,
00:44:45 well-paying jobs, and access to
00:44:45 city resources.
00:44:49 What we also heard, every
00:44:52 single place we went was that
00:44:54 residents don't want to see
00:44:55 their property taxes increased.
00:44:57 Who can blame them.
00:45:02 That is why before I go any
00:45:03 further, I am here to tell you
00:45:05 that we didn't solve our $838
00:45:10 million budget gap with a large
00:45:12 property tax increase in 2020.
00:45:13 And folks, that is good news.
00:45:20 >> [Applause].
00:45:25 >> instead, our gap is closed
00:45:26 through a combination of
00:45:30 savings and efficiencies
00:45:30 totaling $530 million along
00:45:31 with a number of carefully
00:45:38 chosen revenue sources of $352
00:45:38 million.
00:45:41 Our process began on the
00:45:41 foundation of good governments
00:45:42 and as we heard from townhall
00:45:46 is driven by the principal that
00:45:47 our residents have the right to
00:45:48 see how their hard-earned tax
00:45:54 dollars are flowing back into
00:45:55 their communities.
00:45:55 Neighborhood investments,
00:45:56 quality schools, safe streets
00:45:56 and much more.
00:45:59 In crafting this budget, we
00:46:01 knew that our gap would only
00:46:02 grow over the next several
00:46:04 years which meant we needed to
00:46:04 cut wasteful spending and
00:46:06 establish structural reforms
00:46:08 now that will actually carry us
00:46:10 into the future.
00:46:14 That is exactly what we did.
00:46:16 I am proud to say that over 60%
00:46:17 of our gap was closed by
00:46:21 creating structural solutions.
00:46:22 That means we not only created
00:46:25 solutions that will help put
00:46:26 our fiscal house in order this
00:46:28 year, we created solutions to
00:46:29 ensure that it stays in order
00:46:30 for years to come.
00:46:41 >> [Applause].
00:46:43 >> our 2020 budget developed
00:46:45 $150 million in savings and
00:46:46 efficiencies through an
00:46:47 approach known as zero-based
00:46:48 budgeting.
00:46:48 It means we build it from the
00:46:51 ground up ensuring every line
00:46:52 was actually central to the
00:46:56 core service mission of every
00:46:57 department.
00:46:58 We also save $200 million
00:47:01 through debt refinancing.
00:47:02 By approving how we collect the
00:47:05 debt we are owed, this budget
00:47:06 also saves an additional $25
00:47:11 million by moving to a new
00:47:12 system that ensures payments
00:47:13 are expedited and more
00:47:14 companies are brought into
00:47:15 compliance.
00:47:15 This budget restructures some
00:47:18 `of our city departments
00:47:18 ensuring taxpayers get the
00:47:19 greatest value for their
00:47:21 dollars while still receiving
00:47:25 the highest quality service.
00:47:26 And as we announced earlier
00:47:27 this month, this budget reforms
00:47:29 are public safety agencies by
00:47:32 streamlining the administered
00:47:33 functions of our police, fire
00:47:37 and departments into a single
00:47:38 agency.
00:47:40 The new office of public safety
00:47:40 administration which will
00:47:44 immediately save the city $2
00:47:45 million.
00:47:46 But these are more than just
00:47:46 cost-saving measures.
00:47:48 By consolidating these units,
00:47:50 we will be putting more than
00:47:53 160 police officers and fire
00:47:55 personnel back on the streets
00:47:57 where they can do the most
00:47:57 good.
00:48:03 >> [Applause].
00:48:05 >> that means more police doing
00:48:10 work in your neighborhoods and
00:48:11 your wharves.
00:48:12 Likewise, we will be merging
00:48:13 the department of innovation
00:48:15 and technology with the
00:48:16 department of facility
00:48:18 management to create a new
00:48:20 department that manages assets
00:48:21 and information.
00:48:23 Strengthening the operations of
00:48:24 both departments by combining
00:48:29 their shared efficiencies,
00:48:34 eliminating redundancies, all
00:48:34 while reducing costs by
00:48:34 approximately 1 million this
00:48:36 coming year.
