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Record #: Or2014-6   
Type: Order Status: Passed
Intro date: 1/15/2014 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards
Final action: 3/5/2014
Title: Issuance of permits for sign(s)/signboard(s) at 1030 W North Ave - North Ave elevation
Sponsors: Waguespack, Scott
Attachments: 1. Or2014-6.pdf
Coruwi t c te on buildings


ORDER EI , That the Commi ss 3.: nti of Buildings is hereby di Leered tc issue a sign peimit to: (Contractor's name and address)
Land mark ^'^n firmip

for the erection of a sign/signboard over 24 feet in height and/or over 100 square feet (in area of one face) at: (Business NAME & ADDRESS)

Dimensions: length lev height height above grade/roof to top of sign TOTAL SQUARE FOOT AREA
Such sign(s> shall comply with all applicable provisions of TITLE 17 of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance and all other applicable provisions of the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago governing the construction and maintenance of outdoor signs, signboards and structures.

11-22-13 ROBERT-JAMES & ASSOCIATES, Inc. Sht. 1 of 2
12255 West 187th Street Mokena, Illinois 60448 (708) 479-8385

Site: Life Storage
1030 West North Avenue Chicago, Illinois
Sign Type : 22'-0" x 10-0" two piece single face sign for installation on 18" thick brick wall using thru bolts and back-up plates. The upper LD section is lO'-O" x 10" x 12" deep with a 12'-0" x lO'-O" lower multi tenant section that is 8" deep. Drawing No. 1311126 rev. A
Design Wind Load : ( PSF ) WL := 30.0 Based on the Chicago Building Code 16 (13-52-310) (f) la. Design Snow Load : (PSF) SL := 25.0 Based on the Chicago Building Code 16 (13-52-280) (a) for flat roofs.

Reference : Manual of Steel Construction, AISC 13 th Edition.
Mounting Bolts : ASTM A-307 Fu = 60.0 ksi. ; Ft = 20.00 ksi. ; Fv = 10.00 ksi.

Design Loads for the Upper ID Section : Dead Load :

Based on 4.5 lbs. per Square Foot: ShrUprDL := (10.0-10.0) 4.5 ShrUprDL = 450 lbs. Wind Load :
SL ShrUprSL = 250 lbs.
Suction: ShrUprWL := (10.0-10.0)-WL ShrUprWL = 3000 lbs. Snow Load :
AH Exposed Surfaces : ShrUprSL .=
Combined Shear:
Summation : (lbs.) ShrUprSgn := ^[(ShrUprDL + ShrUprWL)2 + (ShrUprSL + ShrUprWL)2] ShrU...

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