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Record #: SO2016-4757   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 6/22/2016 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Final action: 6/22/2016
Title: Parking prohibited at all times (except for disabled) - establish and amend
Sponsors: Moreno, Proco Joe, King, Sophia D., Hairston, Leslie A., Sawyer, Roderick T., Mitchell, Gregory I., Harris, Michelle A., Beale, Anthony, Sadlowski Garza, Susan, Thompson, Patrick D., Cardenas, George A., Quinn, Marty, Burke, Edward M., Lopez, Raymond A., Foulkes, Toni, Moore, David H., Curtis, Derrick G., Willie B. Cochran, Brookins, Jr., Howard, Zalewski, Michael R., Scott, Jr. Michael, Solis, Daniel, Maldonado, Roberto, Burnett, Jr., Walter, Ervin, Jason C., Taliaferro, Chris, Reboyras, Ariel, Santiago, Milagros, Mell, Deborah, Austin, Carrie M., Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos, Villegas, Gilbert, Mitts, Emma, Laurino, Margaret, Tunney, Thomas, Arena, John, Cappleman, James, Pawar, Ameya, Osterman, Harry, Moore, Joseph, Silverstein, Debra L.
Attachments: 1. SO2016-4757.pdf
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CowmWee on r


SECTION 1. Pursuant to Title 9, Chapter 64, Section 050, of the Municipal Code of Chicago, the operator of a vehicle shall not park such vehicle at any time upon the following public way as indicated:

WARD PARKING PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES, DISABLED:|109|1727 North Artesian Avenue, Disabled Permit 97461 [02016-4639]
4805 South Champlain Avenue, Disabled Permit 97249 [02016-4658]
6829 South Crandon Avenue, Disabled Permit 92698, Install sign at 6825 South Crandon Avenue [02016-4011]|109|7010 South Oglesby Street, Disabled Permit 103344 [02016-4640]
6858 South Paxton Avenue, Disabled Permit 103491 [02016-4641]
7355 South Evans Avenue, Disabled Permit 103240 [02016-4012]|109|8657 South St. Lawrence Avenue, Disabled Permit 96733 [02016-4015]
8151 South State Street, Disabled Permit 83313 [02016-4740]
8620 South Phillips Avenue, Disabled Permit 102268 [02016-4642]|109|9239 South Merrill Avenue, Disabled Permit 102258 [02016-4643]|109|7937 South Crandon Avenue, Disabled Permit 103490 [02016-4644]|109|10031 South Merrill Avenue, Disabled Permit 102247 [02016-4645]|109|7803 South Essex Avenue, Disabled Permit 94477 [02016-4646]|109|7547 South Paxton Avenue, Disabled Permit 103576 [02016-4647]
7264 South Constance Avenue, Disabled Permit 97443 [02016-4648]
9051 South Dobson Avenue, Disabled Permit 103351 [02016-4024]|109|7943 South Clyde Avenue, Disabled Permit 103998 [02016-4025]|109|9835 South Maryland Avenue, Disabled Permit 102345 [02016-4026]|109|1525 East 85th Street, Disabled Permit 100329 [02016-4029]|109|1406 East 90th Place, Disabled Permit 103346 [02016-4032]

WARD PARKING PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES - DISABLED CONT'D:|109|1937 East 93rd Street, Disabled Permit 96722 [02016-4649]|109|857 East 80th Street, Disabled Permit 102348 [02016-4650]|109|1128 East 81st Street, Disabled Permit 103979 [02016-4651]
8023 South Merrill Avenue, Disable...

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