00:48:37 And yet, while day to day
00:48:38 operations of our technology
00:48:39 infrastructure will be moved
00:48:39 into one department, our chief
00:48:42 information officer and chief
00:48:42 data officer will then be
00:48:45 placed in the mayor's office to
00:48:47 ensure technology policy is
00:48:48 seamlessly incorporated with
00:48:51 cutting edge approaches and how
00:48:53 government can work more
00:48:53 efficiently and in greater
00:49:00 partnership with chicago's tech
00:49:01 community.
00:49:02 And preparing our budget, we
00:49:03 ask every department to take a
00:49:06 hard look at their vacancies in
00:49:07 order to find more efficient
00:49:10 ways to streamline their
00:49:11 workforce without significantly
00:49:12 impacting services.
00:49:15 And the result, another $20
00:49:21 million in savings without
00:49:21 layoffs.
00:49:30 >> [Applause].
00:49:31 >> in this budget, it makes key
00:49:32 reforms to chicago's tax
00:49:34 increment finance program or
00:49:39 what many people refer to as
00:49:42 tiff.
00:49:42 This year's additional surplus
00:49:45 to the city is $31.4 million.
00:49:46 More than that, my team is
00:49:47 undertaking a detailed review
00:49:52 to reform tiff and align it
00:49:53 more closely with our economic
00:49:54 development needs and our
00:49:55 values accountability and
00:49:57 transparency.
00:50:02 The days of the tiff slush fund
00:50:03 are over.
00:50:09 >> [Applause].
00:50:10 >> as I said before we
00:50:12 committed to examining every
00:50:14 possible efficiency and cost-
00:50:16 cutting measurebefore we turn
00:50:19 to our taxpayers for revenue.
00:50:20 When we did reach that point,
00:50:21 the choices we made were done
00:50:25 carefully and equitably.
00:50:26 We know the sacrifices that
00:50:28 everyone has already made but
00:50:30 we want you to know that we are
00:50:31 taking these actions now so we
00:50:33 don't have to take them in the
00:50:33 future.
00:50:36 So let me be clear.
00:50:39 This budget includes $352
00:50:42 million in new revenue but just
00:50:45 as with our efficiencies, these
00:50:48 are new sources rooted in
00:50:49 progressive economic financial
00:50:53 and social policy.
00:50:54 They include reforming
00:50:56 chicago's real estate transfer
00:50:58 tax which is a tax that applies
00:51:00 to anyone buying or selling a
00:51:00 home.
00:51:03 These reforms that we recommend
00:51:04 will bring an additional $50
00:51:07 million this coming year with
00:51:08 an additional $100 million
00:51:10 every year after that.
00:51:14 This is exactly the kind of
00:51:15 policy we want to be doing
00:51:15 here.
00:51:17 Policy that is fiscally sound
00:51:23 but also helps our communities
00:51:23 grow.
00:51:24 However, just as with our
00:51:25 casino, we will need
00:51:26 cooperation from springfield in
00:51:27 order to get this done.
00:51:28 As everyone here knows, we have
00:51:29 spoken at length to the
00:51:30 governor and his team
00:51:35 legislative leaders and other
00:51:36 lawmakers, business groups and
00:51:36 other organizations about our
00:51:37 need for springfield to support
00:51:40 a chicago casino as well as to
00:51:46 develop a statewide pension
00:51:46 reform package.
00:51:48 I am proud to report that with
00:51:49 this budget for the first time
00:51:50 in our city's history, we will
00:51:52 have climbed the ramp to pay
00:51:54 for our police and fire
00:51:55 pensions at the level outside
00:51:59 experts say we should be paying
00:52:00 for them to ensure their long-
00:52:02 term financial stability.
00:52:12 >> [Applause].
00:52:13 >> if we are able to work with
00:52:14 springfield to approve these
00:52:15 two measures, chicago will have
00:52:18 all four of our pension funds
00:52:20 reach that level and be on the
00:52:22 path to structural balance by
00:52:22 2022.
00:52:24 That is good news.
00:52:51 >> [Applause].
00:52:53 >> I am grateful for the
00:52:54 members of the general assembly
00:52:56 who are here in the audience
00:52:57 with us.
00:53:24 >> following our review, we
00:53:27 determined an increase on our
00:53:28 transportation tax on downtown
00:53:31 ride shares on weekdays is
00:53:32 warranted.
00:53:33 This would apply during the key
00:53:33 hours of 6:00 A.M.
00:53:35 And 10:00 P.M.
00:53:36 When the central business
00:53:40 district faces its highest
00:53:40 levels of gridlock.
