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Record #: SO2022-674   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 2/23/2022 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Final action: 2/23/2022
Title: Parking prohibited at all times (except for disabled) - establish and amend
Sponsors: La Spata, Daniel , Sawyer, Roderick T., Mitchell, Gregory I., Harris, Michelle A., Beale, Anthony, Cardenas, George A., Quinn, Marty, Burke, Edward M., Lopez, Raymond A., Coleman, Stephanie D. , Moore, David H., Curtis, Derrick G., Brookins, Jr., Howard, Rodriguez, Michael D., Tabares, Silvana, Scott, Jr. Michael, Sigcho-Lopez, Byron, Maldonado, Roberto, Burnett, Jr., Walter, Ervin, Jason C., Taliaferro, Chris, Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana , Austin, Carrie M., Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos, Villegas, Gilbert, Mitts, Emma, Sposato, Nicholas, Nugent, Samantha , Vasquez, Jr., Andre, Napolitano, Anthony V., Smith, Michele, Gardiner, James M. , Cappleman, James, Martin, Matthew J. , Osterman, Harry, Hadden, Maria E. , Silverstein, Debra L.
Attachments: 1. SO2022-674.pdf
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SECTION 1. Pursuant to Title 9, Chapter 64, Section 050, ofthe Municipal Code of Chicago, the operator of a vehicle shall not park such vehicle at any time upon the following public way as indicated:

|109|2736 West Thomas Street, Disabled Permit 126756 [O2022-103]
j 6 7406 South Evans Avenue, Disabled Permit 100346 [02022-79]
8040 South Cham plain Avenue, Disabled Permit 127496 [02022-115]
8551 South Kingston Avenue, Disabled Permit 115063 [02022-50]|109|10238 South Bensley Street, Disabled Permit 128001 [02022-412]|109|8028 South Phillips Avenue, Disabled Permit 104936 [02022-455]|109|8011 South Coles Avenue, Disabled Permit 117888 [02022-456]

8357 South Kingston Avenue, Disabled Permit 122650 [02022-457]
7843 South Constance Avenue, Disabled Permit 127396 [O2022-3]|109|831 East 89th Street, Disabled Permit 125846 [O2022-9]|109|7831 South Cregier Avenue, Disabled Permit 125855 [02022-44]|109|1730 East 84th Street, Disabled Permit 125851 [02022-91]|109|9853 South Ingleside Avenue, Disabled Permit 126590 [02022-102]|109|9549 South Dobson Avenue, Disabled Permit 126568 [02022-108]
1519 East 85th Place, Disabled Permit 125711 [02022-109]
9530 South Prairie Avenue, Disabled Permit 127296 [02022-42]|10 9|9355 South Vernon Avenue, Disabled Permit 126992 [02022-92]|10 9|511 East 87th Place, Disabled Permit 127098 [02022-100]|10 9|9406 South Wabash Avenue, Disabled Permit 127304 [02022-106]|10 9|9311 South Calumet Avenue, Disabled Permit 127274 [02022-107]

11 519 West 45th Street, Disabled Permit 126580 [02022-97]
11 4210 South Emerald Avenue, Disabled Permit 126906 [02022-104]
11 550 West 32nd Street, Disabled Permit 126839 [02022-308]
2929 South Emerald Avenue, Disabled Permit 122732 [02022-309]
2730 West 24th Street, Disabled Permit 127384 [02022-18]
12 244...

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