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This record contains private information, which has been redacted from public viewing.
Record #: SO2014-8352   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 10/8/2014 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Joint Committee: License and Consumer Protection; Transportation and Public Way
Final action: 12/10/2014
Title: Amendment of Municipal Code Chapters 9-104, 9-112 and 9-114 by establishing Taxi Driver Fairness Ordinance of 2014
Sponsors: Emanuel, Rahm, Beale, Anthony, Thompson, JoAnn, Mitts, Emma, Silverstein, Debra L., Laurino, Margaret, Moore, Joseph, O'Connor, Mary, Suarez, Regner Ray, Burnett, Jr., Walter, Pawar, Ameya, Harris, Michelle A., Moreno, Proco Joe, Austin, Carrie M., O'Connor, Patrick, Osterman, Harry, Cappleman, James, Burns, William D., Holmes, Natashia, Reboyras, Ariel, Sposato, Nicholas, Pope, John, Arena, John, Ervin, Jason C., Cullerton, Timothy M., Dowell, Pat, Smith, Michele, Graham, Deborah L., Maldonado, Roberto
Topic: MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 9 - Vehicles, Traffic & Rail Transportation - Ch. 104 Public Chauffeurs, MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 9 - Vehicles, Traffic & Rail Transportation - Ch. 112 Public Passenger Vehicles
Attachments: 1. SO2014-8352.pdf, 2. O2014-8352.pdf


SECTION 1. This ordinance shall be known as the Taxi Driver Fairness Ordinance of
SECTION 2. Chapter 9-104 of the Municipal Code of Chicago is hereby amended by deleting the language struck through and by inserting the language underscored, as follows:
9-104-040 License - Suspension and revocation.
Except as otherwise provided in this code, if any licensee violates any traffic law or any of the provisions of this chapter or chapter 9-112. chapter 9-114 or chapter 9-115 or rules or regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter ef chapter 9-112. chapter 9-114 or chapter 9-115, the commissioner may seek revocation or suspension of the licensee's license and/or the imposition of a fine up to $1,000.00 $400.00 and/or the issuance of an order of restitution or other appropriate equitable relief. The commissioner also may order any licensee again to successfully complete the course of study or examination, or both, as provided for in subsection 9-104-030(2)(e) prior to the reinstatement of the license. The commissioner shall promulgate rules and regulations regarding the lengths of suspension and the amounts of fines to be imposed, and the types of equitable relief to be ordered, for specific violations.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, whenever the Illinois driver's license, or the driver's license of another state, district or territory of the United States, of a licensee has been revoked or suspended by the Secretary of State or other authorized agency, the licensee's public chauffeur license shall be subject to automatic suspension for the period that the driver's license is suspended or revoked. The suspension shall not be subject to any of the procedures described in this section. A suspension under this subsection (b) shall be in addition to and shall not effect affect any disqualification, suspension, revocation, fine or other penalty or sanctio...

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