00:53:46 If we're smart about this,
00:53:50 making a small impact will not
00:53:50 impair our riders.
00:53:53 To be clear, I reject and you
00:53:54 should be deeply skeptical of
00:53:58 the false narrative ride-share
00:53:59 companies are spreading.
00:54:00 The multimillionaire owners of
00:54:02 these companies have
00:54:05 essentially had free reign in
00:54:07 the city of chicago.
00:54:08 If they cared so much about
00:54:10 equity as they say, they would
00:54:11 cut their drivers in on a
00:54:13 bigger share of the profits and
00:54:15 improve their working
00:54:17 conditions and not pass the
00:54:27 cost on to them.
00:54:28 All ride share proposal will
00:54:29 bring in an additional $40
00:54:31 million to our budget while
00:54:34 also lowering the vehicle
00:54:35 admissions, vehicle emissions
00:54:38 and encouraging the use of more
00:54:40 efficient modes of
00:54:41 transportation bicycle public
00:54:41 transport.
00:54:45 Our reforms will improve the
00:54:46 playing fold for our taxi
00:54:46 drivers.
00:54:53 That is I worthy cause and a
00:54:54 fight worth having.
00:54:56 We are also addressing the
00:54:57 budget gap by increasing rates
00:55:00 on our downtown parking meters
00:55:01 and adding meters in the west
00:55:03 loop, which will bring in
00:55:04 another $7 million.
00:55:07 We will be calling on our food
00:55:09 and dining industry through a
00:55:10 modest increase in our
00:55:12 restaurant tax from a quarter
00:55:14 of a percent to half a percent,
00:55:17 putting chicago on par with
00:55:17 neighboring suburbs.
00:55:18 Now, although the increase May
00:55:20 seem small, it's expected to
00:55:22 generate an additional $20
00:55:24 million in the upcoming year.
00:55:25 We will increase the library
00:55:28 portion of the property tax by
00:55:30 18 million to fully invest in
00:55:32 our libraries and allow them to
00:55:36 be open seven days a week so
00:55:42 sunday hours are coming.
00:55:44 As you all know, chicago will
00:55:48 be opening's new revenue stream
00:55:50 from the legalization of
00:55:52 recreational cannabis.
00:55:55 Cannabis is more than just
00:55:55 dollars.
00:55:57 I want to stand this emergent
00:55:59 industry up so residents can
00:56:02 consume it safely and
00:56:02 businesses can thrive.
00:56:04 More than that, I want to use
00:56:06 the new industry to uplift the
00:56:09 economic life of neighbors and
00:56:10 residents across our city,
00:56:14 particularly those in our black-
00:56:14 and-brown communities that are
00:56:22 bourne the brunt of the war on
00:56:23 drugs.
00:56:25 As hard as it was to find these
00:56:26 efficiencies, make these cuts
00:56:28 and develop these new lines of
00:56:30 revenue for working families,
00:56:32 this is what was needed in
00:56:34 order to close our budget gap
00:56:39 and to do it with equity and
00:56:40 integrity, without meaningfully
00:56:42 raising property taxes.
00:56:43 Significant and challenging as
00:56:45 those measures were, this
00:56:46 budget needed investments still
00:56:49 and in our residents and
00:56:50 communities.
00:56:53 That begins with violence
00:56:53 prevention.
00:56:54 There is no greater calling for
00:56:56 me as mayor and for us as a
00:56:59 city that ensuring the safety
00:57:02 of every home and every block
00:57:03 in chicago.
00:57:04 Over those past five months, we
00:57:06 we have implemented a violence
00:57:09 reduction strategy supported by
00:57:11 biweekly regional coordination
00:57:12 meetings and targeted
00:57:14 collaborations across city
00:57:16 agencies for public safety
00:57:17 cabinet meetings.
00:57:20 While we have made progress, I
00:57:21 will not be happy until we're
00:57:31 the safest big city in america.
00:57:32 Though we're not there yet, I
00:57:35 am proud to report that we are
00:57:36 moving in the right direction.
00:57:39 For memorial day to labor day,
00:57:42 murders fell by more than 20%.
00:57:43 Meanwhile, shootings and
00:57:44 murders are at their low of the
00:57:47 level in four years.
00:57:48 Robberies, burglaries, and
00:57:55 vehicle thefts have sunk to a
00:57:56 20-year low.
