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Record #: Or2011-280   
Type: Order Status: Failed to Pass
Intro date: 3/9/2011 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Traffic Control and Safety
Final action: 7/28/2011
Title: Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at W Belmont Ave and N Washtenaw Ave - Stop
Sponsors: Mell, Richard F.
Topic: TRAFFIC - Signs - Stop Signs
Attachments: 1. Or2011-280.pdf
Related files: SO2011-6997
ORDERED, That the Commissioner of Transportation use 33rd Ward 2011 menu monies to purchase and install the attached stop sign at the intersection of West Belmont Avenue and North Washtenaw Avenue, stopping west bound traffic on West Belmont Avenue at North Washtenaw Avenue. (Attachments)
RICHARD F. MELL Alderman, 33rd Ward
Welcome to Solar Traffic Systems, Inc.
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Welcome to Solar Traffic Systems v
A solar powered traffic stop sign with the capability of enhancing any intersection just by mounting onto an existing sign post. The stop sign has multiple function modes that are designed per your specifications, and you can also program them in the field with easy switch technology.
Bring traffic compliance and awareness to any intersection within minutes of mounting the sign.
With a "Go Green" national campaign underway, a solar powered stop sign using only power from the sun to illuminate the sign will show your commitment to this cause and help save lives and reduce property damage.
Even in the most remote areas, where power is not available, this sign's impact will make people react just to the flashing LEDs with curiosity as to what the sign is ahead.
The purchase of 1 sign can save thousands of dollars in traffic accidents. The attraction of the bright flashing LED lights will bring attention to the distracted driver up to 2 miles away.
A Lease/Purchase Option is Available
Quantity Discounts
Welcome to Solar Traffic Systems, Inc.
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Patent Pending
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Products rce
Field Tested & Proven
Over 11 Day Run Time with no Solar Charging
All products manufactured meet and/or exceed all MUTCD specifications
Products Available:
Solar Stop Signs 24", 30", & 36"
• AC (120 Volt) Available Yield to Pedestrians
• Rl-6
• Rl-6a
School Zone
• Speed Zone
• Cross Walk
Also Available:
30" Portable Stop Sign with a Water/Sand filled Base Safety School Zone Solar Signs Speed Control Solar Signs
Mounting Poles: Various Types and Sizes _
Sign Construction:
Custom Name Plates (interior and exterior) to identinl
It's Day Time.
Products - Solar Traffic Systems, Inc.
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1) Municipality/Firm Name
2) Serial Number
3) Date Manufactured
Highway Grade .080 Welded Aluminum Construction Waterproof Encloser
3M Hi Intensity Prismatic Sheeting (Diamond Grade Available)
Stainless Steel Security Fasteners
Tamperproof Encloser Hardware
Tuff-Nutt Mounting Hardware
Theft deterrent Warning Labels and Security Devices
Quick Battery Access Compartment with Tamper-proof hardware
Sign Power and Circuitry:
10 to 20 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel (Depending on Region)
12 Volt (18 AH) Rechargeable Sealed/Non-Spillable Battery
Hi Tech PCB Circuitry incorporated with Micro-Controller Design
8 (4250MCD Power) Exterior Red LEDs around perimeter of sign enclosed in watertight Lens
4 High Power Interior LEDs inside the encloser Illuminating the word "STOP" using a reflective lighting system design.
50 to 60 Flashes per Minutes per MUTCD Requirements
Operation Modes:
1) Dusk to Dawn
2) 24 Hours
3) 4 Lights On then Other 4 Lights On
4) Perimeter and "STOP" LEDs flash in Sequence Together.
10 Year Solar Panel Output
5 Year Sign Construction 2 Year PCB Circuitry 1 Year Battery
What's nice about this sign is that when it is in function mode or standby mode, it is always a stop sign which reguires traffic compliance.
Lease/Purchase Options Available
Quantity Discounts
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Solar Traffic Systems, Inc. reserves the right to change the design and/or appearance of the products manufactured to enhance and improve the operations of each product as necessary.
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