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Record #: SO2018-4933   
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Intro date: 6/27/2018 Current Controlling Legislative Body: Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Final action: 6/27/2018
Title: Parking prohibited at all times (except for disabled) - establish and amend
Sponsors: Dowell, Pat, Hairston, Leslie A., Sawyer, Roderick T., Mitchell, Gregory I., Harris, Michelle A., Beale, Anthony, Sadlowski Garza, Susan, Thompson, Patrick D., Cardenas, George A., Quinn, Marty, Burke, Edward M., Lopez, Raymond A., Foulkes, Toni, Moore, David H., Curtis, Derrick G., Brookins, Jr., Howard, Munoz, Ricardo, Zalewski, Michael R., Scott, Jr. Michael, Solis, Daniel, Maldonado, Roberto, Burnett, Jr., Walter, Taliaferro, Chris, Reboyras, Ariel, Santiago, Milagros, Mell, Deborah, Austin, Carrie M., Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos, Villegas, Gilbert, Mitts, Emma, Sposato, Nicholas, Laurino, Margaret, O'Connor, Patrick, Napolitano, Anthony V., Arena, John, Silverstein, Debra L.
Attachments: 1. SO2018-4933.pdf
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SECTION 1. Pursuant to Title 9, Chapter 64, Section 050, of the Municipal Code of Chicago, the operator of a vehicle shall not park such vehicle at any time upon the following public way as indicated:

WARD PARKING PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES, DISABLED:|109|5224 South Indiana Avenue, Disabled Permit 114426 [02018-4061]|109|6841 South Clyde Avenue, Disabled Permit 113662 [O2018-4827]
6838 South Clyde Avenue, Disabled Permit 113657 [O2018-4910]
7552 South Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, Disabled Permit 112531 [02018-4062]|109|7306 South Lafayette Avenue, Disabled Permit 100030 [02018-4064]|109|8009 South Michigan Avenue, Disabled Permit 100044 [02018-4065]
7151 South Prairie Avenue, Disabled Permit 103698 [02018-4068]
2811 East 76th Street, Disabled Permit 113730 [02018-4826]|109|9637 South Jeffery Avenue, Disabled Permit 112245 [02018-4911]
10237 South Bensley Avenue, Disabled Permit 10488 [O2018-4918]
8502 South Constance Avenue, Disabled Permit 114677 [02018-4070]|109|8126 South Dante Avenue, Disabled Permit 109812 [02018-4071]|109|8801 South Dorchester Avenue, Disabled Permit 114852 [02018-4072|109|7646 South Drexel Avenue, Disabled Permit 100050 [02018-4074]|109|8233 South Evans Avenue, Disabled Permit 114863 [02018-4075]|109|8224 South Harper Avenue, Disabled Permit 113401 [O2018-4077]|109|7819 South Kimbark Avenue, Disabled Permit 105831 [02018-4079]|109|8846 South Ridgeland Avenue, Disabled Permit 113956 [02018-4080]|109|South University Avenue in the 8000 South in front of 1130 East 81 st Street Unit H, Disabled Permit 112348 [02018-4082]
|109|1142 East 88th Street, Disabled Permit 113936 [O2018-4084]

8216 South Dobson Avenue, Disabled Permit 114861 [02018-4912]
71 East 89th Street, Disabled Permit 103255 [02018-4224]

219 East 90th Street, Disabled Permit 113962 [02018-4913]
9735 South Aven...

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