00:57:58 And that and that is thanks to
00:57:59 the leadership of police
00:58:01 superintendent eddie johnson as
00:58:16 well as cpd's rank and file.
00:58:17 Let's be clear.
00:58:18 Our first responders all
00:58:19 deserve our respect and
00:58:22 admiration for the hard work
00:58:25 that they do every day for all
00:58:26 of our success, that is why
00:58:28 we're building on the lessons
00:58:30 that we have learned and
00:58:33 developing a comprehensive
00:58:35 community-based strategy for
00:58:36 the coming year.
00:58:37 And let's face it.
00:58:38 Nobody walks down the street
00:58:43 saying they feel 20% safer.
00:58:44 With investment of additional
00:58:46 $9 million, we'll be expanding
00:58:48 street average through the
00:58:49 support of additional community
00:58:50 based workers.
00:58:51 We know that works and we need
00:58:53 to support that work and expand
00:58:54 it.
00:58:57 We will be creating a new pilot
00:59:00 program based upon cognitive
00:59:01 behavioral therapy to provide
00:59:03 intensive support for youth and
00:59:04 adults at highest risk.
00:59:08 Along with case management and
00:59:08 support services.
00:59:10 Both of which will be combined
00:59:12 with educational and employment
00:59:13 opportunities.
00:59:15 We will be building, we will be
00:59:22 building community capacity for
00:59:28 trauma-informed responses to
00:59:28 shootings.
00:59:30 And we will continue to invest
00:59:32 in our consent decree for the
00:59:34 chicago police department so
00:59:35 our officers continue to
00:59:37 receive the training they need.
00:59:39 In addition to violence
00:59:42 prevention, this budget also
00:59:43 prioritizes homelessness,
00:59:43 affordable housing with new
00:59:46 dollars to address the needs
00:59:50 of chicago's most vulnerable
00:59:50 residents.
00:59:53 First, we'll increase funding
00:59:55 for homelessness prevention by
00:59:56 36%, infusing $5 million into
00:59:58 our flexible housing poll to
01:00:00 support individuals who are
01:00:01 frequent users of crisis
01:00:04 systems, like emergency rooms
01:00:10 and shelters and then connect
01:00:13 them with supportive housing.
01:00:16 Second, we will increase the
01:00:17 number of affordable housing
01:00:20 units for chicago's lowest
01:00:21 income renters by no one% by
01:00:22 delivering an additional 5
01:00:28 million to the low-income
01:00:29 housing trust fund.
01:00:33 Let me say this to the
01:00:34 developer community, whether
01:00:35 for-profit or community based,
01:00:38 we need to you step up and in
01:00:40 partner to help us meet,
01:00:42 partnership to help us meet
01:00:50 this affordable housing crisis
01:00:50 head on.
01:00:53 This $10 million that we're
01:00:54 investing, these investments
01:00:55 are particularly focused on
01:00:57 chicago's young people
01:00:59 experiencing home lessness and
01:01:04 alone, we believe that it will
01:01:06 reduce youth homelessness by
01:01:06 25%.
01:01:08 Helping young people like theo
01:01:08 haze.
01:01:10 Thougho grew up on the south
01:01:12 side of chicago, the son of a
01:01:14 single mother with 8 siblings.
01:01:15 He struggled after high school
01:01:18 when he was unable to find full-
01:01:19 time employment.
01:01:21 After multiple brushes with the
01:01:22 law, his family put him out.
01:01:24 He was homeless for some time
01:01:27 until eventually, he made his
01:01:30 way tola casa northe.
01:01:31 Thanks to their support, he's
01:01:32 been connected to employment
01:01:35 and multiple housing
01:01:35 opportunities.
01:01:36 His story speaks to the unique
01:01:39 needs of our homeless youth and
01:01:40 the opportunities we have all
01:01:43 needed to recover from our
01:01:43 mistakes.
01:01:48 Since making his way tola casa
01:01:49 norte he will start the
01:01:54 training program at blue sky
01:01:59 bakero November 1st.
01:02:04 finally, chicago would be
01:02:05 making long-needed, long
01:02:09 overdue investments in our
01:02:11 mental health structure.
01:02:16 We will be fixing we will be
01:02:18 fixing our system by charting a
01:02:22 new path to find new ways
01:02:23 towards treating, identifying,
01:02:25 and supporting our fellow
01:02:28 chicagoans struggling with
01:02:28 mental illness.
