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Record #: SO2022-1766   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 5/25/2022 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Final action: 7/20/2022
Title: Amendment of Municipal Code by adding Sections 9-12-095, 9-12-105 and modifying Sections 2-14-132, 9-12-090 and 9-12-100 regarding impoundment of vehicles involved in drag racing or drifting
Sponsors: Reilly, Brendan, Nugent, Samantha , Osterman, Harry, Curtis, Derrick G., Quinn, Marty, Waguespack, Scott, Tabares, Silvana, Hopkins, Brian , Dowell, Pat
Topic: MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 2 - City Government & Administration - Ch. 14 Dept. of Administrative Hearings, MUNICIPAL CODE AMENDMENTS - Title 9 - Vehicles, Traffic & Rail Transportation - Ch. 12 Traffic & Speed Restrictions
Attachments: 1. SO2022-1766.pdf, 2. O2022-1766.pdf

SECTION 1. Section 2-14-132 of the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago is hereby amended by deleting the language struck-through and by inserting the language underscored, as follows:
2-14-132 Impoundment.
(1) Whenever the owner of a vehicle seized and impounded pursuant to Sections 3-46-076, 4-68-195, 4-227-140, 9-80-220, 9-112-640 or 9-114-420 of this Code (fa-purposes of this section, the "status-related offense sections"), or Sections 7-24-225, 7-24-226, 7-28-390, 7-28-440, 7-38-115(c-5), 8-8-060, 8-20-070, 9-12-090, 9-12-095, 9-12-100, 9-12-105, 9-12-110, 9-32-040, 9-76-160, 9-80-225, 9-80-240, 9-92-035, 11-4-1410, 11-4-1500 or 15-20-270 of this Code (for purposes of this section, the "use-related offense sections") requests a preliminary hearing in person and in writing at the ^Department of aAdministrative ^Hearings, within 15 days after the vehicle is seized and impounded, an administrative law officer of the ^Department of aAdministrative ^Hearings shall conduct such preliminary hearing within 48 hours of request, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, unless the vehicle was seized and impounded pursuant to Section 7-24-225 and the ^Department of pPolice determines that it must retain custody of the vehicle under the applicable state or federal forfeiture law. If, after the hearing, the administrative law officer determines that there is probable cause to believe that the vehicle was used in a violation of this Code for which seizure and impoundment applies, or, if the impoundment is pursuant to Section 9-92-035, 9-12-095 or 9-12-105, that the subject vehicle is eligible for impoundment under that section, the administrative law officer shall order the continued impoundment of the vehicle as provided in this section unless the owner of the vehicle pays to the ┬ęCity the amount of the administrative penalty prescribed for the code violation plus fees for towing and s...

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