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Record #: O2019-4153   
Type: Ordinance Status: Failed to Pass
Intro date: 6/12/2019 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Workforce Development
Final action: 5/24/2023
Title: Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 1-24 to further regulate Chicago Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
Sponsors: King, Sophia D., Hairston, Leslie A., Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos, Tabares, Silvana, Waguespack, Scott, Beale, Anthony, Scott, Jr. Michael, Taylor, Jeanette B. , Sawyer, Roderick T., Rodriguez, Michael D., Mitts, Emma, Sadlowski Garza, Susan, Villegas, Gilbert, La Spata, Daniel , Maldonado, Roberto, Silverstein, Debra L., Lopez, Raymond A., Hadden, Maria E. , Austin, Carrie M., Gardiner, James M. , Osterman, Harry, Cappleman, James, Coleman, Stephanie D. , Vasquez, Jr., Andre, Dowell, Pat, Taliaferro, Chris, Cardona, Jr., Felix , Curtis, Derrick G., Mitchell, Gregory I., Brookins, Jr., Howard, Ervin, Jason C., Martin, Matthew J. , Cardenas, George A., Sigcho-Lopez, Byron, Burnett, Jr., Walter, Reboyras, Ariel, Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana
Topic: MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 1 - General Provisions - Ch. 24 Chicago Minimum Wage Ordinance
Attachments: 1. O2019-4153.pdf
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Committee on Workforce Development
June 12, 2019 City Council Meeting


SECTION 1. Chapter 1-24 of the Municipal Code of Chicago is hereby amended by deleting the language stricken and inserting the language underscored, as follows:
1-24-010 Definitions
(Omitted text is not affected by this ordinance) "Employ" means to suffer or permit to work.
"Employee" means any individual employed bv an employer for wage, renumeration, or other compensation. This includes individuals working any number of hours, including full-time or part-time. "Employee" does not include a college or university student permitted to work at an accredited Illinois college or university bv the college or university who is covered under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, if the Federal Work-Study program is the source of payment for such work. "Employee" does not include a person who the employer establishes: (i) has been and will continue to be free from control and direction over the performance of his or her work, both under a contract of service and in fact: (ii) is engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, profession or business: or (iii) is deemed a legitimate sole proprietor or partnership. A sole proprietor or partnership shall be deemed to be legitimate if the employer establishes that:
the sole proprietor or partnership is performing the service free from the direction or control over the means and manner of providing the service, subject only to the right of the employer for whom the service is provided to specify the desired result:
the sole proprietor or partnership is not subject to cancellation or destruction upon severance of the relationship with the employer:
the sole proprietor or partnership has a substantial investment of capital in the sole proprietorship or partnership beyond the ordinary tools and equi...

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