01:02:31 This is an issue, as you know,
01:02:32 that impacts every chicagoan.
01:02:34 Far to mean of chicago's
01:02:36 residents can't get access to
01:02:37 the treatment they need.
01:02:39 We have listened to patients,
01:02:42 clinicians, and other mental
01:02:44 health providers.
01:02:47 What we heard was that patients
01:02:50 just don't want access to
01:02:51 quality affordable personalized
01:02:52 care.
01:02:53 We also heard they don't know
01:02:54 where to find it.
01:02:57 They don't know how to pay for
01:02:57 it.
01:02:59 They worry about this stigma
01:03:01 associated with it.
01:03:02 That has to change.
01:03:05 This budget supports our plan,
01:03:07 which will see tens of
01:03:08 thousands more residents served
01:03:12 through better access to care.
01:03:14 That care is integrated to
01:03:16 treat the whole person.
01:03:17 Today's mental health system
01:03:19 includes over 100 publicly
01:03:21 funded clinics providing mental
01:03:23 health service to underserved
01:03:26 communities along with dozens
01:03:28 more non-profit mental health
01:03:28 organizations.
01:03:31 Our plan will integrate care
01:03:33 across the entire system to
01:03:35 create a comprehensive mental
01:03:37 health infrastructure for our
01:03:37 entire city.
01:03:42 How are we going to do it?
01:03:45 By making multimillion dollar
01:03:46 investments in community
01:03:46 organizations.
01:03:49 Creating a network of
01:03:50 outpatient healthcare providers
01:03:51 to ensure better service to
01:03:54 communities most impacted by
01:03:55 violence.
01:03:56 We'll fund new community
01:03:59 healthcare worker and crisis
01:04:00 prevention teams that will give
01:04:01 particular focus to service
01:04:03 gaps on the south and west
01:04:03 sides.
01:04:06 We will invest in our city's
01:04:08 clinics to ensure they're fully
01:04:11 utilized and we will improve
01:04:13 accessibility to trauma-
01:04:14 informed care.
01:04:16 Provide more comprehensive ran
01:04:22 around serves and we'll make no
01:04:28 more closures or cuts.
01:04:30 Violence prevention, affordable
01:04:31 housing, homeless prevention
01:04:32 and mental health.
01:04:35 The four areas May seem
01:04:39 distinct, they're not.
01:04:40 Each are connected and impact
01:04:40 reform and re-enforce the
01:04:40 other.
01:04:42 By investing in them as the
01:04:43 ecosystem that they are, we're
01:04:45 not only strength ending them,
01:04:48 we're ensuring the challenges
01:04:50 that come with them don't put
01:04:52 additional strain on resources
01:04:53 elsewhere.
01:04:54 Our policies are our politics
01:04:57 and not the other way around.
01:05:00 As we come forward in the
01:05:03 coming year, we will be making
01:05:04 a variety of additional
01:05:04 investments to support our
01:05:06 cities working families and
01:05:08 help them thrive.
01:05:09 Investments to drive economic
01:05:10 development in our
01:05:11 neighborhoods.
01:05:14 Ensure a real path to economic
01:05:15 growth, which tats the
01:05:16 potential that exists in our
01:05:19 city for years to come.
01:05:20 Earlier this week, I was proud
01:05:22 to stand on the west side and
01:05:27 announce one of our new
01:05:28 initiatives: invest southwest.
01:05:30 Marshaling v. From across our,
01:05:31 marshaling investment, from
01:05:34 across our government and
01:05:36 community groups into
01:05:37 revitalizing the core
01:05:39 commercial corridors and in
01:05:39 under invested neighborhoods on
01:05:42 the south and west sides.
01:05:43 In total, through invest
01:05:46 southwest, the city alone will
01:05:47 channel more than $750 million
01:05:59 over the next three years.
01:06:03 I want I want to give
01:06:05 particular braze to bemo harris
01:06:06 for their additional $10
01:06:09 million investment towards this
01:06:13 initiative.
01:06:17 New for the in of the time, all
01:06:17 of these forces, business,
01:06:17 philanthropy, folks on the
01:06:17 ground, stakeholders and
01:06:18 communities will be working in
01:06:19 concert, one with another to
01:06:22 build a chicago is we all want
01:06:23 to see and know is possible.
