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This record contains private information, which has been redacted from public viewing.
Record #: Or2017-365   
Type: Order Status: Failed to Pass
Intro date: 7/26/2017 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics
Final action:
Title: Call for Department of Aviation to halt transition of Aviation Security Officer responsibilities pending City Council review to determine legal authority and liabilities
Sponsors: Taliaferro, Chris, King, Sophia D., Hairston, Leslie A., Sawyer, Roderick T., Sadlowski Garza, Susan, Foulkes, Toni, Moore, David H., Munoz, Ricardo, Waguespack, Scott, Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos, Arena, John, Villegas, Gilbert, Mitts, Emma, Napolitano, Anthony V., Cappleman, James, Mell, Deborah, Sposato, Nicholas, Harris, Michelle A., Santiago, Milagros, Curtis, Derrick G., Cardenas, George A., Maldonado, Roberto, Pawar, Ameya, Burke, Edward M., Lopez, Raymond A., Dowell, Pat, Moreno, Proco Joe, Scott, Jr. Michael, Brookins, Jr., Howard, Ervin, Jason C., Quinn, Marty
Topic: COMMITTEE/PUBLIC HEARINGS - Committee on Aviation
Attachments: 1. Or2017-365.pdf
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Joint Committee on Aviation and Workforce Development

July 26, 2017 City Council Meeting






ORDERED, that the Department of Aviation shall halt any actions to further transition the role of Aviation Security Officers until such time as hearings can be convened before the City Council of Chicago to determine:


The appropriate legal authority controlling the establishment and direction of the Aviation


The legal status and controlling body of law as it applies to the Aviation Police and Midway and O'Hare International Airports;

The legal, financial, operational and security impact of Commissioner Evans' proposed elimination of the Aviation Police on Chicago's International Airports, the City of Chicago, the Aviation Police and their families, and the tens of millions of persons travelling through Chicago's airports every year; and

All potential legal, financial and security liability that the City of Chicago may bear under Commissioner Evans' plan.


BE IT FURTHER ORDERED, that the Department of Aviation shall continue to perform all necessary tasks to fulfill Municipal Code 2-20-030, which establishes a special police force with full police powers at Chicago's airports until such hearings are complete.

Alderman Taliaferro Alderman, 29nd Ward











Ricardo Munoz ^—^ Scott Waguespack
Alderman, 22nd Ward
                     Alderman, 32nd Ward



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