Record #: SO2017-6995   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 10/11/2017 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Final action: 10/11/2017
Title: Parking prohibited at all times (except for disabled) - establish and amend
Sponsors: Moreno, Proco Joe, Hopkins, Brian , Dowell, Pat, Sawyer, Roderick T., Mitchell, Gregory I., Harris, Michelle A., Burnett, Jr., Walter, Beale, Anthony, Sadlowski Garza, Susan, Thompson, Patrick D., Cardenas, George A., Quinn, Marty, Burke, Edward M., Lopez, Raymond A., Foulkes, Toni, Curtis, Derrick G., O'Shea, Matthew J., Willie B. Cochran, Zalewski, Michael R., Solis, Daniel, Taliaferro, Chris, Santiago, Milagros, Mell, Deborah, Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos, Villegas, Gilbert, Mitts, Emma, Sposato, Nicholas, Laurino, Margaret, O'Connor, Patrick, Napolitano, Anthony V., Smith, Michele, Moore, Joseph, Silverstein, Debra L.
Attachments: 1. SO2017-6995.pdf
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SECTION 1. Pursuant to Title 9, Chapter 64, Section 050, of the Municipal Code of Chicago, the operator of a vehicle shall not park such vehicle at any time upon the following public way as indicated:

WARD PARKING PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES, DISABLED:|109|1716 North Artesian Avenue, Disabled Permit 110287 [02017-6363]|109|1316 West Erie Street, Disabled Permit 110118 [02017-6365]
2548 West Moffat Street, Disabled Permit 110303 [02017-6366]
2248 West Walton Street, Disabled Permit 101984 [02017-6844]

2201 West Cortez Street, Disabled Permit 101972 [02017-6953]
5244 South Michigan Avenue, Disabled Permit 113382 [02017-6331]|109|5248 South Michigan Avenue, Disabled Permit 94756 [02017-6334]|109|3640 South Prairie Avenue, Disabled Permit 110378 [O2017-6336]|109|4031 South Prairie Avenue, Disabled Permit 106593 [02017-6337]
7050 South Harper Avenue, Disabled Permit 101002 [02017-6954]
7112 South Eberhart Avenue, Disabled Permit 94742 [02017-6338]|109|148 West 74th Street, Disabled Permit 99935 [O2017-6340]|109|7208 South Vernon Avenue, Disabled Permit 80940 [O2017-6979]|109|7229 South Vernon Avenue, Disabled Permit 83315 [02017-6980]
8028 South Michigan Avenue, Disabled Permit 83314 [02017-6981]
10046 South Crandon Avenue, Disabled Permit 110455 [O2017-6842]|109|7733 South Luella Avenue, Disabled Permit 106783 [02017-6843]|109|8323 South Paxton Avenue, Disabled Permit 110445 [02017-6955]|109|7116 South Ridgeland Avenue, Disabled Permit 107162 [02017-6956]
7542 South Phillips Avenue, Disabled Permit 112879 [O2017-6957]
8319 South Crandon Avenue, Disabled Permit 110915 [02017-6341]

WARD PARKING PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES - DISABLED CONT'D:|109|8808 South Dorchester Avenue, Disabled Permit 113400 [02017-6343]|109|7426 South Euclid Avenue, Disabled Permit 112624 [O2017-6344]|109|8858 South Harper Avenue, Disabled Permit 113397 [O2017-6345]|109|8345 South Ing...

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