01:06:25 This is only the beginning.
01:06:29 We will be calling upon others
01:06:32 to join this mission in our
01:06:32 city.
01:06:34 Where economic opportunity is
01:06:37 fully accessible for all of the
01:06:38 residents.
01:06:38 Where the side neighborhoods
01:06:40 are growing again and where
01:06:42 chicago's population gets back
01:06:44 to 3 million.
01:06:45 This is an effort different
01:06:47 than anything that came before.
01:06:50 We're not doing a series of one
01:06:51 off disconnected transactions
01:06:54 for the community, but not with
01:06:54 the community.
01:06:58 We will also be investing a
01:07:00 half million to support
01:07:01 chicago's local businesses
01:07:03 through our mall business
01:07:04 centers and increasing their
01:07:07 reach into the city's
01:07:08 neighborhoods, particularly
01:07:09 those historically underserved
01:07:10 by providing easy access to
01:07:19 licensing and other critical
01:07:20 information.
01:07:21 Another proposal which I am
01:07:22 particularly proud is fast
01:07:25 tracking the time it takes for
01:07:27 new businesses so get approval
01:07:27 for their signs.
01:07:30 Down from as much as 8monts or
01:07:34 longer to the day they get
01:07:34 their business license.
01:07:36 So their whole community knows
01:07:38 on day one they're opened for
01:07:38 business.
01:07:40 I heard about the regulatory
01:07:44 mess businesses of all sizes
01:07:45 face and morally getting
01:07:46 signage.
01:07:47 I want the business community
01:07:54 to know we heard you and we're
01:07:58 fixing this problem today.
01:08:00 I want to note a few other
01:08:03 important investments that are
01:08:04 in this budget.
01:08:07 We will continue to fight back
01:08:11 against hate and xenophobia and
01:08:13 trumpet our city's great
01:08:21 immigrant past, present, and
01:08:21 future.
01:08:24 We are a city of nations and
01:08:24 proudly so.
01:08:26 To ensure that we continue to
01:08:29 be a real welcoming city, we
01:08:33 will continue to invest in our
01:08:34 alcohol protection fund.
01:08:36 We, our legal protecting fund
01:08:37 and continue to support the
01:08:38 navigators who embody the great
01:08:39 values of our city.
01:08:43 I stand with our immigrant and
01:08:46 refugee communities because
01:08:48 it's the only moral choice.
01:08:49 We have community navigators
01:08:51 who are out there every single
01:08:52 day educating people about what
01:08:53 their rights are, and we should
01:08:55 be supporting them because
01:08:57 they're doing the lord's work
01:09:01 in our immigrant and refugee
01:09:03 communities.
01:09:04 Our 2020 gumet will institute a
01:09:06 path to budget will institute a
01:09:08 path to the minimum wage in
01:09:10 chicago that we will arrive at
01:09:11 by 2021.
01:09:12 The working families can't wait
01:09:19 until 2025 to earn enough to
01:09:19 live on.
01:09:23 Just as we did with the fair
01:09:24 workweek legislation, we will
01:09:26 roll out our $15 minimum wage
01:09:29 the right way for ongoing work
01:09:31 with the city council, business
01:09:32 and labor and community groups
01:09:35 who have been at the table to
01:09:40 create prosperity that not only
01:09:41 leaves people strong, but
01:09:41 alleviates poverty.
01:09:43 It will make us strong for
01:09:44 years to come.
01:09:47 We will be strengthening our
01:09:49 fight against climate change
01:09:51 this year by establishing an
01:09:53 office of the environment.
01:09:55 Rooted in the values of
01:09:56 environmental justice.
01:09:57 The new office will use the
01:09:59 city's resources to ensure our
01:10:02 residents enjoy rights to clean
01:10:05 air and clean water.
01:10:07 Fine tale, this budget,
01:10:08 finally, this budget includes
01:10:11 the utility billing relief
01:10:11 program, an unprecedented,
01:10:14 equity focused effort to reduce
01:10:18 the water utility rates for
01:10:18 home owners with incomes 150%
01:10:20 below the federal poverty
01:10:20 level.
01:10:21 This will dramatically cut the
01:10:25 size of water bills for every
01:10:26 other chicagoan by creating
01:10:34 monthly rather than twice a
01:10:35 year water bills.
