Record #: SO2021-4153   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 9/14/2021 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Final action: 9/14/2021
Title: Parking prohibited at all times (except for disabled) - establish and amend
Sponsors: Sawyer, Roderick T., Mitchell, Gregory I., Harris, Michelle A., Beale, Anthony, Sadlowski Garza, Susan, Quinn, Marty, Coleman, Stephanie D. , Moore, David H., Curtis, Derrick G., O'Shea, Matthew J., Taylor, Jeanette B. , Brookins, Jr., Howard, Rodriguez, Michael D., Tabares, Silvana, Scott, Jr. Michael, Sigcho-Lopez, Byron, Maldonado, Roberto, Burnett, Jr., Walter, Ervin, Jason C., Taliaferro, Chris, Reboyras, Ariel, Cardona, Jr., Felix , Waguespack, Scott, Austin, Carrie M., Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos, Villegas, Gilbert, Mitts, Emma, Sposato, Nicholas, Nugent, Samantha , Vasquez, Jr., Andre, Napolitano, Anthony V., Gardiner, James M. , Hadden, Maria E. , Silverstein, Debra L., Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana
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To the President and Members of the City Council:

Your Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety, to which were referred proposed ordinance(s) to establish and/or amend Parking Prohibited Restrictions At All Times, Disabled Permits on portions of sundry streets, begs leave to recommend that Your Honorable Body DO PASS the proposed substitute ordinance(s) submitted herewith.

This recommendation was concurred in by all members ofthe Committee present, with no dissenting votes.

Respectfully submitted,

Walter Burnett, Jr. Chairman,
Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety


SECTION 1. Pursuant to Title 9, Chapter 64, Section 050, of the Municipal Code of Chicago, the operator of a vehicle shall not park such vehicle at any time upon the following public way as indicated:

WARD PARKING PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES - DISABLED:|109|8010 South Wabash Avenue, signs to be posted at 8049 South Wabash Avenue Disabled Permit 118391 [02021-3150]
6743 South Indiana Avenue, signs to be posted at 6741 South Green Street, Disabled Permit 126795 [02021-3151]

7328 South Euclid Avenue, Disabled Permit 127500 [02021-3441]|109|9335 South Luella Avenue, Disabled Permit 127021 [02021-3442]|109|8541 South Yates Avenue, Disabled Permit 126487 [O2021-3443]
8116 South Escanaba Avenue, Disabled Permit 104929 [02021-3506]
7840 South Merrill Avenue, Disabled Permit 118976 [02021-2886]|109|8835 South Harper Avenue, Disabled Permit 126278 [02021-2887]|109|7834 South Paxton Avenue, Disabled Permit 126204 [02021-2896]|109|8055 South Clyde Avenue, Disabled Permit 126384 [02021-2904]|109|9017 South Ridgeland Avenue, Disabled Permit 108153 [02021-2906]|109|8336 South Oglesby Avenue, Disabled Permit 126424 [02021-3103]|109|8934 South University Avenue, Disabled Permit 125917 [02021-3391]
9544 South Dobson Avenue, Disabled Permit 89551 [02021-3503]
10616 South...

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