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Record #: SO2014-5037   
Type: Ordinance Status: Failed to Pass
Intro date: 6/25/2014 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Finance
Final action:
Title: Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 4-108 by adding new Section 76 to require self-service filling stations to use equipment that dispenses mid-grade E15 gasoline
Sponsors: Beale, Anthony, Burke, Edward M., Austin, Carrie M., Pawar, Ameya, Cullerton, Timothy M., Maldonado, Roberto, Burnett, Jr., Walter, Willie B. Cochran, Brookins, Jr., Howard, Pope, John, Harris, Michelle A., Zalewski, Michael R., Graham, Deborah L., Munoz, Ricardo, Waguespack, Scott, Holmes, Natashia, Arena, John, Lane, Lona, Foulkes, Toni, Moreno, Proco Joe, Solis, Daniel, Colón, Rey, Suarez, Regner Ray
Topic: MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 4 - Businesses, Occupations & Consumer Protection - Ch. 108 Filling Stations
Attachments: 1. O2014-5037.pdf, 2. SO2014-5037.pdf
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CHICAGO December 10, 2014 To the President and Members of the City Council: Your Committee on Finance having had under consideration
A substitute ordinance concerning the authority to amend Chapter 4-108 of the Municipal Code of Chicago regarding self-service filling stations.
Having had the same under advisement, begs leave to report and recommend that your Honorable Body pass the proposed  Ordinance Transmitted Herewith
This recommendation was concurred in by      (a (viva voce vote
of members of the committee with      5      dissenting vote(s
Aldermen Dowell, Waguespack, Colon, Mitts and Reilly vote No
Alderman Bums abstains under provisions of Rule 14.
Respectfully submitted
WHEREAS, the City of Chicago is a home rule unit government pursuant to the 1970 Illinois Constitution, Article VII, Section 6(a); and
WHEREAS, pursuant to its home rule power, the City of Chicago may exercise any power and perform any function relating to its government and affairs including the power to regulate for the protection of the public health, safety, morals, and welfare; and
WHEREAS, the City of Chicago is dedicated to reducing fuel costs, improving local air quality, reducing petroleum usage, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles; and
WHEREAS, El 5 is a blend of gasoline and up to 15 volume percent ethanol; and
WHEREAS, ethanol is a renewable domestic fuel that burns cleaner than gasoline; and
WHEREAS, Illinois is the third largest ethanol producing state in the nation, with 14 ethanol plants that can produce 1.5 billion gallons of ethanol per year; and
WHEREAS, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of El 5 in cars of the model year 2001 or later; and
WHEREAS, El5 is significantly less expensive than conventional gasoline, with expected savings between 5 and 15 cents per gallon; and
WHEREAS, according to the Argonne National Laboratory, higher ethanol blends such as El5 will help expand use of corn ethanol, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 34% relative to those of gasoline; and
WHEREAS, transportation accounts for 21 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the city; and
WHEREAS, the City Council ofthe City of Chicago intends to ensure that that the city's public fueling infrastructure provides access to alternative fuels; NOW THEREFORE
SECTION 1. The above recitals are expressly incorporated herein and made part hereof as though fully set forth herein.
SECTION 2. Chapter 4-108 of the Municipal Code of Chicago is hereby amended by adding a new Section 4-108-76, as follows:
4-108-76    Self-service filling station E15 consumer choice - Required.
  1. E15 Dispensing Equipment Required. Every licensee operating a self-service filling station open to the general public shall make available, at each filling station, self-service dispensing equipment that dispenses mid-grade El5 for use in motor vehicles and motor vehicle engines and shall offer mid-grade El5 for sale.
  2. Every self-service filling station subject to the requirements of this of this section shall comply with the labeling requirements of 40 C.F.R. § 80.1501 which apply to retailers and wholesale purchaser-consumers of gasoline-ethanol blends that contain greater than 10.0 volume percent ethanol and not more than 15.0 volume percent ethanol.
    1. Definitions. As used in this section:
"Marina" shall have the meaning ascribed to the term in section 17-17-0294.5 of the Code.
"Mid-grade E-15" shall mean a gasoline-ethanol blend with an 88 octane rating or higher that contains greater than 10.0 volume percent ethanol and not more than 15.0
boat, vessel o: ater.
volume percent ethanol
craft used or capaW^of being used
as a
N^Wdfercraft" mear i mpran^f transportati
(d) Exemptions. The requirements of this section shall not apply to: (1) a filling station at which the average annual volume of fuel sales is less than 850,000 gallons; (2) a filling station at which the underground storage tanks are not compatible with the storage of blended fuel in accordance with Section 175.415 of Chapter I of Title 41 of the Illinois Administrative Code, as amended, codified at 41 111. Adm. Code 175.415; and (3) a filling station located at a marina.
This ordinance shall be in full force and effect 360 days after passage and