01:10:37 And, and, we will end water
01:10:41 billing of accounts after the
01:10:42 account has been shut off.
01:10:45 We will estimate, we estimate
01:10:48 that about 20,000 households
01:10:49 are immediately eligible to par
01:10:52 its pate in this targeted
01:10:52 relief.
01:10:55 For them, this program will cut
01:10:56 water utility bills, end the
01:10:58 threat of water shutoff, stop
01:10:59 referrals to collection
01:11:02 agencies and after one year of
01:11:06 participation, will eliminate
01:11:09 past due water bills.
01:11:11 Just as we ended driver's
01:11:13 license suspensions and created
01:11:14 new pathways to avoid
01:11:17 bankruptcy for city sticker
01:11:18 debt, these reforms are another
01:11:22 piece of the fines and fees
01:11:23 agenda we're pursuing.
01:11:24 Assuring the hardest hit
01:11:26 families have a pathway to
01:11:27 compliance based on their
01:11:28 ability to pay.
01:11:31 This will not only offer relief
01:11:32 to families struggling to
01:11:32 choose between paying their
01:11:35 water bill and other services,
01:11:37 it bring in revenue, which
01:11:38 currently is not happening
01:11:39 because the residents simply
01:11:43 don't have the ability to pay.
01:11:46 We're doing this because it's
01:11:46 good policy.
01:11:47 We're also doing this because
01:11:50 it's the right thing to do.
01:11:53 This budget was created to
01:11:53 honor our.
01:11:57 >>> as good stewards to our
01:11:58 residents and taxpayers, as
01:11:59 well as making investments
01:12:01 needed to support our whole
01:12:01 city.
01:12:03 I refer to this budget earlier
01:12:05 as a value statement.
01:12:09 This budget is also a call to
01:12:09 action.
01:12:11 Since I became mayor, I have
01:12:13 been overwhelmed by the level
01:12:15 of hope and inspiration
01:12:18 chicagoans across our city have
01:12:20 for transformative government.
01:12:22 We routinely receive letters
01:12:24 and inquiries from residents
01:12:24 asking how can I help.
01:12:26 Now is the time for all of us
01:12:28 to step forward and do our part
01:12:31 to create a better chicago that
01:12:33 is truly a beacon of hope and
01:12:35 opportunity for every resident,
01:12:37 no matter their zip code.
01:12:40 As I said man times before, the
01:12:42 challenges we phrased we're the
01:12:44 created overnight and won't be
01:12:45 solved overnight.
01:12:47 They will be solved and we will
01:12:57 solve them by working together.
01:12:59 Friends, we need to remember
01:13:02 that we are each other's
01:13:02 neighbors.
01:13:04 And before I finish, let me
01:13:08 share a story that I think
01:13:09 perfectly illustrates this
01:13:09 point.
01:13:10 A few weeks ago, I heard a
01:13:13 story from a woman about an
01:13:16 empty lot near 54th and south
01:13:16 prairie avenue.
01:13:19 For years, they have been
01:13:19 covered in trash.
01:13:21 She was riding the train one
01:13:26 day and something caused her to
01:13:27 look down.
01:13:30 Show saw something amazing
01:13:36 someone had covered the lot
01:13:41 with beautiful sunflowers.
01:13:44 What she saw was not just a
01:13:48 beautiful flower bed but that
01:13:52 someone cared.
01:14:08 Someone loves me will you
01:14:17 please stand.
01:14:20 >>> as some of you know, guyan
01:14:23 is the President And ceo of
01:14:24 emerald south economic
01:14:25 development collaborative.
01:14:27 It was guyan who caused the
01:14:31 beautiful sun flowers to be
01:14:31 planted.
01:14:34 That is a simple act of
01:14:35 kindness neighbor-to-neighbor,
01:14:37 transform that lot and brought
01:14:40 so much joy to so many people.
01:14:43 Being each other's business is
01:14:44 more just a night sentiment but
01:14:45 a light that will guide our
01:14:48 path forward to adjust an
01:14:49 equitable future.
01:14:51 We are standing on the
01:14:55 threshold of a historic moment
01:14:56 in our city.
01:14:58 Now, now is the time for us to
01:15:01 join together around our common
01:15:02 mission and common purpose.
01:15:04 Our goals are bold because they
01:15:05 have to be.
01:15:07 We will put everything on the
01:15:10 line and fight with everything
01:15:13 that we have to make sure that
01:15:14 every chicagoan, every
01:15:16 chicagoan in every
01:15:17 neighborhood, regardless of zip
01:15:18 code.
01:15:19 Regardless of race, color or
01:15:23 creed, has the opportunity to
01:15:25 thrive.
01:15:26 Today and all days to come.
01:15:28 I want to thank you all from
01:15:30 the bottom of my heart for the
01:15:33 work and passion and commitment
01:15:37 to make this day possible.
01:15:43 I am humble every day every
01:15:45 single day that you have
01:15:48 entrusted me with the
01:15:51 stewardship of this great city
01:15:52 we all call home.
01:15:55 I can't wait for us to continue
01:15:58 on this journey of transforming
01:15:59 to everything in our city in
01:16:01 the days and weeks ahead.
01:16:03 Thank you so much.
01:16:05 God bless you.
01:16:05 And God bless this city of
01:16:06 chicago.
01:16:50 Thank you.
01:16:50 Thank you.
01:16:54 >> the chair recognizes
01:16:54 Chairman Dow.
01:16:56 >> yes, thank you, Madame
01:16:56 President.
01:16:59 as part of this call for this
01:17:01 special meeting today, the
01:17:02 clerk has a proposed resolution
01:17:04 providing for the publication
01:17:06 and setting the date and time
01:17:08 of a necessary hearing, and I
01:17:11 ask that the resolutions be
01:17:13 read.
01:17:14 >> Madame Clerk.
01:17:15 >> whereas mayor lightfoot
01:17:18 October 23rd, 20 no onic,
01:17:19 submitted to the city council,
01:17:21 the executive budget for the
01:17:23 fiscal year beginning January 1
01:17:25 January 1st, 2020, ending
01:17:26 December 31st, 2020 and
01:17:27 provided by law that one public
01:17:29 hearing shall be held on the
01:17:31 budget document not less than
01:17:32 one week after publication
01:17:35 thereof and such manner as a
01:17:37 corporate authority May
01:17:39 tomorrow and prior to final
01:17:39 action thereon.
01:17:41 And provided by law that the
01:17:43 notice shall be given by
01:17:44 publication a newspaper having
01:17:45 general circulation in the city
01:17:46 of chicago not less than one
01:17:50 week prior to the time of such
01:17:51 hearing.
01:17:53 Now, thereforever, be it
01:17:55 resolved the budget document
01:17:59 beginning January 1st, 2020
01:18:01 ending December 31st, 2020ic,
01:18:03 be published in fam net form
01:18:06 and made available in the
01:18:08 chicago county clerk and public
01:18:10 library no later than October
01:18:12 28t, 2019 and that the said
01:18:14 hearing on document be held at
01:18:15 11:30 A.M.
01:18:18 On November 13th November 13th,
01:18:19 2019 in the city council
01:18:21 chamber in city hall.
01:18:23 The city clerk is to publish in
01:18:24 the newspaper having general
01:18:25 circulation in the city of
01:18:26 chicago at least one week prior
01:18:31 to the time of such public
01:18:33 hearing.
01:18:34 >> spend the rules for
01:18:36 immediate consideation of this
01:18:37 resolutions.
01:18:38 >> hearing no objections, so
01:18:38 ordered.
01:18:41 >> I new move to adopt the
01:18:42 resolutions by a voice vote.
01:18:44 >> all of those in favor
01:18:47 signify by saying aye.
01:18:49 Any opposed say no.
01:18:50 The ayes have it and the
01:18:52 resolutions is passed.
01:18:52 Chairman Dowell.
01:18:53 >> a budget hearing schedule
01:18:55 will be available after this
01:18:57 meeting in the office of the
01:18:59 committee on the budget and
01:19:01 government operations in room
01:19:02 200.
01:19:04 The leave view and, overview
01:19:05 and first budget hearing will
01:19:07 begin next monday morning,
01:19:08 October 28th at 9:00 A.M.
01:19:11 In the city council chambers.
01:19:12 Thank you.
01:19:14 >> the chair recognizes
01:19:15 alderman mitchell for
01:19:16 adjournment of the special
01:19:17 meeting.
01:19:17 >> Madame President, there
01:19:19 being no further business
01:19:21 before this body, I move we
01:19:23 stand adjourned j. All of those
01:19:25 in favor sig few by saying aye.